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Now, I normally do not quote from a book but I had to tease you with just two Yeah, I am evil like that Without thinking, her hands made their way to her thighs, inching the hem of her skirt further up with every gentle stroke Would you say you were the kind of man who can get thingsdone I can t wait to see your lips wrapped around my cock, but we ll get to that Okay, now that I have tempted you let me treat you If you noticed the word count, this book is super short But let me tell you, Ms Gordon did not leave anything out This book is what fantasies are made of Now, I want to go find my own bus to wink ride This is story is will leave you breathing very heavily and wanting some quickie hot sex Her story will also leave you with fantasies of your own Now I just want to see if Kayla hasfantasies and what she does with them or him evil wink Great job Ms Gina (((BOOK))) ☟ Wicked Ride ⇲ Kayla Has Been Squirming In Her Seat For Months Every Day The Gentle Hum Of The Engine Pulses Between Her Thighs As She Sits In The Back Of The Bus, Waiting For The Hard Male Body To Board Today Must Be Her Lucky Day He Has Squeezed In The Backseat Beside Her It Is The Perfect Opportunity For Her To Make Her Move After Months Of Empty Orgasms, Kayla Is Finally Ready To Put Her Money Where Her Fantasies Are This is how a scene should read This is hardly a book, but a cute and quick lil story Girl commutes on bus and has a crush on a passenger Girl falls asleep on bus and has a hot dream about crush Girl gets woken up by said crush and then goes on to tell the crush about her dream And that s where the story ends.What I liked the most about this story, is that a girl is allowed to have her wicked fantasies without coming across as a pornstar or calling herself a slut I wantstories like this. Not a whole lot to say about this one because it was so short What a spicy steamy short story It definitely got my attention Usually, when reading a short story you re left with questions, or wantingfrom the characters The way this one was laid out was perfect It left me thinking lucky Kayla This one was so worth the read. That dirty, dirty girl Wanting and having sex in the back of a bus Didn t even personally know the guy, only knew him from them riding the same bus together.It was a bit short, nothing you can t read in a few minutes. I liked the story I was a little disappointed that it was so short. A hot, quick free read. This is a delicious little slice of erotica. Another preety good. sexy as hell, read This one was a if you have the balls to pull it offlmao Just as hot as the first another dash of Gina to pull you through till her next release