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The Good The setting is excellent a planet torn by religious war, sometime after the collapse of a galactic civilisation Bugpunk biotechnology, post Islamic feminism, holy assassins, boxing wizards this book is full of sweet ideas done well And what an awesome protagonist.The Bad The plot drifts in places, far too much like real life Friends character the protagonist is most like Nyxnissa is a product of her nightmarish environment She is scarred, vulnerable and brutally hard Like a deadly, drunken Rachel Green minus the nose job. I went through several transformations as I read this novel, or four if you include a priori expectations after judging a book by its cover for some weird reason, I thought this title would beUF than a gritty SF title that masquerades as a fantasy.It s not really as confusing as I make it out to be No gods are involved in the telling of the tale, just a bunch of people who believe in Allah and Jehova in a far future world that seems awfully like the Gaza Strip, only filled with Magicians who control bugs by their will and shapeshifters Shifters Traditional military hardware is available everywhere you look, too, and most of our focus is firmly on a hard as nails normal female.We get to see her in her youth as a part of an official assassination squad, the betrayal and her downfall, and her poverty and life as part of a small squad of bounty hunters.I had some issue with this The writing was rather sparse when it came to fleshing out each of the characters and it took me a long time to care who each of them were, other than Nyx, of course And then there were long sequences in the text where I was flooded with names and names and names and very little hook to keep my interest At that point, my hopes rested entirely on the brilliant and complex world that was being laid out before me It was absolutely enormous and complex and well thought out My only concerns were with the characters.And then I had my first transformation I didn t have a problem with the boxing, and the small squad scenes were so so, but when Nyx and I got to spend some time alone, the text came alive I shuddered and thanked all the stars in heaven The novel went from burdensome to snappy.My next transformation came when the rest of the characters finally started coming to life through their choices and actions, and it took just a little bit too much time to get there, but it did, and for that, I am eternally grateful The climax was especially personal and rich in both action and characters, and at this point, I am now a fanboy.Worldbuilding kicked this off, but eventually, the characters carried the day I m not going to have any issues picking up and devouring the next books, unless I have to start from scratch Who knows It s not like I ve done any research on this series This is my first Kameron Hurley book, and I m rather impressed It is rather dense in places and not always an easy read, but I can say it is very rich and I m very happy to begin my journey here. #Download Kindle Í God's War Å Nyx Had Already Been To Hell One Prayer Or Less Wouldn T Make Any DifferenceOn A Ravaged, Contaminated World, A Centuries Old Holy War Rages, Fought By A Bloody Mix Of Mercenaries, Magicians, And Conscripted Soldiers Though The Origins Of The War Are Shady And Complex, There S One Thing Everybody Agrees OnThere S Not A Chance In Hell Of Ending It Nyx Is A Former Government Assassin Who Makes A Living Cutting Off Heads For Cash But When A Dubious Deal Between Her Government And An Alien Gene Pirate Goes Bad, Nyx S Ugly Past Makes Her The Top Pick For A Covert Recovery The Head They Want Her To Bring Home Could End The War But At What Price The World Is About To Find Out I am excited with feminism in SF or Fantasy stories, because I can expect a really different way of life thinking, not just fictitious world with people who has same way thinking as ours.Reading this novel gave me that It gaveexciting to me with Middle East like world building with its well known social politic conflicts Oh, I love the setting.And the main protagonist is one bad ass person She even seems extremely bad ass due to our standard of way of thinking e.g she coldly sold her own womb.I can t give 5 star because the the story itself is not exactly match my taste It seems unfair if I gave 5 star to first books of Malazan and First Law, but not this debut novel My reasons are The story and characters are too dark and a bit tedious for my taste It does not have enough humor or heart warming dialogues The quote on back cover from SFX mentioned this book as fast pace thriller , but for me the story is a bit slow.If you fine with pure dark fantasy, go find this novel There is not enough explanation of the magic system of this book, but it is common nowadays in a first book of a trilogy Let s hope the second book hasmagic system explanations Personally, I hope the story explains the deviations of the religion traditions on the book with current Islam from Earth. Bounty hunter and occasional gene pirate takes a job that puts her squarely in the middle of the centuries long internecine religious war.Interesting as hell, but also frustrating and unsatisfying It would be too obvious to call this gritty, so I ll go the extra mile and explain that I kept asking questions of the world building like okay, seriously, you ve been massacring your populations for a hundred years at the front, and yet both societies are still built around sending bodies out to fight Bodies from whereAnd then Hurley told me where the new population growth comes from in a nearly casual aside, and I wentoh, swallowed hard, and moved on This is a bloody, awful