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FREE EPUB ☣ Tiger By The Tail! ♨ Dominic Flandry Is The Central Character In The Second Half Of Poul Anderson S Technic History Series He First Appeared In The Space Opera Series Is Set In The Thirty First Century, During The Waning Days Of The Terran Empire Flandry Is A Dashing Field Agent Of The Imperial Intelligence Corps Who Travels The Stars To Fight Off Imminent Threats To The Empire From Both External Enemies And Internal Treachery His Long Time Archenemy Is Aycharaych, From The Planet Chereion, A Cultured But Ruthless Telepathic Spymaster Who Weaves Plots For The Expansionistic Rival Empire Of The Alien Merseians Similar To The James Bond Stories Which Started Two Years Later , Every New Adventure Brings Flandry Another Beautiful Damsel To Woo And RescueThe Illegitimate Son Of A Minor Nobleman, Flandry Rises To Considerable Power Within The Decadent Empire By His Own Wits, And Enjoys All The Pleasures His Position In Society Gives Him Still, He Is Painfully Conscious Of The Impending Fall Of The Terran Empire And The Subsequent Long Night Of A Galactic Dark Age His Career Is Dedicated To Holding It Off For As Long As Possible