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I wrote this while pregnant I am now in my 13th week of morning sickness and I m finding it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel The continuous nausea beats you down until you feel like you re all alone and there is no hope for relief This book, unlike every other pregnancy book that I ve read, really addresses all the issues surrounding the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy Elizabeth Kaledin is extremely knowledgable and uses humor and empathy to reach out to women going through this difficult time She offers advice, personal stories, and testamonials from other women throughout the book She doesn t gloss over of emotional aspects like so many other authors and doctors I found it all extremely comforting and it helped me to feel less alone and hopeless I highly recommend this to all women and partners going through morning sickness. Gave me perspective during those weeks of living so close to the bathroom. This book wasmy speed than the one i read previously Eating Well When Your Expecting Although there is little that can be done for most women suffering from the common side effects of early pregnancy, this book was great to read to help understand everything behind the misery and remind you that you are not alone in your suffering I would recommend it to any fellow sickly expecting mother This book has been recommended on the HyperEmesis Gravidarium support forums I will get to read it someday when the trauma of my very SICK and miserable pregnancy istolerable to think about. &FREE EBOOK ⇞ The Morning Sickness Companion ⇲ It S Frustrating And A Nuisance And It Can Be A Major Obstacle To Experiencing The Joy Of Pregnancy But Morning Sickness Doesn T Always Strike In The Morning, And For Many Women It Doesn T Even Strike It S An Ever Present Part Of Their Pregnancy, With Symptoms Ranging From Mild Nausea And Exhaustion To Crippling Depression And Physical IllnessWe All Know The Standard Suggestions Crackers And Tea, Jell O And Ginger Ale But When They Don T Seem Like Enough, What Can Women Really Do To Manage Their Symptoms And Recover The Happiness Their Pregnancy Should Bring As Debilitating As Morning Sickness Is, We Don T Hear Much About It But Finally, Just When It Seems As Though There S Nothing Out There, Women Have Somewhere To Turn Elizabeth Kaledin SThe Morning Sickness Companion Is A Book By And For Women Suffering Morning Sickness Morning Sickness Is A Reality Of PregnancyOf Women Are Affected And This Book Is Dedicated To Them It Fills A Major Void In Pregnancy Literature, Providing A Brief History Of Morning Sickness, All The Latest Scientific Thinking, Research On Its Emotional Toll, And Lots Of Reassuring Tips And Advice From Other Women About What They Ate, How Sick They Really Were, And How To Survive, Since The Fact Is It Is Nearly Inevitable Engaging, Warm, Often Funny, And Always Informative, The Morning Sickness Companion Offers Women Who Are Suffering The Wisdom And Comfort They Really Need