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This is closer to 3.5 stars As a companion to Heyer s novels, it s invaluable Kloester makes frequent references to characters and events from the books when she s discussing aspects of Regency society, and I think the only way it could be useful in that respect is if there were some sort of index so you could look up facts in reverse though this would be a truly major endeavor and probably better suited to a database She s also got an extensive list of recommendations for further reading What I wasn t fond of was that she said she d written her thesis on Georgette Heyer and had access to all these letters and research Heyer did, and I wish she d used of that in her book It s a popular rather than scholarly text, and I suppose I shouldn t fault the book for being something it isn t, but I was still a little disappointed If you re looking for actual research on the Regency era, pick this book up and use the recommended reading list at the end If you want something to help you understand some of the arcane aspects of Heyer s novels, this will be perfect for you. (((READ EBOOK))) ↯ Georgette Heyer's Regency World ⇧ A Bestselling Novelist Since , Georgette Heyer Is Known Across The World For Her Historical Romances Set In Regency England Millions Of Readers Love The Outrageous Lifestyle, Fashion And Capricious Escapades Of The Elegant Bon Ton, And No One Has Captured That World Better Than Georgette Heyer, With Universally Beloved Novels Such As Regency Buck, The Grand Sophy And Friday S Child Georgette Heyer S Regency World Is The Ultimate, Definitive Guide To Georgette Heyer S Wonderful And Enchanting Realm Her Heroines, Her Villains And Dashing Heroes, The Shops, Clubs And Towns They Frequented, The Parties And Seasons They Celebrated, How They Ate, Drank, Dressed, Socialized, Shopped And Drove An Utterly Delightful And Fun Read, Beautifully Illustrated And Compelling In Its Historical Detail, This Is A Must Have For Any Georgette Heyer Fan This book is a quick, glancing look at life during the Regency, complete with lots and lots of references to the books written by Heyer So if you read Heyer and had questions this is the book for you, probably Maybe 1 Ultimately, this was adequate It doesn t provide quite the depth I would have liked, and it spends too much time referencing books rather than referencing Heyer s allegedly deep pile of reference materials It felt like the sight seers guide to Heyer rather than a tour of the Regency era, which was slightly disappointing for me, the loud mouthed romance reader in the back 2 This was also just not well written And I mean that in a completely superficial way because the information is fine but the presentation is kind ofrepetitious and cyclical and lazy Information is repeated in multiple sections and there are places where the categories are rather poorly organized so the text seems to jump from topic to topic only to circle back and it s just a mess Much like this sentence 3 The descriptions would have been far handy with additional illustrations 4 I m picky and cranky and this just didn t do it for me, I guess Jennifer Kloester has authored a MUST READ reference book for any avid Georgette Heyer or Regency period fans In Georgette Heyer s Regency World Kloester covers a wide range of information pertaining to the Regency period from deciphering the convoluted social class order of the day wowza , to what they wore, where and what they ate, where they shopped, the daily life of regency men and women, and my favorite, the hottest entertainment destinations to see and be seen Also included is a who s who in the Regency, a chapter that gives a small bio of the big players of the day, a list of newspapers and magazines that were being printed, a timeline of the Regency period and a bibliography of Heyer s novels One thing I really enjoyed was the way the author referenced scenes from Heyer novels that directly tie in with what she is discussing I thought that really brought a lot to the book and showcases the author s meticulous research For example Executing steps such as the chasse, jette, coupe, balote, glissade or the pas de basque with elegance and grace required a high degree of skill Marianne Bolderwood at her first ball in The Quiet Gentleman found that she had to concentrate carefully on the steps of the quadrille, while her partner, Gervase, executed even the most difficult steps with considerable grace What s great about this book is that you can either read it all the way through or just pick it a chapter or subject at a time, whatever tickles your fancy that day or if you re reading a book and come upon something you would like to have explained Kloester has obviously done her homework, and I feel that I m walking away knowing a LOT about the Regency period than I did before and it s also renewed my love for Georgette Heyer Passages to the Past highly recommends A few weeks ago, as I was browsing the Romance shelves at one of my local Barnes Noble stores, I spied a few copies of Georgette Heyer s Regency World, which I immediately scooped up I could have used it for some of my Jane Austen related research, since it includes quite a lot of useful information about the customs, manners, fashions, and practices of the time period.If you are a fan of a Georgette Heyer s books b Jane Austen s novels c Regency romances d the Regency era for any reason and or e all of the above, this book is for you If you are planning on writing a Regency novel, I daresay this is a resource you will be exceeding glad to have in your arsenal.There are chapters about society housing town vs country how men lived and were expected to behave what women were taught and what sort conduct was expected of them including what constituted an auspicious marriage information about the Seasons in London Big and Little , including information on Almack s and a separate chapter about the pleasure haunts of London scandalous the fashionable resorts the modes of transportation of the time clothing of the time period shopping, with a focus on particular haberdashers of note food Good Lord, what they ate Sport for men, which includes talk of boxing, racing, gambling and even one hesitates to mention such an illegality duelling business and the military and the royal family There are useful appendices including common Regency terms, newspapers, books mentioned in Heyer s novels, plus three appendices that provide a timeline, a list of further Regency resources and information on Heyer s novels.The book contains absolutely charming pen and ink illustrations by Graeme Tavendale, many of which are his adaptations of the sketches of Regency artists such as George Cruikshank, John Nash, Hugh Thomson and While not all of them are absolutely necessary, they are all delightful additions to the package as a whole, and are in some cases indispensable to understanding the text as with the illustrations of certain conveyances, such as a barouche, a phaeton, etcHighly recommended for Regency fans of all ilks. Read in one sitting at my local Borders today DInteresting compendium of everything regency, especially as it relates to Georgette Heyer s novels A good reference