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2,5 3 rotten peaches STARS Then I am Pluto, god of the underworld, and I want you I shall steal you away and hide you in my shadow I shall chain you to my side and demand your submission I shall take everything from you and, in the doing, give you everything you desire And you YOU SHALL LIGHT MY DARK WORLD MATTHEW Patience Emmalina Dare, a lady of exceptional beauty and intelligence, has a quite long list of male admirers that spin around her at every public event, but none can boil her blood and make her heart flutter like her new brother in law, Matthew, can Patience doesn t want a fairytale HEA She doesn t want marriage and children Not since her cello instructor ripped her heart and stumped on it No, she just wants her terrible loneliness to come to an end And only Matthew seems to be capable of doing that so why not give herself to him for one night Surely, one night will be enough Unlike ever before, her dreams now had form and substance Now, her dreams came with eyes of a dove, the face of an angel, and the strong hand of a pagan god PATIENCE Matthew Morgan Hawk s life has changed tremendously since the secret that he is an illegitimate son had become public knowledge He s been socially snubbed and ignored, he s been dumped by his loving fiancee, he s been deserted by almost all of his close friends and now he is on the verge of being financially ruined by his ex father in law At the lowest point of his life, there is only one thing in his life that is still shining bright The beautiful Patience, his own goddess, his own Persephone Matthew knows that only Patience can fulfill his desires and give him what he really needs so why not take her and make her HIS for one night Surely, one night will be enough But I shall make you fit me, Patience His eyes captured hers I will f ck you he said on a harsh whisper, thrusting into her And f ck you And f ck you UNTIL YOU FIT MATTHEW So why only 2,5 stars The heavy BDSM themed sex scenes I certainly wouldn t call this book a Historical ROMANCE , nope, this is very obviously an erotica A well written, but unnecessary one.I mean, I can easily summarize the first %70 of the book with Matthew cuming likethe fiery waters of the river Styx, his cum a fierce and flowing tide , while Patiencefinds her rapture while drinking voraciously of the virile communication he feeds her .The rather long explanations about obedience , discipline and submission , the numerous scenes of Matthew spanking Patience s bottom for his pleasure and therefore her pleasure , countless paragraphs with swollen clitorises and engorged pricks because of the fact that the heroine is a virgin and would like to remain sowell, let s just say these all EXHAUSTED THE SH T OUT OF ME The surprisingly pleasant 69 ing oral sex scene was, though, THE HOTTEST BLOWJOB I VE EVERRRRR READ Holy sh t, can people really do THAT Oh and I ve learned the difference between the wordsirrumatioandfellatio IRRUMATIO is active participation in fellatio by the male member aggressive insertion of the penis into a partner s mouth or throat while FELLATIO is the stimulation of the penis using the lips, tongue and inside of the mouthP.S Our heroine has mastered giving head byWAIT FOR ITYOU RE GONNA BE STUNNED by sucking and licking CUCUMBERS while she was a teenagerNo comment on this one OVERALL Not even close to being as awesome as Book 1, Passion, so Eda is not sure if she d recommend it [[ Epub ]] ↳ Patience ⇪ A Woman Called Patience A Desire That Would Put Her Name And Love To The TestKnown For Her Exceptional Beauty, Patience Emmalina Dare Has Been Pursued By Admirers Ever Since Coming Of Age But As Suitor After Suitor Fails To Inspire Her Love, Or Her Desire, She Is Certain She Will Never Find A Man Who Touches Her Deeply Until A Passionate Kiss With An Enigmatic Man Awakens A Powerful Need In Her But Can She Reconcile Her Desire For Him With Her Desire For A Life That S Her Own And What Will She Do When He Shows Her A Part Of Herself She Never Knew Existed When The Secret Of His Illegitimate Birth Pushes Matthew Morgan Hawk From His Place In Society, The Darkly Handsome Half Brother Of The Earl Of Langley Plots His Resurrection And His Revenge Betrayed And Abandoned By The Women He Believed Loved Him, He Swears Never Again To Be Controlled By Love But Despite His Vow, He Is Unable To Resist Patience, Whose Strength And Self Reliance Mask A Need That He Is Perfectly Suited To Fulfull This was a kind of Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde book for me On one hand you have a traditional, well written romantic historical with a decent plot, which I truly enjoyed On the other hand, you have a smutty, sometimes vulgar historical erotica which at first I thought was kind of hot But after reading page after page of