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I liked this story because it emphasizes the value of birds. [Free Pdf] ☣ The Birds of Killingworth ☿ Squire Case Is Furious Year After Year, The Birds Of Killingworth Feast Happily On His Crops, While He Loses Money Resolved To Rid The Community Of These Thieves, The Squire Calls A Town Meeting And Proclaims That All Adult Birds Should Be Killed And Their Young Left To Die Of Starvation The Farmers And Townsfolk Agree Wholeheartedly Only The Squire S Daughter, Almira, And The Schoolmaster, Noah, Realize That The Birds Play An Important Part In Nature S Plan But Can They Rescue The Birds Before It S Too Late Based On A Poem By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Birds Of Killingworth Is A Hopeful, High Spirited Tale Reminding Us That The Compassion Of Just A Few Can Help Ensure The Prosperity Of All Living Creatures Pictures By Kimberly Bulcken Root Beautifully illustrated story based on the Longfellow poem When the town squire decides all adult birds should be killed because they are destroying his crops, his daughter and the schoolmaster embark on an alternate plan. The improvement I would have liked to have seen would be to include the original poem as part of the endnotes I had to go search for it as follow up But the book itself is wonderful and the story stand alone or as an accompaniment to a study of Longfellow s poetry is wonderful. I have to admit that I haven t read much of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow s works, but I was intrigued that Robert D San Souci turned the poem into a story The narrative was engaging and after we read the story we discussed how interrupting one part of an ecology or a food chain can seriously damage the delicate balance of an entire ecosystem And while one creature might be considered a pest, removing it from an environment can have second order effects that are entirely unwanted The illustrations are colorful and help to convey a sense of an older time in Colonial Connecticut We really enjoyed reading this book together.