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[ EBOOK ] ⚆ Race and Human Diversity ⚕ MOBI eBook or Kindle ePUB free

[ EBOOK ] ⚕ Race and Human Diversity ♫ Race And Human Diversity Is An Introduction To The Study Of Human Diversity In Both Its Biological And Cultural Dimensions This Text Examines The Biological Basis Of Human Difference And How Humans Have Biologically And Culturally Adapted To Life In Different Environments It Critiques The Notion That Humans Can Or Should Be Classified Into A Number Of Biological RacesCoverage Includes Discussion Of The Following Topics Biological Background Of Human Variation History Of Racial Classification A Critique Of The Race Concept Ethnic Disease How Race Affects Morbidity And Morality Adapative Dimensions Of Human Variability Life In The Tropics, The Arctic, And High Altitude Physiology Of Skin Color A Critical History Of Attempts To Link Race And Intelligence Race As A Cultural Construct