how to have sex without actual penetration, I was rolling my eyes his boiling cods her gushing quim , shaking my head the porntastic, acrobatic upside down oral sex scene , the irrumatio scene definition right here and cringing spanking her bottom for his pleasure and therefore, her pleasure Was Lisa Valdez trying to shock the reader Titillate Maybe All I know is that once the hard spanking commenced, she lost me Ouch I don t mind a smutty historical I thought Passion was smutty but hot I guess what I didn t like was the direction that LV took with the sex scenes.To explain Our lonely but beautiful red haired heroine, cello playing Patience Dare younger sister of Passion from the book Passion is not looking for love or a traditional HEA of a husband or children since being spurned years ago by her cello instructor What She s giving up after one failed attempt at love Everyone she loves always leaves Patience, one way or another her mother died her sister Passion became busy raising their younger sister her cello teacher Henri spurned her so she s not putting her heart out there again However, she is attracted to her new brother in law, the darkly handsome Matthew Hawk brother of Mark from Passion maybeMatt s been going through some scandalous tough times he just found out he s been born a bastard and it s the talk of the ton He faces financial and social ruin because of the revelation in the newspapers that he was fathered by a common gardener Horrors His fiancee has dumped him and his ex future father in law Lord Benchley is hell bent on destroying him since he thinks Matt knew all along about the circumstances of his birth he didn t and lied to him The only bright spot in his life right now is Patience, who he s hungered for since he first met herTo make a long story short, Matt makes a move on Patience She tells him she can t give him love Matt says that s okay he s sworn off love himself , I know what you need, and only I can give it to you or something like that Patience bites, and they have a wild old time where Patience learns that what she longs for is to submit and Matt teaches her the many ways she can submit to him and give him pleasurebecause his pleasure will lead to her pleasure, etc This goes on and on, as Matt and Patience who turns out to be a master at fellatio since she practiced on a cucumber as a teen progress from him teaching her to submit to his wishes lick my cods , spread your legs and rest your heels on the edge of the mantle to teaching her all about obeying and discipline Along the way they discover that they really have come to need each other, and that maybe love isn t such a far fetched idea But will Matt s thirst for revenge against those who have wronged him get in the way of their happiness Even though I wasn t all too keen on the direction LV took with the love scenes bondage and spanking to hurt just isn t my cuppa , outside of the bedroom I could really feel the love that Matt and Patience had for each other Just something about them not being equals in the bedroom bugged irked me, even though Patience was a willing and eager that girl was constantly gushing participant But if that kind of bedroom action doesn t bug you, I m sure you ll love this book I enjoyed the plot, the characters were mostly likable and plenty kinky , and somehow I even shed a few tears at the end I especially loved Matt s declaration of love to Patience when he finally figured out in which direction he wanted to take his life Each chapter starts out with a verse from the biblical Song of Solomon , and there s references to the mythological Persephone Patience and Pluto Hades Matthew , and Adam and Eve, which I found rather interesting While this wasn t quite up to the quality of Passion, it was pretty good and it managed to entertain me I hope LV has plans to write not only about youngest sister Primrose, but also Matt s friend Lord Fitz Roy and the young street lad Mickey Wilkes I sense a good story there I just hope we don t have to wait years for them 4 stars. PLOT SPOILERS AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING So here is what I think is the set up for the story.Matthew is devastated after his bastardy is exposed by his mother nice lady, to be sure who writes a letter to the London Times The ton snubs him, friends desert him, his fiancee dumps him and his business interests are threatened with failure Patience is his new sister in law He yearns for her, but thinks he must regain his standing and set some wrongs to right before she can be his I m not sure how he will deal with all of this, however, because he spends virtually all of his time with his cock throbbing and twitching All because of Patience When we meet her, she is telling Matthew that he will get over his fiancee someday soon, because he is just too special to be thrown