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&BOOK ⇷ Confessions of an Antinatalist ★ Ebook or Kindle ePUB free

As a 40 year old married childless woman who has run the gauntlet of questions, disbelief and pleas from those demanding to know what is wrong with me, I d direct them to this book and then to the teachings of Philip Larkin, and his amazing poem This Be The Verse Don t pass the fuckery on to the next generation.https poem Really loved it After I finished I just wanted to hug Jim and cry The language is splendid It s very well written. Very well written Like me, if you couldn t fully comprehend David Benatar s Better Never To Have Been , then this book is for you. Great book Well written, easy to read and puts the points over clearly and concisely. sorta like an easier to read conspiracies against the human race by Thomas ligotti really liked it A book that should make people think I ve always maintained that all atheists are by necessity nihilists. Interesting, but nothing that hasn t been said before by farcompelling writers. &BOOK ⇯ Confessions of an Antinatalist ☞ Life Is A Mixture Of Good And Bad, Or So They Say Trouble Is, There S No Way To Determine Where A Particular Life Might Fall Along Fortune S Spectrum For Every Child Born Into The Lap Of Luxury, There S Another Born On The Point Of A Knife There Are No Guarantees As To What May Transpire As The Immediate Present Unfolds Into The Uncertain Future Things Change In An Instant Two Things, However, Are Certain Everyone Will Suffer And Everyone Will Die Back To Where We Came From Knowing This, And Understanding Full Well That Any Particular Life Embodies The Potential For Experiencing Extreme Pain And Unhappiness Unceasing In Some Cases Is Procreation Really Worth The Risk Jim Crawford Doesn T Believe It Is In Confessions Of An Antinatalist, Crawford Reflects On What It Means To Exist In The Belly Of A Ravening Serpent Life Whose Only Prey Is Itself, And Whose Teeth Are Very, Very Sharp