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@DOWNLOAD KINDLE Ç Kant's Transcendental Proof of Realism í eBook or E-pub free

@DOWNLOAD KINDLE Ã Kant's Transcendental Proof of Realism Õ This Book Is The First Detailed Study Of Kant S Method Of Transcendental Reflection And Its Use In The Critique Of Pure Reason To Identify Our Basic Human Cognitive Capacities, And To Justify Kant S Transcendental Proofs Of The Necessary A Priori Conditions For The Possibility Of Self Conscious Human Experience Kenneth Westphal, In A Closely Argued Internal Critique Of Kant S Analysis, Shows That If We Take Kant S Project Seriously In Its Own Terms, The Result Is Not Transcendental Idealism But Unqualified Realism Regarding Physical Objects Westphal Attends To Neglected Topics Kant S Analyses Of The Transcendental Affinity Of The Sensory Manifold, The Lifelessness Of Matter , Fallibilism, The Semantics Of Cognitive Reference, Four Externalist Aspects Of Kant S Views, And The Importance Of Kant S Metaphysical Foundations For The Critique Of Pure Reason That Illuminate Kant S Enterprise In New And Valuable Ways His Book Will Appeal To All Who Are Interested In Kant S Theoretical Philosophy