over I m not sure he is paying any particular attention to her, because the author keeps telling us about his cock and all that throbbing and leaking it s doing By page 11, his tongue is in her mouth and they are in a lustful clinch Which makes her quim ache WTF is a quim Unbeknownst to Matthew or maybe beknownst, the author doesn t tell us she has been pining for him as well Enough to make her quim constantly ache for him That poor quim If it s not aching, it s dripping Poor girl s thighs must be chafed, with all that drippiness happening.By page 39 not only are we well acquainted with Patience s quim, but we meet her pulsating clitoris Between the throbbing cocks, aching quims and pulsating clitorises it s difficult to find the plot What plot, you say Exactly.So here is what I got as backstory for Patience she is unimaginably beautiful and is innundated with suitors So much so that she is bored Everything is handed to her Also, she is gifted at playing the cello A big instrument that she holds between her legs Hmm Think this symbolizes something She fell in love with her instructor and carries with her his dear john letter to her She has decided, I think, to never marry or fall in love or some such nonsense Hard to tell as much as Matthew s cock is always throbbing, her quim runneth over constantly and that pulsating clitoris interferes with her ability to think too hard about anything Except Matthew, she thinks of him constantly She loves his sharp jaw and dark eyes And golden tipped hair That s all we are told about what he looks like Jeez what a rip off.Now Matthew his deal, I think is that he sees that Patience is bored and restless and needs to have an emotional breakthrough of sorts to come to terms with who she is and what she really wants He wants it to be him, of course And apparently, if you are a titled sort in 1851 England the way to accomplish this is to force her to become a submissive Cut off all of her clothes, tie her up and fuck her face with your huge throbbing cock Then come in her face Cause nothing says I love you like a face full of that stuff WHAT THE FUCK Make her quim throb for you all day Spank her Make her do anything you say, including humping your booted leg to orgasm Keep her doing your bidding, abuse her physically, then tell her you worship her Make her submit completely all she can say is Yes, Matthew Because that s what she needs And that will free her.Now If this were a book that I knew was erotic fiction, about a dominant submissive relationship, I d have looked at it completely differently If that s what it was, it was great There were some pretty hot encounters in the book oh who am I kidding , the book is MOSTLY their encounters Pretty hot stuff After reading a few I could almost understand the appeal of that type of sexual twist Of course, in real life if my spouse ever said some of that stuff to me he would get told to go fuck himself, but that s not the point It was a good primer on how to have a dominant submissive relationship When Matthew explains the dynamics of submission to Patience, he is teaching the rest of us, too As a romance novel for me it failed Utterly I haven t read Passion, where I believe you are introduced to Matthew and Patience but neither have lots of other people There should have been something to give me a sense of who Patience and Matthew were, other than a physical description of Patience As a result I didn t find the romance believable Especially Matthew If you re going to sell him as a dominant in a romance novel I think you need to spend a little time making sure the reader likes him, finds him attractive, believes in his love for the heroine so that the coldness, callousness even, of his sexual encounters with the heroine make you love him, not think the heroine should tell him to fuck off.And that s another thing Maybe I m naive but I don t LIKE reading narrative like this in a historical novelChrist, he d spent his whole fucking life trying to make up for the factandshe held out the letter The fucking letterThat s the way WE talk not the way they did it in 1851 It s jarring.Dirty words abound fuck, suck, cunt, quim, cock, cods over and over and over The author needs a better thesarus, hers only has 2 entries in it quim for cunt and cods for balls The c word has it s place but please Find another euphemism for a vagina I know womanly softness is a little purple, but can t you find something They used to have some pretty funny words for these body parts 150 years ago where are they Label a novel romance and I m expecting folks to make love, not do some dirty movie type fucking, pardon my french And when he proposes and they consummate their relationship, he says this to herBut I shall make you fit me, Patience Clenching her hair in one hand, he moved the other to her hip, gripping it His hold