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{Free Pdf} ⚟ The Films of Jacques Tati (Picas Series 40) ß eBook or E-pub free

For the hardcore only interesting thoughts, though as an essay by a French writer for Cahiers du Cinema, it reads like well, an essay by a French writer for Cahiers du Cinema I kind of want to tell the guy to get the beret out of his eyes occasionally I love me the Tati films or I d never have gotten the book , but nothing makes comedy, even complex comedy, less funny than pretentious people holding it up to the light and proclaiming that it s not even comedy, for eet eez too byooteeful Ok Fine Am I going to have to call off books about film the way I ve done about 95% with books on music Almost never works unless it s pure anecdote and zero analysis, because the temptation to get all hopped up on your own metaphor because you re blinded by the greatness reflecting off your forehead from the actual artist at work just exhausts me.Still, though, I seem to have given this three stars because it s about M Tati and if it keeps my mind on his work, I m generally happy. Jacques Tati scheff had a number of good labels attached to his name it was not difficult for him to be an artist Little effort was needed for him to sign his name as an artist does All he had to do was place the letter r between the a and t of his surname GROAN. A great companion to Tati s films explores his stylistic uniqueness, tracks his evolution, decodes or, at least, reveals his private hieroglyphics as well as actually fitting in your back pocket Every strong filmmaker should have such book about them. Chion likes to wander around a bit, but if you can handle that and its anecdotal like structure, you get some interesting musings and tidbits from a great film critic If you re looking for an overarching argument, you ll be disappointed. for my thesis, and for pleasure, i thus far love the way this is written complements tati s aesthetic quick read. If you ve seen all 6 films, watched the Criterion extra features, read the excellent biography by Bellos, and you re still hungry forTati, then this little book is an enjoyable little adventure. You d think that a serious French critic who writes for the Cahiers would be able to do a little better than this imagistic twaddle. This features a lot of useful information observations about Tati s films, but at the same time it goes on too many useless tangents and the prose itself is occasionally unbearable. {Free Pdf} Ø The Films of Jacques Tati (Picas Series 40) ⚛ Life Never Ceases To Give Homage To Jacques Tati Be It On The Beach, In An Old Part Of Town, Or In The Glamour Of A Modern City, We Find Everywhere The Gags Which Have Peopled Such Films As Les Vacances De Monsieur Hulot And Playtime If A Silhouette Crosses Us At A Street Corner, We Are Quickly Reminded Of Certain Scenes In Mon Oncle Tati Was A Great Film Comic Who Deserves To Be Placed On The Same Level As Keaton And Chaplin Tati Created Monsieur Hulot Who Has Now Entered The World Of Screen Legends Above All, Jacques Tati Was An Exemplary Artist Who Was Not Scared Of Taking Risks Or To Invest His Entire Being In The Making Of His Films From Jour De Fete To Parade, There Is A Tati World Which This Study Invites Us To Discover Michael Chion Is A Critic At Les Cashiers Du Cinema And Has Published Numerous Works Which Develop His Theories On The Art Of Sound In Cinema La Voix Au Cinema And Le Son Au Cinema A Musical Composer, Michael Chion Is Also The Author Of Eponine, Which Was Awarded The Prix Jean Vigo In