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I decided to try out this series as I had noticed through my library that they had over 40 books in the series, so I wanted to try something just a little bit different By looking through the reviews on here, this book is up and down from one stars to five stars, which tells me that it is random for some people and what impressed or didn t impress them I am in the impressed category as with this first book it grabbed me right away in the first chapter with some action continuing on with mystery, suspense, adventure, and lots action.Annja Creed is an archaeologist a k a treasure hunter a k a adventurer She has been interested in locating the Beast of Gevaudin which is considered a legend in France Annja decides to go on an adventure to France to see what she can find On her quest to find the Beast, she stumbles into another mysterious find which leads her into a fight with some villains who are after a certain treasure Trying to escape the clutches of these bad guys she meets up with a old man named Roux who helps her escape After the meet up with Roux, the book keeps twisting and turning with mysteries as Annja is lead to what is considered the sword by Joan of Arc As she pursues all these different treasures she is basically hunted by all kinds of bad guys including some monks from a monastery The whole book was a mystery and a thrill ride as Annja goes from one extreme to another finding treasures and fleeing bad men.I would consider the character, Annja to be a cross between Indiana Jones and Lara Croft the video game heroine as she basically has the skills of both of them to get her through and out of her predicaments I found the book refreshing and fun as the action just keeps kicking from the first chapter to the last chapter I will be continuing on with the series, but it is going to take awhile as there are a total of 61 books in this series I look forward to pursuing all of them in the future Giving this book four stars Have you ever been reading a book when all of a sudden a turn of phrase, an offensive passage, or something altogether different pops up and it all comes to a screeching halt Whatever it is, it bothered you so much that it colored the rest of your reading and you just couldn t go on, whether or not it was an irrational reaction In my case it happened with the first paragraph, chapter two pg 26 The rental Avery had arranged turned out to be an old Renault pickup truck If Annja had been a layman, maybe she d have mistakenly called it ancient But she was a trained archaeologist and she knew what ancient meant.Excuse me One, I know what the heck ancient means very old and I m pretty sure 99.9% of the Earth s population does too Two, most people use ancient as an exaggeration, not as a mistake I see nothing wrong with that Three, oh, ho ho so being a trained archaeologist makes someone that much better and smarter than the layman, eh It just struck me the wrong way and I got a sense of smug superiority that irked me something fierce.I had other problems before getting to this point as well, but even though I read about forty pages , I couldn t get past this one little paragraph Others problems I could smell a Mary Sue from a mile away Apparently this Lara Croft whom you couldn t help but think of wannabe knows EVERYTHING at the ripe old age of well somewhere in her twenties, it wasn t mentioned in what I read Puh lease Also mentioned was her hour glass figure, although not in so many words Are you gagging yet And she s an expert at some sort of martial arts, where get this, she was taught by a nun Annja was an orphan or something, so she was raised by them Something that strikes me as odd, she can spot someone tailing her I m not quite sure where or how she could have developed this skill in her line of work, but whatever So basically, she s perfect at every single thing Sorry, that doesn t work for me I don t mind a brainless, action packed read, but frankly, this wasn t a very well written one as it was pretty flat and boring, and I couldn t even make it seventy pages. This was the first Graphic Audio read I ve completed and that made this book a lot of fun I liked the sound affects and the cast, it really was like a movie in my head.Annja is an archaeologist and works for something akin to the National Inquirer but for history She is better than the place she works for but it pays the bills and lets her travel the world to research histories This takes her to investigate a serial killing wolflike beast that is thought to have killed around 40 people before its disappearance.It appears that Annja might have a tie to Joan of Arc and her sword and meets some very interesting older gentlemen along the way that have agenda s of their own I liked Roux and hope that he gets to play a role in future books He is a great opposite for Annja since she is a bit Mary Jane and he is a little morally ambiguous.Drawbacks for this book that are that Annja was too good at everything She is still pretty young and even if you start to think that she is perhaps Joan of Arc reincarnate it doesn t explain how a 24 year old has so many skills at everything Also I m a bit of a romance reader and I like to have a romantic interest to root for Roux seems a bit too old and I didn t really like anyone else in the series thus far, so there wasn t anything like that to hope for, yet.I liked this with the Graphic Audio I m not sure I d like the written story as well It needed something else going on with the plot maybe or some character development to be a little stronger. Thank you to Choko for setting me up with this series Graphic audio is so cool Its like the old BBC radio shows, but better Sound effects and wonderful actors This is the beginning of the series by Alex Archer that begins with Joan of Arc and her sword that ends up in the hands of our amazing heroine, archaeologist Annja Creed People keep trying to kill her, but Annja is way too tough Excellent series On to the next one. ( DOWNLOAD EBOOK ) ♌ Destiny ⚈ An Ancient Order Tied To The Vatican A Blood Fortune Buried In The Caves Of France A Conspiracy Of Power, Greed And Darkest Evil Archaeologist And Explorer Annja Creed S Fascination With The Myths And Mysteries Of The Past Leads Her To A Crypt In The Caves Of France, Where The Terrifying Legend Of The Beast Of Gevaudan Hints At The Unimaginable What She Discovers Is Shattering An Artifact That Will Seal Her Destiny A Brotherhood Of Monks Willing To Murder To Protect Their Secret And A Powerful Black Market Occultist Desperate To Put His Own Claim To Centuries Old Blood Money Annja Embarks On A High Tension Race Across Europe And History Itself, Intent On Linking The Unholy Treachery Of The Ages With The Staggering Revelations Of The Present But She Must Survive The Shadow Figures