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Boring, badly written, audiobook is horrendous Good thing it was short. 2.5 stars Started out really strong Great story premise and then it got twisted with dark secrets that were too deep to get into in this short story I think we would have been better served with a much longer deeper story I enjoyed the characters and has lots of potential. horrible doesn t cover it. My first m m fiction audiobook and it didn t make a good impression The story was very predictable and it didn t do a really good job of holding my attention I was a bit irked and felt like the author may have been pushing some of her belief of gender lines for both sexes on the audience This made it a lot less enjoyable for me Other issues I had were that Wade was always thinking about sex when it came to Jared It was too sexed up for my taste Jared was also always avoiding Wade but Wade never took notice.Jared was a jerk and Wade was kind of insecure and arrogant and came off desperate He was also deeply closeted and when Wade learned Jared s grandfather had been a bit high handed in raising Jared he figured he should be aggressive when it came to interacting together When Jared admits to being abused Wade just tells him he can t believe it even though he had heard from someone else that it had been a possibility He knew and he didn t do anything He wasn t careful with his treatment of Jared when finding out until Jared truly tried to cut ties with him.The narration was weird I didn t like it at all and I though Wade sounded weird, especially when saying baby The dialogue was a bit corny and frankly I was rolling my eyes a lot while listening to the story. Wade is a fireman who has agreed to participate in his community s charity auction He s allowed himself to be placed on the auctioning block, and in so doing he hopes he will land himself with his first official gay date Wade only recently came out as a gay man, and he s a bit nervous that no one will have the desire or courage to bid on him When Wade s golf buddy Jared steps forward and bids a thousand dollars, Wade is taken aback somewhat, thinking that the gesture was merely a pity bid or an act of kindness on the part of his heterosexual friend.That first date with Jared is quite awkward to begin with, but eventually Jared reveals that he also is gay, and the two make love Wade is rather shocked, though, at how one sided the action is Jared seems to assume a submissive, passive role, and afterward he acts remorseful and contrite, as if he regrets it or feels guilty.Wade is surprised when Jared contacts him again, and Wade once makes love to the man only to discover that Jared again pushes him away after they ve completed their lovemaking This odd, push pull dynamic continues throughout the story Although Jared is willing and apparently eager to be sexually intimate with Wade, he quickly pushes Wade away immediately after each encounter.None of it makes much sense to Wade or the reader until the end when all is revealed in a powerful, emotionally packed scene where Jared finally confronts the demons of his past and Wade finally begins to convince him that he s worthy of love.This short story, Say It Again, confronts the consequences and long term effects of child sexual abuse Although the story appears to be a straightforward romance involving Wade and Jared, ultimately it is about something far deeper The frustration that Wade feels as Jared sends his mixed signals, first chasing him, then pushing him away, is palpable One cannot help but feel irritated and annoyed during this confusing time The purpose of this cyclical behavior, though, is not to present a chronology of the romantic relationship itself, but rather to give the reader an understanding of the character Jared.Jared was a young man who was conditioned to believe that he was inherently evil His sexuality was used against him, and he was taught that any sexual pleasure he experienced proved him to be nothing better than a whore The only sexual intimacy that Jared knew was in the context of passivity and submissiveness When he finally found genuine love, he could not immediately overcome his feelings of guilt and remorse The mere idea that he may enjoy the act of lovemaking only confirmed his own sense of self hatred and worthlessness.This story left an indelible mark on my heart, and it touched me in a way that is profound The horror of what young Jared experienced is haunting, and the beauty of the love which blossomed for Wade and Jared is triumphant and quite overwhelming.If you are a reader like me who enjoys angst and you particularly relate to sympathetic characters like Jared, then you won t want to pass up this read I highly recommend it and I ll say it again I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAY IT AGAIN This couple just didn t work for me I felt no connection and I didn t enjoy how their story was told. Yeah so this was crap I don t know if it was just that the story was that bad, or if it was the story AND the narrator The narrator alone cause I listened to the audiobook was absolutely god awful, and if it had been longer than the hour it was, I would have given up on it.How the hell did this actually even get an audiobook made for it since it s only like 38 pages long That is mind boggling to me I mean if it was a narrator doing it for the exposure like they do with ACX, I could understand but damn This was just bad.The plot was well I think it could have been quite good had it been really fleshed out The secrets were deep, and deserved than what I imagine was the paragraph it got.Also, the sex was too perfect for a gay virgin No one deep throats perfectly on their first try Ever.Did feel a bit like Literotica or FanFic. I don t know why this was so short A book like this needs at least 100 pages, and I do mean at least 200 would be suitable It was a nice story, I liked Wade He was the nice guy Jared, well he wasn t my favourite, but I liked him enough in the end.Spoiler view spoiler Jared was abandoned by his parents and adopted by his grandfather who molested him for years He would rape him raw and without anything at all hide spoiler This read like really poor fanfic I couldn t even finish it The lead character Wade wasn t very likeable had a huge chip on his shoulder from the very beginning and wasn t very believable 32 year old virgin who had known he was gay for 17 years It felt like it was written by a 13 year old ESL kid I was actually pretty disappointed because this had been recommended on a review site. `Free Pdf ☟ Say it Again ↛ One Month Before The Annual Fireman S Charity Auction, Fireman, Wade Hartman Announces He S Gay This Year When He Strolls Down The Catwalk, He Wants To Leave With A Man When The Only Bid He Receives Is A Pity Bid, Wade S Crushed, But He Lets His Friend Take Him To Dinner AnywayReal Estate Conglomerate, Jared Kessler S Loved Wade For Years So When He Reads The Article About The Fireman S Charity Event, He Knows He Has To Be The Winning Bidder Mistaken As An Unwanted Bidder, Jared Refuses To Give Up He Wants Wade, If Only For One NightOne Innocent Dinner Turns Into Fiery Passion But One Night Isn T Enough For Wade He Wants Jared For Real The Wade Pushes, The Closer He Comes To Discovering The Deep, Dark Secrets Of Jared S Past Can Love Conquer Jared S Fears Or Are His Wounds Too Deep For Even Love