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1.5 starsHonestly, I just didn t get what the point of this book was Really why did there need to be a sequel when it had no strong plot I would ve preferred to just leave it at the first book without the last chapter that lead into a sequel.I loved caleb in the first one but in this I just didnt get him and his motivations at all seemed contrived for the sake of drama And despite being inside his head for most of the book I still didn t get why he behaved how he did towards Maggie and I started not liking him and then at some point I really stopped caring about him and Maggie , which was very disappointing as the reason I was so looking forward to this sequel was because of how invested I was in Caleb.The plot meandered along relying on dragging out Caleb s attitudes angst and Maggie s stubbornness It felt like it was flailing around and often side plots seemed thrown in to create drama rather than remaining true to the characters motivations A combination of the lack of tension and stakes that weren t continually raised and no strong premise to suck me in meant other things I d normally overlook started to bug me the dialogue and cliffhanger chapter endings grated The swearing and crude jokes did not humour me.The teens who were from broken and rough backgrounds felt gimmicky and caricatured and unbelievable even contrived to illustrate some kind of point Also, I loved the sexual tension in the first title but here I felt none of that at all.I don t normally write detailed reviews for books that bombed out for me but I really feel disappointed with this title especially after loving the first one and recommending it to many reader friends The first one had a great premise and twists and awesome stakes that were continually raised and the characters felt genuine I was expecting a lotfrom this and it surprised me how poorly written it was which makes me wonder if the first book was too but I overlooked it as the story sucked me in Unfortunately after reading this I am doubtful I will feel compelled to pick up another book by Elkeles After this, I can say it s not really my kind of book too melodramatic and soap ish although readers who are into drama and romance and angst may find something here to enjoy. I m in the minority here, but this book was just okay It s not that the writing was bad, but there wasn t much of a story The same issues that we saw in Leaving Paradise were re hashed over and over again in this one I m not quite sure why there was even a second book I love Maggie and Caleb but found myself getting annoyed with them and their lack of ability to commit My takelengthen the first book by 50 pages or so and call it a day Love the author s writing style and I look forward to reading her Perfect Chemistry series. @Download Á Return to Paradise õ Caleb Becker Left Paradise Eight Months Ago, Taking With Him The Secret He Promised To Take To His Grave If The Truth Got Out, It Would Ruin EverythingMaggie Armstrong Tried To Be Strong After Caleb Broke Her Heart And Disappeared Somehow, She Managed To Move On She S Determined To Make A New Life For HerselfBut Then Caleb And Maggie Are Forced Together On A Summer Trip They Try Ignoring Their Passion For Each Other, But Buried Feelings Resurface Caleb Must Face The Truth About The Night Of Maggie S Accident, Or The Secret That Destroyed Their Relationship Will Forever Stand Between Them 3.5 5 StarsUnfortunately Return to Paradise wasn t any better than Leaving Paradise I still didn t feel a connection towards the Maggie and Caleb and didn t like how they behaved towards each other in this book But I really liked the ending, I found it very cute I did enjoy this book but I don t love this series I would still read the Perfect Chemistry series as I have heard a lot of good things about it but I did hear good things about these books as well and I was left disappointed, so I have been questioning myself if I should read Simone Elkeles others books. I don t know what it says about my attention span, but the one thing I am hung up on in this book is the phrase in the last chapter that reads Please wait until the aircraft has come to a complete stop before deplaning a word According to the dictionary before me, deplaning is a verb means to disembark from an aircraft But apparently only awesome people in Simon Elkeles world get to here their flight attendants say the word deplaning I have been on approximately 14 airplane trips in my life and on NONE of them has anyone been cool enough to use fancy lingo It s always before exiting the aircraft , disembarking or before getting off Nice Really snazzy I feel SO loved.Deplaning just sounds sososlick And cool And now I am going to stop obsessing over that one word and get onto obsessing over the cute mess that is Caleb and Maggie.At first, all I wanted to do was punch Caleb s annoying hotmesmerisingchiselled face Because heeeeeeeeello ladies this dude is a heartbreaker He deserted her Yeah, he had good reasons NB in his head but dude And that is NOT okay stares Caleb down But Maggie gets him back They get stuck together in this program called ReSTART I don t know why they capitalise the START and not the RE since the whole point is that they re REstarting their lives and helping others to do so, but anyways where people share their drink driving stupid driving experiences with others youths around the country Kudos to Maggie for