world, vividly drawn, and pretty close to fascinating Unfortunately, the character work was done with a much heavier hand, and I found myself impatient with a lot of it Also with the gender politics this is one of those worlds where women are farlikely to survive than men, so you have most of the problems of the patriarchy but in reverse, plus a few extra That aspect, like much of the work regarding the religious conflict itself, felt like pieces of machinery put carefully together and then not connected up to anything else I don t know, I wantedout of it than I got.Basically, it s a debut, and it interested and annoyed me in shifting proportions I felt muchcheerful about it when I realized that I don t really want to read the next two books in this trilogy But I really do want to read Hurley s sixth or seventh book, somewhere around there, because she s got something here and I really want to know what it s going to grow up to be. On a hardscrabble alien world populated with what humanity becomes in the far future, a long holy war rages Both sides have drafted all their men for so many generations that the societies left behind have become nearly matriarchal, populated by females, boys, and the very old or damaged men who survived their war service Their planet is nealry deadly for humanity, and over the years its colonists have made all sorts of adjustments Now they scrape themselves regularly for cancers the way modern people go in for dental cleanings, and reattach body parts as a matter of course In this strange and brutal place we are introduced to Nyx, a woman who has lost her faith on the battlefield but can t let go of her own version of honor On the very first page, Nyx sells her womb for cash, then loses it all gambling on a pretty boxer The upside is, she gets to bed the boxer view spoiler The really badass part is that she bet on the boxer knowing she d probably lose, and knowing that her bet would be a good in with a depressed losing boxer, who might then take her home After sleeping with the boxer, Nyx creeps out of bed, kills the boxer s sleeping brother, and collects his head for its bounty And then the plot starts hide spoiler The world that Hurley has created in God s War feels uncannily believable It combines fantasy and science fiction to create a strangely familiar alien world that feels perfectly, freakishly, possible Both the social and technological biological elements of this book seem to have come from a the familiar foundation of the now but wandered along the pathways of the what if to this strange world of Islam and bug tech, women and war That oft used phrase about any sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic was made for this book Magicians or technicians Who knows. Night Shade Books the publisher has my number when it comes to whatever it is that catches my eye with cover pictures And then NSB hits my other sensory checkpoints when I pick up a book the books are a good size and heft for cradling in the hands or lap, the cover material is a non glossy and yet satiny smooth finish that doesn t preserve unsightly greasy fingerprints, and the pages and print are sturdy and don t smear I was actually hooked by the 2nd in the series for this and another one Infidel and Yarn , and found the first for both series so that I could eventually read those 2nd ones.Well, that was a pointless paragraph.This is a mess of a world Echoes of Dune and Mad Max It s the far future and we re shown a planet that had been inhabited by various groups of followers of a never named religion, although it s obvious which one from the brief brief like skivvies, not brief like too short tidbits and descriptions of the cultures But rather than being united by their belief, they are suspicious of each other if not outright hostile There s been biological evolution One of the nations has twisted itself about such that women have become dominant.This book follows a woman scarred and actually still bleeding figuratively from a war that has been going on long enough that its cause has been forgotten or rather, I d forgotten it in the course of readingdon t remember, oops We see her further downfall, skip ahead to years later where she s in a rut but with a loyal team, and then the destruction of the team We learn that her brittleness covered pain, although only at the very end There s no mass killing off of main characters, a la GRRM, but there is breaking, inside and out.The writing has this fleshy oomph to it, enough that I was able to stick to it over the weeks I needed to read it in small, limited bites I want to see what comes next. I picked this up after reading the first few sentences online Nyx sold her womb somewhere between Punjai and Faleen, on the edge of the desert.Drunk, but no longer bleeding, she pushed into a smoky cantina just after dark and ordered a pinch of morphine and a whiskey chaser She bet all of her money on a boxer named Jaks, and lost it two rounds later when Jaks hit the floor like an antique harem girl That is a kick ass entry to a story, if you ask me Hang on, this is a long review.This isscience fiction adventure noir, maybe It s a world of mostly post apocalyptic Muslims of varying degrees of recognizability, in which most technology is driven by insects Yes Also, the two major nations of the planet have been at war forever, and partly as a result of this women have come to dominate society Men get drafted as boys and sent to the front and women volunteer to fight, too But on the home front, at least in the country where we spend the most time, women are soldiers and politicians and businesspeople and pretty much everything else They re also brutal to each other the main pastime seems