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How could I not rate my own book as amazing Especially after being fortunate enough to receivegreat reviews on Whether you are comfortable with networking or not, this book has some really easy and insightful tips that you can start to use right away Definitely worth the read. I am connecting with Sandy Jone Kaminski and hopefully will be able to secure her as a speaker for Anyone who has heard Sandy Jones Kaminski speak knows that she is an advocate for building relationships This is at the heart of I m at a Networking Event Now what The author inspires a return to connecting over common interests by finding them and being interested in the other person first And the Pay It Forward parties are a great idea This is an excellent gift for the high school or college graduate. `Download Pdf ☠ Im at a Networking Event--Now What??? ↵ Need Help To Expand Your Business Perspectives Find Employment Make Contact With That One Person That Can Open Doors For You Are You Connecting With The Right People Are You Or The People You Work With Somewhat Challenged When It Comes To Networking At EventsI M At A Networking Event Now Whatillustrates That Today S Social Networking Environments Practically Demand That You Have At Least Some Knowledge Of Effective Networking Practices In Order To Achieve The Results Most Of Us Are Looking For Through This Book, You Will Learn How To Make Quality Connections, Cultivate Relationships, Expand Your Circle Of Influence Through Networking Events, And Create Good Social Capital You Ll Also Find Information On Networking Tools And Technology That Will Promote New Contacts And Connections For Some, This Book Will Serve Solely As A Reminder, But For Many, It Will Offer New Valuable Insights On What To Do, And Just As Importantly, What Not To Do While You Re Out There Working Hard To Maintain Good Standing Within Your Social Networks On Line Or Otherwise , And Striving To Grow And Nurture Your Own Valuable Social Capital You Ll Also Learn Why You Might Want To Consider Becoming A Pay It Forward Focused Person, As Well As How To Be Memorable By The End Of The Book, You Should Feel Empowered To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands And Approach Networking With A Plan To Achieve Your Goals