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This is intelligent and well written, but not nearly as compelling as the other Martin novels I ve read I did enjoy an a ha moment when I realized the main character and her story is somewhat a reworking of Forster s Lucy and his A Room with a View The front of the book carries an epigraph from Where Angels Fear to Tread, so it wasn t that surprising I m tempted to say there s also a nod to Austen s Northanger Abbey with its parody of Gothic fiction in that this novel seems to be in some ways poking fun at chick lit.I imagine calling the dead not a spoiler hack writer DV is a reference to the Latin phrase Deo Volente God Willing quite ironic. [[ E-pub ]] ↡ Italian Fever: A Novel ↟ In Italian Fever, Valerie Martin Redefines The Gothic Novel In A Compelling Tale Of One Woman S Headlong Tumble Into A Mystery, Art, And ErosPart Romance, Part Gothic Suspense Story And Wholly Entertaining, Italian Fever Is The Story Of The Awakening Of Lucy Stark, An American Pragmatist Lucy Leads A Quiet, Solitary Life Working For A Best Selling But Remarkably Untalented Writer When He Dies At His Villa In Tuscany, Lucy Flies To Tuscany To Settle His Affairs What Begins As A Grim Chore Soon Threatens Stark S Emersonian Self Reliance And Her Very Sense Of What Is Real The Villa Harbors Secrets A Missing Manuscript, Neighbors Whose Byzantine Arrogance Veils Their Dark Past, A Phantom Whose Nocturnal Visits Tear A Gaping Hole In Lucy S Well Honed Skepticism And To Complicate Matters Massimo, A Married Man Whose Tender Attentions Render Lucy Breathless Smart, Sophisticated, Achingly Beautiful, Italian Fever Is One Of The Most Original And Compelling Novels Of The Year The MacGuffin of this novel is that it seems to be a Gothic ghost story Some readers will fixate on that read the 1 2 star reviews and be very disappointed And I really can t argue with that Put a ghost in the beginning of the book and it can t help but stay in your imagination.Martin specifically alludes to Henry James in several instances This should make the astute reader think there is somethingthan a ghost story going on Because with James ghost stories, there is always something else going on specifically with the character interacting with the ghost Also there is James great theme of the innocent American encountering old and corrupt Europe And, oy, is that there.The main character of the story, Lucy Stark a Jamesian name like Isabel Archer or even Edith Wharton s Lily Bart is a dogsbody for a hack popular writer DV we never learn his first name, his last name is Vandam of the damned DV decamps to a farmhouse in Tuscany to write his next novel The villa of the farmhouse houses an ancient Italian family with a spectre for a patriarch We have officially entered Gothic novel territory.In the prologue and this isn t really a spoiler hence no alert , DV is medicating his writer s block with bourbon and encounters a ghostly apparition in the driveway outside He follows the shade and dies a very Dantean death Lucy is called over from the states as an ambassador The Ambassadors to deal with what needs to be done.During her stay, the theme of the novel turns Readers might expect hauntings and melodrama and there are hints of that But the Italian Fever that Lucy literally and figuratively falls under is one of self discovery that shocks her out of her safe life Her assumptions on characters she once respected and those who she didn t are reversed waking her up to her prejudices except for DV he was still a talentless hack until his last manuscript which won t be published, that perception was correct The Lucy Stark that returns to America is an awakened one eager to engage life that she had hidden away from so for so long As Mr Strether says Live you all you can, it s a mistake not to. Terrible doesn t even begin to describe this book Sleep inducing, maybe After a promising few pages, I kept reading until I got to the point that I felt I had to finish it even though I was hating it I suppose I just kept waiting for it to improve and sadly, it did not The last 30 or so pages were skimmed just to try and make sense of the plot.The characters were unlikeable and the plot was thin I was hoping that at least the description of the book s Italian setting would make this a worthwhile read, but the country gets shortchanged as well.I read something that compared this book to the work of E.M Forster This novel in no way resembles anything close to Forster, other than the geographic location and the fact that the main character is a woman abroad. When Lucy Stark s employer DV the famous author dies mysteriously in Italy she has to go and sort out his effects and take care of all his unfinished business, along the way she meets and has an affair with a local but very unsuitable man Massimo and then has suspicions as to DV s death and his way of life in Italy, this is not helped by the sinister villagers and also the hasty disappearance of DV s mistress, the artist Catherine Bultman.Can Lucy who is thrown in at the deep end unravel all the mysteries and finally lay to rest DV and the entanglements of his life or will everything prove too much for her to handle Exciting and fast paced and blends history, art, mystery and romance together very well to combine all the essential elements for a great read. Loved the book, could not put it downItalian through and through, mystery, food, customs, of course the beautiful sprinkling of the language throughout was fascinating as well Loved Lucy and of course other characters in book, kept me wondering what happened until surprise ending. Read this immediately after reading Martin s Property , which was fabulous Really disappointed with this novel didn t enjoy plot, writing style or any of the truly awful characters Got absolutely nothing from this book at all. I don t remember many details of this book, except that I enjoyed it and it left me with a favorable impression of Valerie Martin Wish I could tell you . This book is such a fun read The characters are interesting and quirky and it s full of plot twists I loved it. After I finished this book, I thought Why did I read the whole thing I don t have an answer What a ridiculous story.