was perfect than any bonds could ever be, for she felt the weight and force of his intent His eyes captured hers I will fuck you he said on a harsh whisper, thrusting into her Her breasts bounced and the severe sound of his voice softened her from the inside out He thrust deeper And fuck you His deepening voice melted her like wax His pubic bone slammed into hers I will fuck you until you fit Boy, that s sure how I want to make love to the man who has just proposed to me Aha That s it That s what I don t like about this book I have certain expectations about a historical romance and when it gets messed with, I don t like it Not one bit Hmm Guess I m of a romantic than I thought.In the end I d say this just reading the hot parts made for a pretty good erotic bdsm type read for me 3 stars for that As a historical romance, 2 stars I read another review on GR that talked about the beautiful romance novel this was I would have loved to have read THAT book It got lost for me in the dom sub part They seemed too disconnected to relate them to each other For me that type of relationship within the context of a historical romance just seems wrong I m disappointed in the type of story it turned out to be, and disappointed in the writing I m going to mark this as a DNF for now I d be willing to try it again, but now I want to read Passion where I should have started in the first place. I read but I snoreth Incoherent, Blasphemous Song of Verity 5.4After getting a glimpse the 1st 63 pages quitting it a week ago, I forced myself to resume this excruciatingly painful read times I had this weird grin plastered on my face My enflamed senses wept from the ensuing hilarity, triggered by the steady rivulets of inane dialogues extremely purple prose As the twilight approached, I thought the veins on my hands were turning purple, from reading the sketchy marathon of adjectives It could be that my bleary eyes were playing tricks on me The monotonic book s inundated w a flurry of H H s cock cods clitoris cunt s hyperactivities clenching, tingling, quivering, dripping, pounding, throbbing, pulsing, weeping, twitching, watering, bloating, swelling, sweating, writhing, aching, palpitating etc She really cracked the jackpot w this simmering concoction The half baked romance is just a camouflage, no substance beneath it If they cut down the orgasmic bumping, grinding cumming, all U get is prolly just 1 % of romance There s not a lotta heart angst If I read 1 His cock throbbed Her clitoris pulsed , I d scream, but I didn t wanna wake up my sleep deprived family If I were an editor, I d be too embarrassed to subject potential readers w this atrocious claptrap Matt doesn t even tear Patience asunder w his power of luv cue Celine Dion s eardrums splitting rendition of The power of luv until page 302 In this overly distended 360 page book, we get interminable pages pages of Matt degrading the TSTF too stupid to fuck Patience cuz her divine purpose is merely as his convenient stretchable fuckhole We should applaud him for restraining himself from bathing his rampant cock in her sacred virginal blood Patience is his virtue.I gotta find another mindless book to cleanse my reading palate self resuscitate my luv for romance porn I felt like spraying Patience s clitoris w a potent anesthetic Her blood pulsed her clitoris pulsed in recognition of his presence W Matt s constant adjusting of his tight pants, I pondered if it woulda been prudent despite his dire financial straits if he d just custom make baggy pants, to accommodate his ever present boner whenever Patience s ballooning, elastic sex is in the vicinity The conflict cello vs Matt s insatiable prick My cello is important because it challenges me never disappoints me And despite the fact that it is but wood string, it comforts satisfies me Hmm Yeah, sure So does Matt s throbbing cock, sweetie I d pick Matt s friggin instrument of pleasure to pluck my strings There s also her lips on practice w the infamous cucumbers Why not the bedpost or hairbrush Dudette, it s a sad state of affairs indeed when hormones are raging uncontrollably only thick cucumbers get utilized as instruments of pleasure The H H s characterizations are as deep as their bubbly, frothy cum Her redundant verbage irrelevant parody are a testament to what happens when an editor buys a 1 way ticket to snoozefest gives a widely established author full reign to cram as many repetitive trashy phrases during her 5 years of writing Could the delay be cuz the purple prose wasn t purple enuff that the draft got sent back to crank it up another notch Who gives a fig Mayhap this is simply a springboard to pop the next installment out in another 5 years Methinks my fav scenes are the clinical 69 scene Patience s undignified leg humping clitoris rupturing scene, rabid doggy style I almost burst