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`Download Ebook Ù Last Night Another Soldier Ó Afghanistan, A Rifle Section Is Halfway Through Their Six Month Tour Of Duty In Helmand Province Sixteen Men From Their Battalion Have Already Been Killed Forty Seven Others Have Been Wounded And Flown Back HomeThe Last Three Months Have Been Tough And It Shows Their Kit Is In A Bad Way They Are In A Bad Way Young Men With Tans, Scruffy Beards, Peeling Noses And Lips Burnt Raw By The Afghan Sun Despite The Hardships They Are Enjoying Their Time Out Here Learning How To Fight The Taleban The Lads Are On Their Way To Becoming The Best Soldiers In The ArmyLast Night Another Soldier Is The Story Of Four Of The Young Men In This Rifle Section, Partly Told From The Point Of View Of Eighteen Year Old Squaddie, David Briggsy Briggs NB This book is not my usual cup of tea.I gave it a try and I liked the writing style and it was easy to read The ending was, in my opinion, a little bit obvious, there was a lot of not very subtle foreshadowing, but it was satisfactory if you love modern, armed forces, action books, this is for you, and probably a five star read. This book is told in first person about the British Army fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan It s a short, graphic depiction of war and what happens first hand out in the battlefields Raw and engaging and a great quick read. An interesting but short and sad book which ended in Briggs being disabled and it was sad and it showed the horrors of the Afghanistan war where the taliban just tried to take one British soldier However it was action packed and exciting. Another Quick Read but one that ends too soon I think that despite my avoidance of the war genre, I think Andy McNab s realistic and absorbing writing has got me hooked.This book is the story through the eyes of an eighteen year old squaddie during a tough 24 hours part of a life changing tour of duty in Helmand, Afghanistan.I found myself fully engrossed in the story, the drama of the action and its lack of glory These fictional characters seem very real and soldering is given respect and the combatants a dimension that as a reader moved me where sometimes the news headlines fail to engage me Perhaps we need this proximity via such a story to bring home some of the humanity war otherwise strips away.The book carries a health warning contains strong language and violent scenes These are not reasons to pick this book up, nor pass over it for something palatable Rather to be aware you may be changed in the reading of this true to life account A short book but one that will live long in my memory and consciousness, especially when the News next reflects some events in a foreign conflict.