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[Free Epub] ⚐ Hungry Girls and Other Stories ♰

Unlike anything else you have ever read or will ever read Fabulist stories about mythical animals and creatures each story mimics a traditional story type Japanese fable, French fairy tale, travel narrative, scientific notebook, Inuit creation story, etc etc Fascinating and unique. [Free Epub] ♺ Hungry Girls and Other Stories ⚖ The Title Story Won A Charles Angoff Award In These Stories Are A Modern Bestiary Which Rework The Stuff Of Mythologies, Spanning The Cultures Of The Planet, Reclaiming For The Imagination Its Territories From Science They Are Counterfables In Which The Usual Fabulous Project Is Reversed Animal Characteristics Are Attributed To Humans, And Humans And Animals Are Seen As Codeterminants Of The Moral And Cultural Landscape Wow. Amazing book and mythology, she writes stories I want to tell my children or someone else s one day to scare them. This is a strange and bizarre book that plays with language and reality Patricia s stories are poetic and especially good read out loud by Patricia herself. This is a pretty amazing collection of a wild imagination Unfortunately, the quality of the stories varied a lot for me Each one mimics a particular genre fairy tale, scientific journal, Japanese myth , and some of them just get way too heavyhanded with the old fashioned talk and whatnot Salt was a big offender for me Actually, to tell you the truth, that was the only one I didn t like It was just so bad it knocked a point off Otherwise, though, if you like fairytales or myths or just amazing creatures, read it It s beautiful and gruesome all at once. Elegantly conflating classical mythic narrative modes and the complex reproductive strategies abounding in nature, The Hungry Girls becomes a kind of alternative ethnography to a teemingly strange world beautiful, playful, disorienting, satiric, apocalyptic Nothing may foreseen in these stories, each unexpected progression may turn outwards to the universal as easily as inwards, and few end in places which may be predicted from their openings, as digressions and expansions somehow pick up momentum and bring the stories to satisfying close outside of their initial scopes And despite the diversity of approaches and voices, Eakins program maintains a a rare cogent cohesion throughout its parts, each nearly equally essential Very much a new favorite, even from the first few stories, and those that followed did not let me down. Patricia Eakins shapes myths, fairy and folk tales, and fables into her own fully realized fantastic world She writes from a point of absolute certainty in her vision Some tales have of a narrative arc and I enjoyed these pieces the most But there s an element of scientific curiosity behind the narration that drives forward even the least story based pieces All of them present the grotesque as an everyday reality while subtly blending in social commentary Quite an extraordinary collection.