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|Read Pdf È Destination Saigon õ Get A Taste Of The Real Vietnam And Its People On A Sometimes Funny, Always Fascinating Journey From The Bustling Cities To The Out Of The Way Villages, Into Buddhist Monasteries And Along The Mekong A Real Delight For Armchair Travellers And Those Contemplating Their Own Adventure Mixed feelings about this one Some of the stories were interesting but overall he seems to have a distain for the Vietnamese people and culture All the waiters are rude or lazy, everyone is trying to take advantage of him etc Also, it s weird that he just swans off to random villages written people be barely knows. entertaining and funny travel book about modern vietnam, ho chi min city centric, but lots of trips too to Hanoi, hue, mekong delta and coa area, and even to the south west khemer region where the author basically got run out of town by the local cop an old school commie still, which it seems is a passing type so aussie author mason, married to a vietnamese takes the reader with him to lots of temples, cafes, beaches, and friends homes to see a non tourist type tourist experience and has some very funny, though of course perhaps too generalized, generalizations of what makes vietnamese tick they seem sharp tongued and sarcastic, and love to point out the foibles of fat westerners, and fat gay westerners are a constant source of comedy, it seems mason also embraces the Buddhist philosophies of compassion and satisfaction and visits with many monks to delve into that world he also uses the temples as places to be alone as vietnam is both crowded and culturally cannot abide people being alone for any reason a fun and insightful little book. Among those who have visited Viet Nam this book will bring forth memories and amusements, for those who are going it is an easy reader on some facets of the amazing nation which is about to be unfurled before them.The observations regarding clumsy westerners, fat westerners and hairy westerners should bring a chuckle and a wry smile to the face of any clumsy, fat, hairy westerner who has visited.Destination Saigon flits across the surface of contemporary Viet Nam seldom delving too deeply It will familiarise the visitor with the peculiarities of street life, the sacred, the profane and sundry other cultural s Mason s book is fun and flirty.For readers wanting a little than travel narrative I would recommend Bill Hayton s commendable Vietnam Dragon Rising Yale, 2010. For anyone that has spent some time in Vietnam, this book will be filled with nostalgia.Walter Mason has spent a considerable amount of time in Vietnam, in particular Saigon His fluency in Vietnamese provides some inside knowledge on what the locals are saying about us His humorous account of his travels across the country, particularly his experiences in the Buddhist Monasteries are inciteful I enjoyed his observations on traditional and cultural beliefs and daily life.Many of the locations of his tales, are places that I have been and many times I was laughing out loud and nodding in agreement I couldn t believe the similarities in his experiences right down to the repetitive dance track that was repeatedly played during his trip to the Mekong Delta Same Same and surprisingly Not Different.