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The fourth book in the Brain and Brawn series, The City Who Fought can be read without any reference to other books in the series as all necessary terminology is explained early on The novel is fast paced and engaging As I am not very familiar with either writer s literary style, I cannot say who wrote what Stirling is known for his strong feminine characters, and the brawn in this novel, Channa Hap along with a twelve year old highly intelligent waif, Joat for Jack Of All Trades certainly fit the strong feminine character label The brain, is Simeon, a shell person, essentially linked into a computer shortly after birth so that we have a being with all of the multiprocessing ability of the world s fastest machines coupled with the extraordinary intelligence of a near genius Simeon runs a space station attacked by a ruthless and renegade band of pirates and must use all of his its acumen to organize the station s thousands of people to fight off the plundering invaders Except for a final they lived happily ever after wrap up chapter, the novel is a real page turner written in an easily accessible style Recommended for all who love syfy adventure The american literature shelf is a tad misleading in this case McCaffrey, a native American, lived most of her life in Ireland and Stirling, born in France, is a Canadian American writer Whatever Enjoy the book. This was ok, but not my cup of tea I m glad I read it and I m glad I realized I have two copies of the book so I gain extra space Simeon is a good character I wasn t so wild about Channa And Joat didn t do much for me at all This is a war story, so if you are expecting dragons, forget this book It is in the Helva universe The baddies are really bad The good guys are a bit too good Even the traitor is given a decent excuse.she s mad and gets cured at just the right time So if you want war stories, you will love this. [Free Epub] ☸ The City Who Fought ☪ SHELLPERSON WITH A MISSIONSimeon Was Bored Not With Being A Shellperson Like Helva, The Ship Who Sang, And Tia, The Ship Who Searched, He Rather Pitied Softshells Their Mayfly Lives And Absurdly Limited Senses But With Running The Mining And Processing Station That Made Up His Body So When The Arrival Of An Out Of Control Refugee Ship Interrupted His Latest Wargame Simeon S Hobby The Excitement Was WelcomeThen The Refugees Told Their Story Attack By Space Barbarians Soon, Long Before Any Help Could Arrive From Fleet, Station SSS Would Be In The Fist Of High Clan Kolnar, And Nobody Would Be Bored, Least Of All Simeon If Anyone Was To Survive, Somehow He Must Transmute His Hobby Into The Real Thing, And Become The City Who FoughtPrevious Titles In This Bestselling Series Include The Ship Who Sang, The Ship Who Searched, The Ship Who Won, And PartnerShip Rereading a favorite series Comfort reading during a hectic time of the year. A wonderful bit of Sci Fi fluff Dark adult themes, but not too graphic in the depiction of such It s been decades since I read the other books in the series and I had no problems falling into the world A bit of a cheesy ending, but it s ok They deserve a happily ever after. This is an old favorite, but I just re read it and entered it into Goodreads for the first time It is definitely worth reading than once McCaffrey knocks scifi out of the park as usual in this excellent book A little dated but an interesting concept non the less I enjoyed the strong female lead and the interplay between her and the males. I didn t care for it much I mostly didn t like Channa, the brawn It s obvious the book is all about her and female wish fulfillment Setting her geeky little brother ish shellperson to rights, check The exotic incredibly handsome foreign boyfriend lover check The feral kid Channa tames because the shellperson doesn t know how to raise a kid and lets them do whatever Check The southern belle bestie Check The issue for me is that the ship books tended to focus on the relationship between brawn and shellperson a lot , but here there really isn t anything but a one sided relationship The wish fulfillment aspects would be ok if they weren t so blatant, and Channa without any real downsides from the start, she s the suffering perfect woman who will clean everything up, by golly.Oh, and you have mini mary sue in Joad, the feral kid Knows the station better than the shellperson, brilliant, incredibly good fighter, always shows initiative, etc.Then you get the second half, where enemy pirates who are literal space nazis invade, in pursuit of the peaceful space jews Seriously The enemies are literally a mashup of the khmer rouge, neo nazis, and every other nasty thing you can think of, exiled to a hellish planet and refried into super strong barbarians The peaceful space jews are, of course, not really religious at heart and just need to be gently led into proper behavior Well, except for the token traitor They have a battle, but if you are expecting actual military SF, get lost It s really boring Oh, and rape, because McCaffrey s books are almost always historical scottish bodice rippers in disguise.Worst thing was I was looking forwards to this book The concept was really strong and the prior books were good, but this one was just junk I can t give it one star because at least it was well written junk of its kind, but still junk anyways. Nice change of pace setting, as the Brainship in this book is actually a Brain Space station , and roles are reversed in that the brain is a guy and the brawn is a girl.Unfortunately, the story was a bit too brutal and gritty for my tastes and it broke one of my rules for writing, in that I have no tolerance for rape being used as a plot device.Liked the characters and ideas, but the efforts to do gritty, realistic space opera meant it wasn t a fun book. Stinks One of the worst books I ve ever read I usually like both the authors individually, but they a don t mesh and b really need better editorial control One example should suffice without giving much away the baddies are black skinned humans and the goodies white and one of the baddies even turns out shock, horror to be gay Really unnecessary and objectionable laziness.