a spleen as I drowned in my own unforeseen chortles Not trying to pick apart a fluffly, timeless masterpiece here, it s just too campy for words My fav lines vital descriptions tightening her legs around his rugged hips.He felt no pity for her passionate distress Feel the power of my love I will fuck U until U fit she s not shopping for shoes Payless His ponderous prick rose florid dark.Move over Bertrice Small, the grande dame of purple prose has arrived in town LV is the reigning queen rolls out red carpet Did I luv every friggin minute of it Nope, but it s gloriously bad 2 stars for sheer audacity. As I read Patience, a few things stood out for me The virginal heroine Patience has an interesting family trait thick, distended nipples She s also is skilled at giving fellatio because when she and her sisters where little girls, they spotted one of their maids servicing their butler From that educational viewing, they decided to grab some cucumbers from their family s garden and practice their sucking techniques Patience becomes so good at servicing cucumbers that she soon wins the, very excerpt at not scoring the skin blue ribbon Patience also enjoys having her bottom spanked by the hero countless times, over the other incredible sexual pleasures his is than willing to give her.The hero Matthew deeply appreciates Patience s skills at fellatio, so much so, his release is much like the fiery waters of the river Styx, his cum was a fierce and flowing tide And as his river floweth, Patience found her rapture while drinking voraciously of the virile communication he fed her This is only a small introduction to Lisa Valdez s erotic historical romance, Patience that has taken five years to be published Back in 2005 when Lisa arrived on the scene, Passion was unlike anything Berkley published under their historical romance line Now years later, many historical romances have followed Liza Valdez s lead I m not sure if she was an influence, but she was one of few, including Robin Schone, and in a way, also Stephanie Laurens, who really upped the ante when writing sensual love scenes Patience picks up a few months after the heroine Passion, and the hero Mark, of Passion have been married Matthew Hawk s Mark s half brother reputation is in tatters His witch of a mother has admitted to an affair she once had with her gardener Matthew was created from that union and now all of British society knows he s a bastard His ex fianc , Rosalind Benchley, who comes from one of the purest lines in England, has turned her back on him Her father wants to ruin Matthew because he assumes Matthew hid the truth about his parentage Matthew in turn wants revenge against Benchley, because Benchley is spreading vicious rumors about Matthew and hopes to push him into selling his pride and joy, the Grand West Railway Matthew is enraged and wants to lash out against his skanky mother, his friends who now ignore him, and most of all Rosalind, who will soon marry another man, but still wants Matthew, but as her lover As Matthew is trying to recoup, he can t get another woman out of his mind She s Patience Emmaline Dare, his new sister in law, and current obsession He first met Patience while he was still engaged to Rosalind before everything hit the fan And because he thought he loved Rosalind and wanted to be faithful to her, he chose to ignore those pangs of lust that have grown steadily for the fair Patience But now that Matthew is a free man, he wants Patience He feels if he can dominate her and have her succumb to his masterful lovemaking, he will feel whole again.Patience wants Matthew dearly and hates to see him suffer so While she stays with her sister and her new husband, she tries to confront her own demons of the past She s very skilled at playing the cello and thinks of this instrument as her one true love No, she doesn t love her cello in that way you maybe thinking In a few weeks, she will go off and train with a talented master of music, who coincidentally also taught Matthew to play the cello Matthew refuses to let Patience leave and wants to be her only master and rule her body, mind and soul He knows deep down Patience wants nothing than to receive pleasure and give it in return He wants to channel her inner submissiveness and have surrender to him Matthew decides on a course of action that will change both their lives forever.Patience accepts Matthew s rules, with only one consideration, her virginity must stay intact Over the next few weeks she and Matthew will come together, and through heightened sexual pleasures, with no intercourse, he will reach deep down into Patience s soul and through his skilled caressed and kisses, she ll kneel at his alter, to the point she ll live and breathe Matthew and won t ever think of leaving him When Matthew finally has Patience where he wants