finding a way to get back at Caleb for dumping her in the lake for his own amusement What does she do Well, when he starts staring into her eyes, thinking about kissing her, she pretends she s going toand then gets out and leaves him Wanting her Alone And yeah, Caleb s hot But the one thing I H A T E about him is his piggish, bullheaded attitude issues Give The girl A break You re a rollercoaster, dude, and you expect her to keep up with your mood swings That s a psychiatrist s job Or your parents She loves you and you just treat her like dirt but expect her to wait for you like the horrible hotswoon worthy jerk you are Shame On You So it shouldn t be much of a spoiler if I tell you all that 1 They kiss at least once in this book2 You do get to see Caleb shirtless always a bonus 3 There will be a crying I can t stand you leave me the hell alone scene4 Shit will go down5 True love will conquer all sings LOVE LIFTS US UP WHERE WE BELONG sorry, couldn t help it 6 Drink driving is condemned Duh. After becoming accustomed to brilliance from this author, this one was really disappointing I think what bothers me most about this sequel to the amazing Leaving Paradise, is that I don t think the author stayed true to the characters Caleb was simply awesome in Leaving Paradise Yes he had issues and was angry, but never with Maggie He treated her with kindness, concern, and respect the entire book It was his attitude towards her that melted my heart and allowed me to care about his character In Return to Paradise, both Maggie and Caleb s characters have changed so much that they are unrecognizable Caleb is not a nice person for much of this book, even with Maggie I found myself wondering who he was and wishing I could go back to the first book and remember him the way he was Maggie is much stronger in this book, but I don t like the games she plays One of the things I loved most about Maggie in the first book was her honesty and vulnerabiliy In this book, she steps out of character many times and does things that really confused me I wish I wouldn t have read this It had some great moments so I give it 2 stars, but overall I think this book taints my feelings about the characters that I really loved from Leaving Paradise I guess that s the risk you take when reading a sequel Too bad Caleb and Maggie didn t get afitting one. My first official read of 2017 though technically speaking I started this last year My overall impression is that this narrative had some good points and some very bad points keywords rampant cliches and overly drawn out drama , but overall left a neutral impression on me I think once the story got back to the main plot conflicts, I found a path to follow through the novel to the very end Plus the audiobook narration was very good on the parts of Elizabeth Cottie as Maggie, and Nicholas Mondetti as Caleb Return to Paradise begins a little bit where Leaving Paradise left off, and finds Caleb and Maggie reuniting in a by chance scenario Caleb s gotten in trouble with the law again, and under his parole officer s wing, finds himself traveling with a group speaking to different kid teen groups about how he ended up in prison getting in trouble with the law and how it changed his life, in addition to having to stay at a campsite for a time Conversely, Maggie travels with that same group talking about her experiences and how she ended up with her life changing injuries Suffice to say Caleb and Maggie having to actively tell two sides of the same story is awkward and creates tension between them given their history Caleb did a complete progress reversal of character of sorts since the last novel He became worse for wear being physically mentally emotionally abrasive with Maggie being fully subjected to that abuse and lashing out I hate romances like this, because it s like Dude, Maggie was hurt because of circumstances that you were a part of, can you beselfish and manipulative with your affection possession jealousy of her Ugh.I started following the narrative better after two things happened 1 When the cat was let out of the bag with regards to the accident s events and 2 when the book actually got back to Paradise, with Caleb and Maggie both having to wrestle with how people in Paradise had changed since they d been away I appreciated the attention on the family conflicts and relationships, with a keen eye on the difficulties of starting over Yet I almost feel like things in this novel were too easily resolved with respect to the central conflict in the way it was presented Not that I couldn t believe that this could would happen with both families having to come to terms with the truth of events, but it was the way it was presented I found that I liked some of the supporting cast of characters in the book, but feel like they still primarily served as catalysts for the relationship between the protagonists of the novel.Overall, it s not one of my favorite series depicting this kind of subject matter with the romantic inclinations, but I was still able to appreciate parts of it.Overall score 2.5 5 stars. I loved this as much as the first book, but I ll admit there was some frowning when I found out Maggie and Caleb were in the same group convenient much I love this couple, they are so sweet and cute together and it almost makes my heart bleed I want what they have, screw the cheesiness of the entire thing Oh and Simone Please, never stop writing books You never let me down. What