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I really like the characters of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan That being said I was very disappointed in the author s decision to once again inflict mass amount of damage to the main characters First of all, if you read the description of the book you know that Carol goes undercover Everything she does is immaculate in preparation for this new venture Then one night she makes the stupidest mistake and of course that is when she gets caught Well, maybe two mistakes 1 Having Tony anywhere near her op and 2 Trying to bring their feelings into fruition during the op Yes, it is the first time she has ever done undercover but she is a smart cookie, she knows she s being watched, and she runs to Tony with his curtains open Please.Then the rape It is unnecessary to constantly inflict emotional and physical damage to your main characters But to have Carol Raped was beyond terrible It was utterly pointless The last two books something has happened to them or someone they know Then it just seems like she felt What else can I do that will really screw with them Rape that s it I am very upset over the writer s choice.Often, I have found that author s rely on abusing their characters to help in their development For some reason the horrors that surround the story are not enough so they have to make sure that the characters really suffer I m not saying it should be roses and rainbows but it gets to the point where you wonder if the author just ran out of ideas.Then there is the attraction element to the series I m fine with the fact that she is setting her main characters to be together However, if your plan is to have this budding romance why do you do everything in your power to prevent them from being together I mean so far the series has spanned over 3 1 2 years Either let it go or get on with it.I m going to read the next book in hopes that the author pulls herself out of the need to damage her characters. Description Coming to terms over her breakup with criminal profiler Dr Tony Hill, Chief Inspector Carol Jordan plunges into a risky undercover sting track down a European drug trafficker and gain his confidence But she s being tracked as well by a serial killer whose psychosexual madness is born out of the darkest corners of history In quiet isolation, Tony Hill is laying to rest the scars of his past until he s recruited back into business on a case he can t ignore An evil is striking uncomfortably close to home, and casting a killer shadow over the life of his long time colleague and sometimes lover As the danger closes in, and as Tony and Carol cross paths to navigate the terrain of a shattered human mind, they have no one left to trust but themselves and fear that there s no place left to run as a killer promises to fulfill his most twisted dreams.Opening CASE NOTESNAME Walter NeumannSESSION 1COMMENTS The patient has clearly been troubled for some time with an overweening sense of his own infallibility He presents with a disturbing level of overconfidence in his own abilities He has a grandiose self image and is reluctant to concede the possibilty that he might be subject to valid criticism.4 A Place of Execution2 Village SOS4 Dead Clever2 Deadheading3 Scott Free2 The Vanishing Point3 The Distant Echo Inspector Karen Pirie, 1 2 A Darker Domain Inspector Karen Pirie, 2 3 Clean Break Kate Brannigan, 4 3 Forensics What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime3 The Mermaids Singing Tony Hill Carol Jordan, 1 4 The Wire In The Blood Tony Hill Carol Jordan, 2 CR The Last Temptation Tony Hill Carol Jordan, 3 3 The Torment of Others Tony Hill Carol Jordan, 4 3 Beneath The Bleeding Tony Hill Carol Jordan, 5 [Free E-pub] ☥ The Last Temptation ♰ Coming To Terms Over Her Breakup With Criminal Profiler Dr Tony Hill, Chief Inspector Carol Jordan Plunges Into A Risky Undercover Sting Track Down A European Drug Trafficker And Gain His Confidence But She S Being Tracked As Well By A Serial Killer Whose Psychosexual Madness Is Born Out Of The Darkest Corners Of History In Quiet Isolation, Tony Hill Is Laying To Rest The Scars Of His Past Until He S Recruited Back Into Business On A Case He Can T Ignore An Evil Is Striking Uncomfortably Close To Home, And Casting A Killer Shadow Over The Life Of His Long Time Colleague And Sometimes Lover As The Danger Closes In, And As Tony And Carol Cross Paths To Navigate The Terrain Of A Shattered Human Mind, They Have No One Left To Trust But Themselves And Fear That There S No Place Left To Run As A Killer Promises To Fulfill His Most Twisted Dreams 3.5 stars A compulsively readable mystery which provided a vivid sense of place as Carol Jordan goes undercover in Germany to catch a corrupt smuggler I was, however, annoyed by some illogical and reckless behavior that brought Carol and the profiler she admires so much, Tony Hill, into danger It did not seem plausible that they would act so carelessly when they are usually highly intelligent and don t they know they always nearly get killed and when they knew they were likely under surveillance. Carol Jordan is drawn into a Europol sting while Tony gets involved in a Berlin detective s case that appears to be the work of a serial killer The two cases are separate but brings the two of them back together This was another harrowing, tense ride with an exciting climax, although I could foresee the inevitable Scared me witless but the procedurals covering so many European jurisdictions was quite interesting I enjoyed all aspects of this story and, of course, want to jump right into the next one. Wow I really disliked this bookwhat a shock since I liked the first two so much The entire premise of the story was so forced and the undercover scenario was ridiculous It was like the author had an idea in her head and although everyone tried to talk her out of it, because it was utterly DUMB, she went ahead and wrote it anyway What a piece of crap. An above average serial killer thriller, by one of the best authors in mystery fiction McDermid skillfully weaves the multiple threads playing out across Europe, without dropping a stitch of suspense, and her characters are, as always, well fleshed out and engaging. I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first two in the series It seemed to take forever to get to the conclusions of the two cases One case was a serial killer and the other involved the head of a crime syndicate The two investigations were dissimilar, and yet the author did a great job bringing them together The secondary police characters, Petra Becker in Germany and Marijke van Hasselt in Holland, were just as pushy as Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, and I liked the interaction among all four of them The ending is marked by brutality that might be a trigger for some readers.I m hoping for better things when I get to the next book in the series. Book three in the Hill Jordan series.A great read for people who like their psychological thriller on the raw side If you read the book you ll understand the importance of raw.Carol Jordan has been seconded to Europol as bate to catch a particularly unsavoury character that is the head of an organised crime syndicate At the same time there is a maniac running around killing academic psychologists In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone Carol entices Tony Hill out of a boring academic life to join her in Europe A Because she feels she needs the support that Tony can give with her case AndB To help the Dutch and German police catch the psychotic serial killer.There is no one better at profiling than Tony Hill.This is a fairly gruesome romp through the streets of a lot of major European cities.The main plot is well constructed and with another two good subplots there is enough going on to keep you turning pages.A satisfying read.Recommended with 4 5 stars.