her, he ll claim her as his own Patience has pages of pages of intense foreplay of many sexual euphemisms for various sexual acts, nicknames for the female and male anatomy and enough purple prose to make your head spin We have an alpha, brooding, forceful hero, who pushes the envelope in such a way that should be shocking, but isn t He s all for giving out punishments to his virginal, lover of the cucumber, who wants nothing than to bend over and take it But that bending over is not what you think See, Patience is very much a giver, her mouth is always open too receive Matthew As a reward, Matthew spanks Patience, where she grows a fetish for it I expected her tush to have a permanent hand mark, a tattoo if you will, from all the heavy paddling Matthew gives her And even though Patience can barely sit, she wants even These boundaries that should be broken and should come across as all consuming, passionate and tempestuous, are not The sexual play Matthew and Patience act out another is very cold and calculating, much as if I was reading a gynecological how to exam It s pretty sad to find yourself bored and not titillated in anyway, especially since this is considered to be an erotic romance I was not engaged, aroused or connected emotionally in any way with Matthew and Patience Matthew came across as a manipulative, whiny bore, and although I did like the way Patience was portrayed, she was just so long winded, especially during those tender, let s spill our souls, scenes with her sister I was bored half way through and it took a great deal from me to continue reading.Something was very much missing between these two main characters Whereas I felt the connection between Passion and Mark right from the beginning, I couldn t see anything special between Matthew and Patience at all Regardless of the amount of sucking, sobbing, stretching, stroking, hungry tasting and touching, everything fell flat I really wanted to root for Patience and Matthew and find enjoyment when they came together, but they were just too dull Even with the passionate pleas of claiming on Matthew s end, and Patience s inner turmoil and final therapeutic breakthrough, and the knowledge that their love has set them both free, I never believed in their mutual attraction and communion by fiery lust for one another.I will say that Lisa does have a great historical voice, but overall the core of Patience is very much a thin wallpaper tale with a very tepid and lacking erotic appeal. OK, I had a hard time deciding what to rate this book, that s why it took me so long to write this review I have just recently reread Passion and LOVED it very much even the second time around I was wanting to get my hands on Patience badly after waiting 5 years for the book Those of you who know my tastes in books know that I like my books steamy hot I d rather read romantica than erotica though I must say that I don t care too much for submission domination and pain for pleasure type of books I personally just don t get it I had a hard time with feeling the love between Patience and Matt during all of the sex scenes That s what they were doing, having sex, not making love Now on the other hand I must say I felt the love they had for each other in the normal day to day living just not when they had sex I wonder why Lisa decided to take this rout with this book Was it to shock everyone so that this book would be talked about so that people would want to see for themselves what they thought So what I m saying is, I did not like the sex scenes at all in this book They were not for me.I also want to say that except for the sex scenes I really enjoyed the rest of the book I liked the story a LOT and was really happy that Lisa included Passion, Mark and Aunt Matty in this book If the sex scenes were not written as they were this would have been a 4 or 5 star book for me I am curious to see what my buddies here think of this book so please don t let my review change your mind about reading it Everyone has different tastes and views and for all I know you might love it or hate it. CONTAINS SPOILERS vvvvAs you can see, I have not given this book any s and if I could, I would give negative s IMHO this book was so bad that after reading hundreds of books, this book has the distinction of being the only one I could not finish.I had an idea about the theme before I even started but I felt I could keep an open mind I tried, really I tried to be understanding and I have read other books that deal with bdsm and haven t had a problem with them.I thought it would be the same with this As I started reading, at first I was mildly uncomfortable and then started disliking the characters especially Matthew I read on and skimmed over all the punishments and humiliations as much as I could The i read, the disturbed and uncomfortable I felt I then