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If I could give this less than one star, I would The plot was thin and wobbly There was only one character that was developed at all, and she didn t even participate in the climax The premise Let s put it this way It makes all the conspiracy theories in vogue right now seem absolutely plausible In short, the entire basis of the book was unbelievable, but not in a science fiction sort of way This is possibly the worst book I have read in several years I didn t put it down simply because I kept hoping perhaps there would be some hints as to who might solve the so called mystery, and that the clumsy, pseudo modern writing would become less off putting It didn t, and I was as happy to be done with this book as I ve been to be done with root canals A painful first entry, badly edited or possibly barely edited and a true waste of trees. Stonehenge 200 500 .. @EBOOK õ The Stonehenge Legacy ⚼ Conspiracy Thrillers Have Tackled Da Vinci, Atlantis And The Pyramids But Never Stonehenge Until Now With A Concept To Rival The Very Biggest Books In The Genre, This Novel Will Dazzle Anyone Interested In One Of The World S Most Fascinating MysteriesEight Days Before The Summer Solstice, A Man Is Butchered In A Blood Freezing Sacrifice On The Ancient Site Of Stonehenge Before A Congregation Of Robed Worhsippers Within Hours, One Of The World S Foremost Treasure Hunters Has Shot Himself In His Country Mansion And To His Estranged Son, Young Archaeologist Gideon Chase, He Leaves A Cryptic LetterTeaming Up With An Intrepid Wiltshire Policewoman, Gideon Soon Exposes A Secret Society An Ancient International Legion Devoted For Thousands Of Years To Stonehenge With A Charismatic And Ruthless New Leader At The Helm, The Cult Is Now Performing Ritual Human Sacrifices In A Terrifying Bid To Unlock The Secret Of The StonesPacked With Codes, Symbology, Relentless Suspense, And Fascinating Detail About The History Of One Of The World S Most Mysterious Places, The Stonehenge Legacy Is A Blockbuster Thriller To Rival The Very Best Of Dan Brown It says on the front A thriller 5000 years in the making , I think it should of stayed hiddin for another 5000 years No plot and just plain terrible. This novel is good No doubt about it I read the last two hundred in fifty pages in two days, which for me was very good Unheard this last six months.The book follows a couple of characters, a son who is trying to uncover why his father killed himself A woman in a police station trying to connect a kidnapping, a suicide and a murder And we also follow the main antagonist if you can call him that and a celebrity from the Survivor s series and daughter of the Vice President of America.Well, this game centers in Stonehenge and the reason it was made and some secret mystery that would unveil in our days After 5000 years it just happened to be on our days But, okay So we ve got some people, descended from the Builders and main protectors of the site and of a Religion called the Craft What the author presented us was indeed a good tale, fast paced and full of thrill The characters were alive and I felt for their miseries BUT, and there is a big BUT I hated, I truly hated the ending It was dreadful It was a pain to read the last twenty pagesWe ve got a religion with thousand of years and with an influence that rivaled the Freemasons Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Army, Police and other elements were in that religion and they couldn t stop a policewoman and a archaeological guy That s ridiculous I am sorry but I just couldn t get it It was anti climatic You must read the book, so you could find so many errors from a group of guys who dominate central uk.Anti climatic.Authors out there Hear me if you please Not all books must end with the good guys triumph The Good guys don t always win Thrillers is about rush, action and mystery You know what could give rush Learn with Green Goblin The one thing they love than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying In spite of everything you ve done for them, eventually, they will hate you I hate that ending I hated you Sorry about that because you were giving some great thrill and you take it all from me Oh well 5.. I would definitely not call this work a blockbuster thriller nor a Da Vinci Code rival Since Da Vinci Code became like a litmus test for mystery thriller books I will continue using it to evaluate books of this genre When I bought the book I was thinking Oh, Stonehenge I never read anything specific related to it Should buy this without any doubt While reading it I didn t even want to try and compare with other books especially The Da Vinci Code Simply laid back and enjoyed it The plot is a bit linear but neatly written