companion book, but probably best for people who don t know all the in s and out s of this fascinating time period.Glad to say I knew most of this stuff already yes, I m bragging. During her prolific fifty three year writing career, British author Georgette Heyer 1902 1974 wrote fifty six historical romance and detective fiction novels She was a pioneer in Regency romance, and is generally attributed by many for establishing the sub genre that is flourishing today Stylish, witty and historically accurate, her humorous plots and memorable characters serve as the benchmark for new Regency romance writers.In her lifetime Heyer publisher twenty six Regency era novels, many of which are again available in new editions by Sourcebooks and Harlequin Books Renowned for her historical detail, to read a Heyer Regency romance is to be truly entrenched in the bon ton lifestyle in England from 1811 to 1820 Even though readers can enjoy her novels without understanding the entire historical context or nuanced meanings behind social customs and colloquialisms of the time, it is even entertaining if you do Georgette Heyer s Regency World The definitive guide to the people, places and society in Georgette Heyer s Regency novels, by Jennifer Kloester offers an incredible resource for Jane Austen fans, Georgette Heyer enthusiasts and Regency era novelists Here you will find detailed cultural information on the aristocrats and gentry that populate her drawing room comedies Learn the importance of social strata and the right connections, where to live in Town and the country, how to dress, eat and conduct yourself properly in polite society, where to shop for a fashionable frock, what type of carriage to tool down St James Street in, which pleasure haunts to frequent in London, and, most importantly, who to be seen with and who to avoid socially Also included are appendixes on de rigueur Regency era cant and common phrases that Heyer s characters frequently use, a very helpful historical timeline and other pertinent information What elevates this book beyond a collection of historical facts is its organization and that the author places many of Heyer s novels and characters in context to the categories and descriptions within the text For example, Hero the young and na ve bride in Friday s Child soon learns the importance of proper language when she asks her husband Lord Sheringham about his opera dancer and is quickly informed on the ways of the world by a brotherly friend Unbeknownst to Hero who had received a negligent upbringing, young ladies vocabulary was strictly regulated and a slip such as asking her husband about his mistress could ruin her reputation if the conversation had been overheard outside the family If you do not know what an opera dancer is or their reputation for becoming the mistresses of the bon ton, then you missed an important aspect of Hero s personality and Lord Sheringham s position in society The book is full of similarly helpful insights and I found myself learning about Regency culture and developing a greater appreciation for Georgette Heyer s skill as a writer as the book progressed What a treasure Originally published in the UK in 2005 and reissued in 2008 by Arrow Books Random House UK , Georgette Heyer s Regency World is an import and not readily available in North American bookstores I purchased my edition from Paperbackshop US via Advanced Book Exchange, but I was happy to discover that Sourcebooks will be printing a new edition that will be available this August Gentle Readers, since Sourcebooks is re issuing it, we know it is than worthy and the definitive guide to all things in Heyer s world.Laurel Ann, Austenprose This is a handy reference book for fans of Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen and the Regency era Each chapter covers an aspect of Regency society clothing, transportation, etiquette, health care and She uses examples from Heyer s novels and appendices provide a list of slang words, biographies of Regency people and a timeline The book is illustrated with small line drawings done from 19th century illustrations The book could have benefited from full color or at least larger illustrations Though I knew most of the information included in the book from reading the novels and reading blogs, I found it useful and learned a few new things I especially liked the glossary, biographies and timeline.Despite a few historical inaccuracies, Jennifer Kloester nicely compiles all the information from Heyer s novels into one book I plan to keep this book on my night stand next time I read Heyer so I can look up what a tilbury looks like or the dates of events mentioned in the book, etc.I recommend this book primarily to first time Regency readers and not so much to the long time reader. Terrifically entertaining and interesting guide to the Regency World of Georgette Heyer Kloester goes into just enough depth on such topics as Clothing, Sport, The wars, A typical day in a bachelor s or a Debutante s life, The Royal Family, etc to both enlighten the Heyer fan, and to remind them of what they already know It s not for the serious historian or sociologist She keeps it light and entertaining As she goes from topic to topic, she adeptly and smoothly weaves in illustrations and examples from Heyer s own novels There are line drawings throughout on, for example, carriages, bonnets, underclothes, architecture, the leading figures of the day One of the highlights are her appendices The one on the cant or slang of the day is particularly entertaining and handy I started out intending to just skip around and read the parts that particularly interested me, but I ended up reading the whole thing, cover to cover. I wanted to read this one because I ve read a few of Heyer s Regency romance novels and thought it would be fun to try to understand the customs, rules, clothes, food, and the monarchy from that time period This book does not disappoint at all There are so many aspects from the Regency era that it can be a little mind boggling at the beginning I recommend that you read this book in chunks, because there is so much information that your head may explode.SERIOUSLY I can tell you one thingI would never be allowed into the upper crust because I wouldn t be able to remember all of the rules of etiquette My favorite chapters were The Gentle Sex everything a young lady needs to know and oh, so much Up and Down the Social Ladder this was great information as to how the class system was dictated On the Town how to get in with the very best Patronesses so that you will marry well Oh, and after you re married and have produced an heir, you may have as many affairs as you want as long as you don t flaunt them O la la Eat, Drink, and Be Merry no wonder the rich were fat They ate all of the time Who s Who in the Royal Family I really enjoyed this one I don t know the monarchy and this was a much needed chapter If you re a fan of information the appendix is awesome Recommend I would, especially to fans of Heyer, Austen, and the Regency time period This has everything you would ever need to know and while I was reading it, I found myself filling in some questions that I had while reading their books.