came to the part in the book where Matthew gave Patience an unending hard spanking that would in my opinion not only bruise severely but would break the skin and possibly break bones Next, to add insult to injury, Matthew said Your tears make me hot and hard, and I will never tire of them But, of course, they are not a reprieve It was at this point I was done.I am not a violent person but if Matthew were a real person I think I would have to kick his ass I have never disliked a character in a book and I don t think much of Patience either for allowing or liking this treatment I loved the first book Passion and felt there was real love between Mark and Passion I didn t feel any love between Matthew and Patience only a sick kind of dominance over someone else that was cruel and selfish.What a huge disappointment. This was like a HOW TO book in my opinion, HOW TO MAKE SOMEONE TOTALLY SUBMIT or A LESSON IN BRAINWASHING might have being a better title The Dom Sub theme wasn t the only problem for me as it is in most erotic books and I don t mind it But this book takes it to the extreme and beyond In one scene Matthew teased Patience then left her tied to the bed for HOURS, I personally think most women would heve stood on his head if he did that to them, but each to their own and I am totally open minded to a bit of play and variety, adventure etc in books My main problem was Matthew, I felt love from him for his exfiance Rosalind in Passion than in this book for Patience Rosalind hurt him bad and now he is on the rebound and no woman was ever going to rule him again and that is what I believe after reading this He didn t just want to be master in the bedroom but now was a total control freak who wanted to control and rule Patience totally He wrote and got an important music tuition cancelled just to keep her from leaving and the spanking in the rain was close to abusive as Patience was crying I hated his dont hide your tears they please me , Maybe I just like my Heros to comfort the women they love when they are crying, not keep hitting them There was no romance or love in him, even when he was giving her a compliment it sounded false and cold Clearly Matthew was always a Dominant but now it seemed that Matthew at last got someone he could bend to his will mentally as well as physically and no way was he letting her go, love..hell no, possesion..yes It was like brainwashing a girl who was in awe of him and trusted him, If it pleases me it will please you , you will get your pleasure through my pleasure repeating constantly over and over I also don t get the point of the bible quotes and bible referances Did god not create eve in answer to adams needs and desires Men carry the staff of their dominance between their legs, what greater proof can there be that feminine submission is gods will etc.I think it is clear what Matthew thought of women, here only for the pleasure of men.As I have said I dont mind reading about a man woman wanting to be master in the bedroom and the Sub Dom theme, it was cold arrogant Matthew both inside and outside the bedroom I disliked I like my H H to believe they are equals and if this story was real life I could see Patience in a couple of years still worshipping him and browbeaten asking him could she use the loo Please Matthew , Thank You Matthew This book is a story of submission and a control freak, it is not a love story I hated it but kept reading in the hope that LV might redeem the characters, well she didn,t it just got worse.What I did like was Fitzroy and Micky Wilkes and they are the reason this book got a star, and I hope they are in the next book if they are I will buy it and hope it as enjoyable as Passion. ki kitab n da yazar ayn m ger ekten Tutku da ne kadar a rd ysam bunda da o kadar a rd m ger i, ama olumsuz anlamda Matt ilk kitapta nas l naif, sevimli, ince d nceli bir karakterse, bu kitapta tam ters k e, huysuz, zorlama, d ncesiz, umursamaz, fazla dominant bir karakterdi Dominant itaatkar ili kisi bana fazla zorlama , fazla sert geldi Matt in fazla bask c zorba karakteri, a k y n n n ok n ne ge mi Sevgiden, a ktan ok aitlik, sahiplik, h k mdarl k y n a r basm ili kinin Patience ise ok silik kalm , Matt in sundu u farkl d nyay , hi sorgulamadan kabul etti En ufak bir direni g stermeden, itiraz etmeden kendini itaat ederken buldu Oysa b yle bir ili ki ya anacaksa bile, kitab n sonunda g sterdi i sert ve kendinden emin duru tan bir par ac k da olsa ili kinin ba nda okumak isterdim 1800 l y llar n Christian Anastasia s oldu ift benim i in Biri a r dominat erkek, di eri silik k z karakter taatkar olmak silik olmak demek de il bana g re, bu y zdendir ki hikaye karakterler ve a k a s ndan s n fta kald Ke ke biraz daha Mark Passion okusayd k bu kitapta da, en az ndan ocuklar n n do umunu, Mark n babal k hallerini okumak isterdim.