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Clayton has been accused of whinging in other reviews, but I felt that she was presenting the many times that things went wrong as humorous She has plenty of nice things to say about the people and places she encounters, while the actual sailing mishaps have to do with being rookies at the game One aspect that I did find dated concerned their mad hunts for accurate weather forecasts, where today a smartphone would work fine Bear in mind their trip was over a decade ago, reconstructed quite well from her notes.Pamela Garelick s narration works so well that I had to remember it wasn t Sandra herself telling the story directly to the listener I m looking forward to hearing the sequel. I have read all three books in this series which I have really enjoyed to the extent I am disappointed it has all come to an end Sandra does not only aptly describe blue water sailing but also its trials and tribulations along with picture perfect details of the ports they visited and also shares the joy of some of their mouth watering meals.A must read for all readers of travel books as well as those of the yachting fraternity. Retiring on the sea No mortgage payments Waking up each morning to the sounds of the water The chaos of the city and the rat race left far behind The freedom It sounds absolutely fabulous The idea of selling the house, retiring, and living on a boat is a common fantasy Dolphins Under My Bed is the travelogue of a couple who decided to live their dream, well the author s husband s dream The author herself was quite wary about the entire concept Her limited experiences with boats and sailing had not done anything to feed her enthusiasm I think she only agreed to the possibility of retiring on the water because she hoped that somewhere along the line her husband would change his mind I highly suggest this book for anyone dreaming about retiring and living on the water Dolphins Under My Bed is an honest work showing both the good and the bad about this kind of life There were a lot of things I think that this couple were ill prepared for and a resource like this could have been a big help. ^DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☝ Dolphins Under My Bed (Voyager #1) ☠ Proving That Sailing Is Not Just The Husband S Pursuit, This Charming Narrative Of One Couple S First Long Distance Voyage Is Told From The Wife S Perspective Writing In A Lively, Humorous Way, Sandra Clayton Gives An Entertaining Account Of Her And Husband David S Maiden Cruise From The UK, Down The Atlantic Coast And Into The Warm Waters Of The Mediterranean Conscious That Old Age Or Poor Health Could Prevent Them From Sailing Away For Much Longer, They Left The World Of Work Behind To Chase Their Dream Of Adventure Conditions Are Sometimes Maddening, Occasionally Dangerous, But Frequently Magical Marine Creatures Enchant Their Days While Ships That Pass In The Night Add A Touch Of RomanceBut The Book Is Far Than Just The Story Of The ClaytonsMile Trip Somewhat Unprepared For What Faced Them On The Way, They Had To Learn From Their Own Mistakes, Finding Themselves In Places And Situations Where They Never Expected To Be The Book Has Plenty To Offer Those Who Might Consider Embarking On A Similar Voyage Of Their Own Learn How The Claytons Did It, Which Route They Took, The Beautiful Locations They Visited, Who They Met Along The Way, And Their Good Decisions As Well As Their Bad A Great Bunkside Read, It May Inspire Others To Make A Similar Break Themselves