Determined To Silence Her Threat To Their Existence 3 stars This was lots of fun to listen to, but I doubt if I would have enjoyed it as much if I had read it The audio book has loads of great sound effects and a multi cast I would recommend it if you want to rest up after a challenging read it s fast paced, over the top, believe the unbelievable, action adventure escapism Thank you Choko This was really weird for me because up until now I ve never encountered this type of audiobook It s actually great because it really brings the book to life and yet the constant audio effects distract me Thankfully the plot is pretty simple and easy to follow and Annja the protagonist of the series is a likeable one She reminds me of Buffy The whole book brought memories of that awesome show The book is very action oriented and it s structure is similar to that of a TV show episode I liked the spin Alex Archer took to the stories of Joan of Arc and the Beast of Gevaudin It s always nice to see how different authors spin the old legends and give them new life And if this continues to be the case I can see myself enjoying the rest of the series for a long, long time. Things Annja Creed Is Absolutely The Best At An Incomplete List archaeology languages judo boxing swords rock climbing ropes gymnastics guns anthropology ethnography motorcycle tricks television production special effects writing books being on Letterman being super hotshe s like 24 In short, this book was hilariously, catastrophically stupid I read it because I was at a truck stop and apparently the audio book is a popular choice who knew It was on my reader so I thought I d give it a shot MISTAKE. I m giving this book two stars because I actually finished it I liked the characters at first, but as the book progressed, I felt that they started to become very annoying Oh Roux thinks he s always right Garin is an asshole Annja can kick anyone s ass and knows everything about everything I thought Annja s fighting abilities got out of hand by the end of the book She learned karate from the nun s in New Orleans That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read The fight scenes were very hard to read, and the end of the book seemed a jumble There were way too many plot lines happening as well.I m glad I got this book at the library, and I will not be reading any of the other books in the series. Gentlemen, I give you the Rogue Angel series.With all the new pulp talk these days, it s time to start looking at some contemporary novel series The 70 s and 80 s were good for the men s action adventure books, this millennia, not so good I keep expecting kindle and e book publishing to solve that little problem, but in the meantime, Let s see what else is out there.Unleashed upon the world by Gold Eagle, the Mr Hyde version of Harlequin Romance, in 2006, the series is up to 40 at the present Impressive when you consider Doc Savage flamed out at 181, but still a way to go to reach the output of the Shadow The series is going strong and is making bank for it s publisher Each one is written by Alex Archer who is this centuries Kenneth Robeson Each cover features a twentysomething woman wielding a sword.The Rogue Angel series is about Annja Creed, a world traveling archaeologist who has been given the sword of St Joan of Arc Raised by an orphanage, she travels the earth seeking adventure and relics The whole premise sounds silly, but I ve read the first book in the series and it works I have to give credit to whoever edited this book the plot is tight, filled with action, and the characters interesting Here is professionalism at work You may not get the flashes of brilliance found in K W Jeter s Kim Oh books, or the bow chica wow wow of the Baroness series, but Rogue Angel 1 was a solid good read.Destiny begins with Annja searching in the Cevennes Mountains of France for evidence of an 18th century monster known as The Beast Although a trained Archaeologist she earns her coin working for a cable TV show called Chasing History s Monsters She realizes the show sensationalizes her work, but it s one way to pay the bills Unfortunately for her, other people are searching for the remains of The Beast, including a French gangster known as Lesauvage and a mysterious order of monks While trekking through the mountain chain, an earthquake splits the ground open, sending Annja falling into a cave There she finds evidence of The Beast s death at the hands of a warrior On the run from the bad guys, she takes a medallion from the cave before the earth seals it back up.She escapes to her apartment in Brooklyn with a rubbing of the medallion, but the same forces trying to prevent her from finding The Beast pursue her to the United States By the conclusion of the novel, the reader learns how the sword of St Joan can be summoned by Annja and what it can do in combat The gangsters are punished and he innocent rewarded But Annja has learned there are people still out there who are very interested in her and the sword.The action of Destiny is non stop One minute Annja is trying to kill a poisonous snake, the next she s on the run from motorcycling minions of the French gangster It s not over descriptive Annja went, stumbling over the first couple steps, then running for all she was worth The door closed behind them Her breath sounded loud in her ears as she rapidly caught up with Garin Gunshots sounded behind her, muffled by the door, and she knew the Brotherhood of the Silent Rain was tearing up Roux s study Destiny also introduces two characters pivotal to the series Garin and Roux Both have been afflicted with immortality since witnessing the death of St Joan Roux was an alchemist who acted as the saint s adviser Garin, the bastard son of a knight, his apprentice Both were too late to stop the the execution of the saint They distrust each other and have maintained a tense relationship over the past half millennia.I m hoping the character of Annja develops with the series She uses the internet extensively, but is a loner socially There is mention of a cop on the New York Police Department she dates, but he s regulated to a minor role She knows nothing of her parents, as all records in the orphanage where she was raised were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.I have a few historical issues with the events in the book For instance, a group of knights are described as destroying a renegade monastery in France during the 18th century Granted, there were still knightly orders in western Europe by the 18th century, but they were mostly gentlemen s organizations And The Brotherhood of the Silent Rain as the name of a medieval catholic monastic organization Hardly Most were named for saints or precise aspects of the faith.I m going to give this series a chance and see where it goes I m working on the second book.