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@READ PDF ë Poema del Cante Jondo Ì eBook or E-pub free

Powerful poems that you almost feel like you could sink your teeth into Simple enough for a beginning Spanish Language learner to appreciate, with a whole lot of depth, nevertheless. What a great place to start one s journey through the poetic world of Garc a Lorca In this collection, the poet takes us to the heart of his homeland, which turns out to be a land of art and mystery in his words and visions There s a certain melancholia surrounding those visions Garc a Lorca tells us there s sadness in the history of his land and his people he embraces that sadness with pride.A totally recommended starting point for the ones interested in getting into Garc a Lorca. @READ PDF ð Poema del Cante Jondo À Poema Del Cante Jondo And Romancero Gitano, The Books Of Poems That Lorca Wrote First, Out Of His Excited Response To Gypsy Music, Poetry, And Dance All Around Him In Granada, Contain Some Of His Most Powerful And Trenchant Lyrical Work, Original, Inimitable, Daring, And A Clear Expression Of The Duende, The Dionysian Daemon In Poetry, Of Which He Wrote Eloquently A New, Fresh, Consistent Translation And Mr Angel S Is All Of These Is A Welcome Return To That Wild Dance, In This Bilingual Edition WS Merwin Cante Jondo Deep Song A Poem Meant To Be Sung, Not With A Pretty Voice But With A Cry, To Break The Silence And Stillness Of The Body A Rustic Form Of Flamenco A Poem Written To Remind Spain Of Its Deep Musical Soul, The Primitive Song Of The Andalusian Gypsies A Poem By Federico Garc A Lorca Written InWhen He Was Only Twenty Three And Had But Fifteen Years Left To Live Before The Franco Regime Murdered Him In The Hills Of GranadaTranslator Ralph Angel Returns To Lorca S Strange, Unique Rhythms And To The Irrational, Intuitive Duende This Incantatory Translation, Every Bit As Revolutionary As The Original Was Almost A Century Before, Reconfirms What Lorca Said Of This Work, That It Is A Slammer, A Wavering Emission Of The Voice That Makes The Tightly Closed Flowers Of The Semitones Blossom Into A Thousand Petals ok g zelLorca dan bir bilmece Cevab ve daha da fazlas kitaptaAlt k z dans ediyoryuvarlak yol kav a nda etten g m.D nk d ler onlar ar yor,ama alt n bir Polifemo ,kuca nda tutuyor onlar Deniz Tanr s Poseidon un o lu imi. sayfa 91 YARBAY Neredeydin NGENE Irmaklar n k pr s nde.YARBAY Peki hangi rmaklar n NGENE B t n rmaklar n.YARBAY Ne yap yordun orada NGENE Tar ndan bir kule.YARBAY avu AVU Emrinizdeyim Sivil Muhafaza Yarbay m NGENE U mak i in kanatlar icat ettim ve u uyorum Dudaklar mda k k rt ve g l YARBAY Ya NGENE Asl nda u mak i in kanada da ihtiyac m yok Kan mda bulutlar ve y z kler.YARBAY Ya NGENE Ocak ay nda portakal i e im var.YARBAY Sinirle kas l r Ya NGENE Kar alt nda da portakallar m.YARBAY Ya Pami bum, bom D p l r Guardia sivil yarbay n n s tl kahveden ve t t nden olma ruhu pencereden k p gider AVU mdat K lan n avlusunda d rt muhaf z ingeneyi d ver. A masterpiece that everyone on earth should read Note the English version is very good, so even if you do not read Spanish, you can still enjoy the poems in this book I also appreciated that the translation was done in facing pages, so that you could switch between language if you wish. L mparas de cristal y espejos verdes Sobre el tablado oscuro, la Parrala sostiene una conversaci n con la muerte La llama, no viene, y la vuelve a llamar Las gentes aspiran los sollozos Y en los espejos verdes, largas colas de seda se mueven.Y no digo mas 3 So deep Andalusian essence of Lorca in all his nature Easy to read. A certain day of the week bought this for me a lovely gesture. The fieldof olive treesopens and closeslike a fan.Above the olive grovethere is a sunken skyand a dark showerof cold stars.Bulrush and twilight trembleat the edge of the river.The grey air ripples.The olive treesare chargedwith cries.A flockof captive birds,shaking their very longtail feathers in the gloom Everything in the world is brokenNothing but silence remains A dark and clear sky,a toasted earth,and riverbeds where waterruns ever so slowly The guitarmakes dreams weep. Sigo sin saber qu decir ante un libro de poes a, pero por intentarlo Me ha cautivado la musicalidad y, aunque me esperaba m s met foras al respecto, he sentido una parte de esa Andaluc a mitol gica, la tel rica y pagana, la del viento, la sangre y el perfume.