to be boxing, and just about every woman we meet has some violent tendencies or history This isn t a pacifist Hertopia kind of world.That s one of the things I loved about this book its bold creation of a world where women dominate, and where women are socially, physically, and in all other ways tough and capable Setting aside the fact that this is a world where magicians use bug technology to repair amputations and mortal injuries, the women in this world are bad ass Or maybe they re just people It s a sad statement that it s so unusual to read about women in roles that men would usually fill, kicking asses and getting their asses kicked but it is unusual And Hurley does a great job of making her women real.I appreciated so many things about this book that the dominant religious ideology was Muslim rather than Christian, that the main characters are almost all non white, that our antihero Nyx isn t a stick figure, and that she doesn t stay pretty There s a phenomenon in novels and movies that feature strong or kick ass women cf Tomb Raider, Charlie s Angels, Kill Bill, Underworld, et al let s call it the reasonable facsimile phenomenon It s when authors or directors decide they re going to capitalize on a trend provide a strong female role model and they do so by casting a skinny white girl in a tank top, and telling her to look brooding Usually the reasonable facsimile doesn t have a realistic or profound story arc, or much character development if she s a secondary character she may be defined solely by a skill, like rock climbing , or much to do besides fake fight guys who would kick her ass in real life, because she has wrists like twigs and has clearly come from the Fighting School of Pilates Seriously, watching Michelle Rodriguez decline from her tough, meaty role in Girlfight to the dumb bullshit action stuff she does nowthat s the reasonable facsimile tragedy, right there.But anyway I loved that this book doesn t dredge up the reasonable facsimile Nyx, as a protagonist, is thorny and crude and rebarbative, she s physically large and strong, she carries weight both literally and figuratively She has a full, complete character arc, a history, and presumably a future since this is the first book in a trilogy I admit I didn t follow all the political intrigue in this one, but that s me I tend to read lightly over that stuff, and dwellin the scenes And it s possible that some of that explanation got a little convoluted, in an effort to propel us to the ending I can forgive that, because the world of the book is so original and well imagined, and because I liked the characters that live in it The second book, Infidel, just came out in October A third is in the works I have a feeling I ll be reading em. Orson Scott Card talks a lot in his How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy about exposition, and about how science fiction and fantasy readers react to it with different expectations than non genre readers Roughly summarized, his point is that if you open a story with, She mounted her graazchak, an experienced genre reader will think, Huh Okay, there s a creature called a graazchak and it can be ridden I ll keep that in mind, and keep an eye out forinformation about what it looks like and what it does Someone who mostly reads literary fiction, on the other hand, is likely to react, A graazchak What the hell is a graazchak Does the author expect me to know and grind to a halt.I am definitely an experienced genre reader, and I actively seek out that sense of I don t know what s going on, but I m sure I ll piece it together given time God s War provides it, over and over again, from its politics to its bug based tech to its characters backstories In places, though, the exposition is a little too rough even for me Sometimes it s small things, like the interchangeable use of sister for both Nyx s sister by birth and the other bel dames in the opening chapter If they d consistently been, oh, I don t know, gene sisters and blood sisters, I would have noted the terms, assumed they d be defined later, and forged onward Instead, I found myself flipping backward, trying to work out whether there were two different categories at all Other times it s bigger things, like the timeskip after the opening chapters, which left me feeling lost and unanchored in time lacking any clearly defined markers, I couldn t see how Nyx and Rhys s timelines were supposed to align.But I figured it out eventually, and once the story got going, the exposition got smoother Though there were a few places where it erred in the other direction with info dumps Taite s backstory comes to mind here That let me spendtime admiring the uniqueness of the world and,than anything, the characters And I fell in love Nyx, Rhys, Taite, Khos, Inaya they are all horribly broken and horribly flawed, and I can t look away I love that their flaws are not sexy flaws no too quick to anger in the face of injustice or a dark and brooding loner here and that the narrative never flinches from them, from Nyx s lack of intelligence too many blows to the head from boxing and Rhys s cowardice and everything else.I love this for not being the story of how they all set aside their differences and work together, but instead how their differences tear them apart and keep tearing I love this for telling the story of star crossed lovers Nyx and Rhys kept apart not by external forces but by their own internal beliefs, which they have no interest in moving beyond I love this for being different, for being new, for never taking me where I expected.Also the bugs are pretty nifty, and I say this as someone who shrieks and screams for back up when she sees a spider on the kitchen floor.