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[Free Book] ☪ The Road He Travelled: The Revealing Biography of M Scott Peck ☫

[Free Book] ♷ The Road He Travelled: The Revealing Biography of M Scott Peck ☣ M Scott Peck Was Hailed As A Prophet To The Seventies When The Road Less Travelled Was Published His Book Spent In Excess Of Years On The New York Times Bestseller List Longer Than Achieved By Any Other Living Author Millions Of Readers Understood His Message That Life Is Difficult And That It Is By Overcoming A Constant Stream Of Problems That Personal And Spiritual Fulfilment Is Attainable, Operating At The Interface Of Psychology And TheologyM Scott Peck Died In From Parkinsons Disease, Having Recently Divorced His Wife, Lily, After Years Of Marriage The Road He Travelled Makes Sense Of The Fascinating Paradoxes Associated With His Life And Work Modern Guru, Bad Father And Husband, Excellent Writer, Self Centred Prophet, Genuine Seeker, A Decent Person Trying Sometimes To Be Better, The Wounded Carer, The Healing Physician, The Great Encourager There are two reasons to read a biography you are either totally fascinated by the featured person, or the book is stunningly well written so would draw you in whoever it was about.Neither applied in this case I found Although, like many people, I was once inspired by The Road less travelled, and other books by Scott Peck, I discovered, on reading this biography, that I was not at all interested in the man himself And I found Arthur Jones writing tedious and long winded.I ended up skim reading and was hugely relieved to get to the end. Scott Peck well, I don t know what to say I m not sure that Jones does, either, but at least he has tons of evidence and hours of interviews to report.