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This is my first Korean textbook and I love it It has 8 units and each unit has 2 conversations, a narration, usage example of the lessons learned in the unit, and a piece on Korean culture snipplet The audio files are provided in KLEAR website.The Grammar Points and VocabularyI have no complain against the grammar taught in this book At my beginner level, I d just welcome any points taught and be happy to be able to create simple sentences throughout the lessons Since it s a college textbook, the vocabulary revolves around campus life and it s perfectly ok with me I love it that they only use romanization at some parts in the introduction I m not a big fan of romanization It surely helps at certain point, like when the first time learning , or when we communicate with those who are not learning Korean btw, is Hangul, the Korean writing system , or when the tools are not capable for writing in For Korean learning textbooks and dictionary, I prefer romanization served at minimum or almost zero rate That s why I prefer Collin s gem dictionary instead of Berlitz Thanks to Febry, the dictionary is on the way, yay The ExercisesThe book does not have the answer key and I read that even the workbook of this KLEAR series don t have the answer key provided The exercises tend to be short in number and some are only applicable in a classroom or with partners not quite suitable for a self learner like me Despite all that, I m grateful to have those exercises Other PartsI love the introduction, the objectives list, and the closing part of the book My favorite part of the introduction is the pronunciation rules It s the part where I always keep running to whenever I hear different from the sound I am expecting to catch on my ears I mark this part with post it The objectives list provide us the summary of each unit, which grammar points at which part, what culture snipplet and what kind of usage Needless to say, it s one helpful list for reference As the new grammar rules come, I use this list a lot The last few pages in this book consist of appendices, grammar index, and the glossary More references which if I knew about it sooner, it would make my studying time efficient I even left out the glossary until I reached Unit 8, the last unit Before that, I kept turning the previous pages to find what certain word meant and it happened like thousand times sigh The glossary is Korean English, and vice versa The Korean English one can be useful to learn the alphabet order I m so gonna use this one for my next books of this series Hope the books will arrive safely next week, cross my fingers xD , This is by far one of the best Korean learning books The lessons are well organized and include dialogues, vocabulary, grammar points, exercises, culture information, and narrations It can be used simultaneously with the corresponding workbook and audio is provided of the KLEAR Textbook website The downside, is that there are no answers provided for self learners, so it might help to have some Korean speaking friends or an online source that can help you check your answers. Even though this is the second edition there are still no answer keys Which makes me think that The University of Hawaii has no intentions of ever making one available In that regard if you are a self learner like myself I don t think the hefty price tag of this book and is accompanying workbook are worth it However, if you can buy it used or at a discount then get it.The vocab is useful as are the Narrations and Dialogues On the website you can listen to the Dialogues and the Vocab for each chapter as well The Grammar explanations are in English and short and to the point I will be getting the Integrated Korean Beginning 2 but it will be a textbook rental and I will not be getting the Work books which run up to 30 dollars and are useless for self learners. This is probably the best introductory Korean textbook I ve used Excellent grammar lessons and outstanding online support with audio tracks to listen to the dialogue, narration and vocabulary Some minor frustrations occasionally new vocabulary is introduced in the exercises that is not listed in the new vocabulary section and some of those words are notably absent from the dictionary It would also be helpful if the dictionary was cross referenced to the lessons where the words were introduced All that said, this text is well structured and thought out. i want to read Great Revised 2nd Edition of one of the most excellent KOrean Langauge textbooks available in north america {DOWNLOAD BOOK} Ò Integrated Korean ⚠ This Is A Thoroughly Revised Edition Of Integrated Korean Beginning , The First Volume Of The Best Selling Series Developed Collaboratively By Leading Classroom Teachers And Linguists Of Korean All Series Volumes Have Been Developed In Accordance With Performance Based Principles And Methodology Contextualization, Learner Centeredness, Use Of Authentic Materials, Usage Orientedness, Balance Between Skill Getting And Skill Using, And Integration Of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, And Culture Grammar Points Are Systematically Introduced In Simple But Adequate Explanations And Abundant Examples And ExercisesEach Situation Topic Based Lesson Of The Main Texts Consists Of Model Dialogues, Narration, New Words And Expressions, Vocabulary Notes, Culture, Grammar, Usage, And English Translation Of Dialogues In Response To Comments From Hundreds Of Students And Instructors Of The First Edition, This New Edition Features A Attractive Two Color Design With All New Photos And Drawings And An Additional Lesson And Vocabulary Exercises Lessons Are Now Organized Into Two Main Sections, Each Containing A Conversational Text With Its Own Vocabulary List And A Reading Passage The Accompanying Workbook, Newly Written, Provides Students With Extensive Skill Using Activities Based On The Skills Learned In The Main TextAudio Files For This Volume May Be Downloaded On The Web In MP Format At Http Kleartextbook A Set Of CDs Is Also Available For Purchase