It gradually develops into an interesting and yet sort of predictable culmination The characters involved were a bit typical, the archaeologist who all of a sudden becomes a detective Sherlock like and the lawyer detective policewoman etc who just got out from a terrible relationship and horrid divorce breakup The other characters are a bit like over the fence, divided into bad guys and good guys, and yet have an important role in the plot.Overall the book is an easy read I recommend it to everyone, mainly during holidays I gave it 4 stars just because it never made me yawn or not care about the plot or parts of it, or characters I could read it over and over and still enjoy it. S podia mesmo dar 5 estrelas de classifica o a um livro t o bem escrito como este.Bem ao estilo de Dan Brown, aborda um tema muito interessante e as personagens s o encantadoras.Simpatizei bastante com Gideon, uma das personagens principais, pela sua for a e determina o em descobrir os segredos do passado do pai, mesmo sabendo que isso pode alterar de certa forma os seus sentimentos por ele.A detective Meg amorosa, dividida entre o seu trabalho que lhe toma muito tempo e o seu papel de m e, que na maior parte das vezes delegado a outras pessoas pelo facto de o trabalho a envolver profundamente.A paisagem e hist ria de Stonehenge maravilhosamente descrita e faz com que sintamos que j estivemos presentes naquele local em alguma poca da nossa vida.O livro deveras envolvente e as ltimas p ginas, durante o desfecho da hist ria, s o de tal forma emocionantes que damos por n s a prender a respira o um livro MUITO BOM mesmo In this novel Stonehenge is a woowoo machine It s the magic wotsit that makes things happen The characters are flat, stereotyped and dull It does not seem to have a main character, instead it has three characters who barely interact with each other None of them are interesting enough to care about Gideon, the archaeologist who never seems to consider Stonehenge from an archaeological perspective He never mentions it s place in history, or its archaeological context, even to him it s just a woowoo machine Megan, the Wiltshire copper, has a young daughter and a troubled marriage Yawn Castle is the spoilt daughter of American celebrities I hoped she d get sacrifice to make the woowoo happen I was disappointed The story, written in an occasionally jarring present tense, jumped between these three and the baddies , the Stonehenge woowoo conspiracy cult it dates back to the mists of time Duh These guys have stupid code names and are virtually indistinguishable The end is stupid and pointless Kaboom and it all vanishes in a puff of smoke We just can t trust the MOD with our ancient monuments, can we This book bored me It was tedious I would have given it two stars, but it told me about Imber, a lost village on Salisbury Plain I m so going to go there However, I doubt I d read anything by this author again. 4.5 estrelas, pelo final um bocado apressado, gostava que fosse mais esmiu ado.Adorei este livro Comecei o a ler, em ebook, porque a tempestade Leslie levou a eletricidade e n o conseguia ler o livro que tinha come ado em papel e o Kobo tem luz, que deu muito jeito nestes dias de leitura em que a eletricidade n o voltou Acabou por ser uma excelente oportunidade porque a leitura fluida e interessante ajudou me a abstrair da escurid o depressiva.Depois de O C digo Da Vinci passei por uma fase de ler thrillers relacionados com enigmas da Hist ria, mas rapidamente me apercebi que Dan Brown era, praticamente, uma p rola nica e afastei me do g nero Calhou h poucas semanas ainda ter a oportunidade de ler um outro do g nero que reavivou o meu interesse e, agora, este A Heran a de Stonehenge, que s me encheram de vontade de ler mais.A Heran a de Stonehenge um livro grande, mas gra as aos cap tulos curtos, que acompanham a a o do ponto de vista de v rios personagens, com muita a o e desenvolvimentos constantes, foi me uma leitura t o fluida que nem dei pelas p ginas passarem e acabei o bastante mais cedo do que pensei Achei super interessante ler sobre aquela Confraria e os sacrif cios que faziam em honra dos Sagrados de Stonehenge e a forma como o autor introduziu um enredo policial por ali, resultou tudo de forma espetacular view spoiler Fiquei t o contente que Gideon e Caitlyn morressem, o autor novidade para mim, n o sabia que esperar Foi mesmo uma pena que o final fosse t o apressado, apesar de se saber um pouquinho de cada personagem O sargente Jimmy acabou por se revelar um personagem mesmo interessante, corajoso, apesar de ter o pai envolvido na Confraria Tamb m fiquei f de Megan e da superior dela que acabou por revelar ter garra.No final, quem seria aquele homem que apareceu em Stonehenge e nunca mais voltou hide spoiler