to say, what to say .I enjoyed Leaving Paradise, but not as much as I was expecting to So, when starting this, my expectations weren t very high And because of that, they were met.I just don t like the characters or the story, for that matter, nearly as much as I do with Ms Elkeles other works her Perfect Chemistry series is awesome It s not that I disliked this, but I won t be reading it or it s predecessor ever again So, I guess take that how you want to.I still love Simone Elkeles writing, and I still love her other novels, just not these And to whoever is interested in these two novels, I urge you to try them for yourself and not go by my review Because I m only one opinion By the way, sorry for the short review, I m just in a weird mood today RATING 2.5 stars. OMG That was the most beautifully poignant book ever God, I m such a cry baby It ended perfectly It had such a beautiful message and left you feeling so good I am so happy for Caleb and Maggie Leah stepped up her game in this one and really surprised me I loved her I loved Lenny and Julio and Trish and Damon once again impressed me and Lou was awesome I loved everything about this book I ve been on such a Contemp kick that these stories move me beyond words I am crying from happiness to such an aweful circumstance but I m also crying because Maggie and Caleb s story has come to an end They will remain in my heart forever Caleb has become a top fictional boyfriend He s perfect in everyway This isn t my actual review I just can t stop tearing up So I shall return with a full review soon Okay, now that I am not such an emotional baby, I can continue with this review First of all, I love this cover It really fits this book kinda perfectly I don t really like the girl that much but the guy is not too bad as my beloved Caleb LIKES Like I said, I love the cover It is really romantic and sets the mood for this lovely sequel One of the biggest things I liked about this book was the plot The first one was very different from what I ve read It was unique and flowed very well This is one was no different In fact, it was better than the first to me Again, I loved the book in both POV s.I LOVED the concept of the Re Start program and the trip they went on, and the fat that Maggie and Caleb were once again reunited It was, so wonderful and I fell in love evenwith them We left off from Leaving Paradise where Caleb left Paradise again to go off by himself His family never accepted him and he felt they were better off without him screwing everything up His life fell apart the moment he was arrested for hitting Maggie with his car while driving home drunk It was a really screwed up situation But he got out of jail and did community service He paid his dues Then he and Maggie fell in love She forgave him for everything, yet he wasn t convinced he was worthy of her or anyone else So he left her and Paradise behind.The beginning of Return to Paradise, he gets in trouble again He is staying in a drug house because he has nowhere to go and his roommate gets busted for drugs He didn t sell or do any but still took the blame, almost ended up in the slammer for the 2nd time in 2 years Until, Damon comes to his rescue..AGAIN I gotta say, this guy is a saint That is where the Re Start program comes into play He makes a deal with Caleb that if he goes with him to a camp for a few weeks telling his story to troubled kids about the consequences of drinking and driving , then he wont go to jail So, he obliges not knowing he would see Maggie on the same trip Things get tense, old wounds open up, and Hell breaks loose here and there But it never ceases to impress me The writing is beautiful, poignant and easy to follow It flowed so amazingly It was hard to put the book down I did however, force myself because I knew if I kept reading I would have finished it in one day It made me sad and depressed to know their sweet love story was coming to an end I loved the new characters introduced in this book My favorites were Lenny, although he annoyed me at the beginning but he totally got to me towards the end I liked Trish, she was kind of a brat but I warmed up to her pretty quick The rest of the characters were great Lou was a great match for Maggie s mom I was happy for them and for Maggie to actually have a father figure in her life The whole concept was interesting and it made reading that muchfun The witty and pissy banters between everyone was great I laughed so much during most of Lenny s scenes, what a personality sick and twisted but still pretty funny The end was just amazing I was worried at first that things weren t going to turn out the way I hoped But Simone didn t disappoint I cried the last few chapters, it was romantic and sad but happy at the same time I loved it through and through DISLIKES The only thing I didn t like was that it was too short I would have loved to seeof Maggie and Caleb s future eventhough it was clear what their future looked like I guess I just wasn t to let go of these awesome characters that touched my heart all the way to my soul They will always be in my heart though and I may just read this series over and over again I highly recommend this series to those that have ever wanted to give up on life It shows everyone deserves second chances and to not ever give up but fight for what you want Thank you Caleb and Maggie for being so amazing And giving me this wonderful story of hope and love FIVE STARS all the way