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For most American readers, we get information on religious practices from Europeans on the television, but to read this text on Ifa for yourself makes you to understand the absurdity of some previously held notions on African religions, in particular Although Karenga s job was not to provide an exhaustive list of Odu, he does do a good job at pointing to the ethical meanings behind many of the Odu which causes the reader to transpose those Sayings with sayings we have learned since child birth The stories may differ, but the ethical meaning is often times, the same, if not said better in the Odu Ifa This would be something I would add to my canon of text which inspire spiritual knowledge. ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ♷ Odu Ifa : The Ethic Teachings ♳ L If, La Technique Divinatoire Du Peuple Yoruba, C EstL If Est Une Religion Et Un Systme De Divination Et Se Rfre Aux Versets Du Corpus Littraire Connu Sous Le Nom Odu If Orunmila Est Identifi Comme Le Grand Prtre De L If Od If Le Corpus Littraire, C Est Dramatic La Recette Secrte Permettant De Pntrer Le Mystre Repose Sur Le Symbolisme Du Nombre Seize Il Existe Seize Livres Majeurs Dans Le Corpus Littraire Odu If Home Ifa Religion What Is IFA Information And Explanations Related To What Is The IFA Religion And Divination System About What Is IFA Definition , The Religious Concepts And Tools Used IFA History Information Related To The History Of IFA Od If Africa S Sources Of Knowledge Digital African Language Program At Harvard University Ifa Y Sus Signos La Bendicion Padrino LosLos Odu Ifa Son El Principio Fundamental Sobre El Cual Se Sustenta El Sistema Adivinatorio De Osha E Ifa Son El Principal Elemento Del Orculo Pues Sobre El Se Sustenta La Adivinacin De La Religin Yoruba Recopilan En Cada Uno El Mensaje De Los Osha U Orishas Para Brindarle Al Consultado Odu Ifa Oyeku Ofun Temple Ogundabede Is Odu Ifa That Works For People Who Must Or Is Involved In Not A Legal Business If You Have Been Working In A Company You Are Only Wasting Your Time Ogundabede Was A Thief That Was Successful In His Business Odu Ifa Farinade Olokun Ifa Priests And Iyanifa Initiated Without Seeing Odu And Ifa Priests Initiated Seeing Odu, Can Both Participate In Any Ifa Services Women Cannot Gaze Upon The Odu Calabash Though Women ARE Innately, ODU That Is, We Are All Children From Orunmila, Because Egan And Odu Were Wives To Orunmila If Wikipedia Its Literary Corpus Is The Odu If Orunmila Is Identified As The Grand Priest, As He Is Who Revealed Divinity And Prophecy To The World Babalawos Or Iyanifas Use Either The Divining Chain Known As Opele, Or The Sacred Palm Or Kola Nuts Called Ikin, On The Wooden Divination Tray Called Opon If IFA Institut Franais Des Administrateurs Le Baromtre IFA Ethics Board De La Composition Des Conseils Des Entreprises Du SBFpost AGA Consulter Dans Le Centre De Ressources OSODUS MAGIA DOS ORIXS Google Sites IK ORI Odu Regido Por Oxumar E Ew Pacincia E Sabedoria So Suas Principais Caractersticas Verstil, Voc Se D Bem Em Qualquer Atividade Poder Passar Por Provaes Materiais E Sentimentais, Mas Sempre Saber Reencontrar O Caminho Para Felicidade