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Engrossing Engaging Wonderful character development and dialogue The ending is tragic sad I grieved and cried too much.STORY BRIEF Doug s mother left or disappeared when Doug was in first grade After that his father went to jail Doug has lived with the Coughlans ever since Doug went to jail for a year or so for beating up someone Now he is 32 He robs banks and ard trucks with his friends, Jem Coughlan, Gloansy, and Dez.The book opens with a bank robbery The guys are wearing masks As they leave Doug takes the bank manager Claire with them About an hour later he lets her go Doug can t get Claire out of his mind He follows her and watches her Finally he takes a chance and talks to her They go out together date a few times He wants to change his life and be with her.Frawley is the local bank robbery coordinator for the FBI He believes the four guys are guilty of multiple robberies, but so far he can t prove anything He and his guys follow them He talks to Claire than once He too is having feelings for Claire, but they do not go out together.REVIEWER S OPINION This is a tragedy I cried a lot and hard afterwards I don t know if I can recommend it unless you re up for that grieving for someone who is good, who wants to do better, who is trying, but he doesn t know how I fault his parents They didn t give him love, support, and guidance He made bad choices He grieves for his mother He grew up with no one loving him The only time he felt peace, love, and acceptance was while on a job with his bank robber friends This book reminds me a little of Romeo and Juliet, but modern, better, different The lovers are from different worlds and can never be together Even if Doug gave up his life of crime, there is a chance he would go to jail for past crimes He can never tell Claire about his criminal activities, because she could be charged as an accomplice He wants a life with Claire, someone good, not the types of people he grew up with and is surrounded by I don t want to mislead by overstating the Romeo and Juliet comparison Only a small amount of time is spent showing Doug and Claire together Most of the time the story is about Doug, his thoughts, actions, and feelings In his mind Claire is the focal point for change Most of the story is enjoyable and engaging, with anticipation It s the last half hour that is unsettling and becomes tragic Doug believes the coming job will go bad, yet he continues with it He makes choices which he knows will not be a happy ending.This story had wonderful character development Wonderful dialogue I was engrossed in the characters and the lives they lived I felt part of it I enjoyed this all the way through until the end Excellent plotting and events This author is a good storyteller I was rooting for Doug I wanted to see him change his life The day after reading this, I m still crying I don t like books that make me grieve and cry, so I m hoping I can get this out of my mind I want to forget about it It hurts.I suppose it makes one appreciate their own life , not having problems from a criminal life.This was made into a movie called The Town with Ben Affleck which I did not see I hear the movie had a happier ending, a different ending.NARRATOR The narrator Richard Ferrone was excellent At times he had a touch of Christian Slater to his voice.DATA Unabridged audiobook reading time 16 hrs and 9 mins Swearing language strong, including religious swear words Sexual language none Sex scenes one scene was referred to, no details shown Setting 1996 mostly Boston area, Massachusetts Book copyright 2004 Genre relationships, crime, suspense, tragedy Ending Grief and sadness. Hogan s novel is much violent and darker than the film version.Frawley,Gloansy and Dez have bigger roles in the book,Doug rarley visits his father in jail and Florist is much less effective than in the movie version.In the book we have a Doug Claire Frawley love triangle that dosen t really work wery well.Ending is darker and moving than in the Affleck s film Hogan writes very well,is deft at characterization and his Charlestown is vividly realized.Ben Affleck s brilliant film is better,but Chuck Hogan did a good job with this novel. #READ EBOOK õ Prince of Thieves ½ Some Criminals Get A Second ChanceWill Doug MacRay Be One Of Them Four Masked Men Thieves, Rivals, And Friends From The Tough Streets Of Charlestown Take On A Boston Bank At Gunpoint Holding Bank Manager Claire Keesey Hostage And Cleaning Out The Vault Were Simple But Career Criminal Doug MacRay Didn T Plan On One Thing Falling Hard For Claire When He Tracks Her Down Without His Mask And Gun, Their Mutual Attraction Isundeniable With A Tenacious FBI Agent Following His Every Move, He Imaginesa Life Away From His Gritty, Dangerous Work A Life Centered Around ClaireBut Before That Can Happen, Doug And His Crew Learn That There May Be A Wayto Rob Boston S Venerable Baseball Stadium, Fenway Park Risky Yet Utterly Irresistible, It Would Be The Perfect Heist To End His Criminal Career But, As It Turns Out, Pursuing Claire May Be The Most Dangerous Act Of AllRacing To An Explosive Climax, The Town Is A Brash Tale Of Robbery In All Its Forms And An Odyssey Of Crime, Love, Ambition, And Dreams Charleston Boston Bay Bank robbery force a manager, Claire Keesey 30 , to open a vault, she sets the alarm, forcing the Brown Bag Bandits to take her with them The bandits are Doug MacRay, Jem Coughlin, Dez Elden known as Monsignor to churchs and Gloansy Magloan The book has FBI agent Adam Frawley and Boston Dectective Dino Dean identity them as suspects too easily Claire is caught between affections of Doug gang leader ensuring they cannot be identified and Adam using her to track the gang There were chapters breaking the flow as an easy read.The movie s title The Town for Charlestown in the book The Town Movie TrailerFinal Movie Screen A Fantastic crime thriller Memorable characters galore and Hogan made me feel like I was a part of The Town The raw emotion can be felt on every page Excellent novel I prefer to read the book and then watch the movie, but sometimes when watching a movie my favorite title credit will flash onto the screen based on a the book ABC by 123 There s a book I always silently exclaim If I like the movie and sometimes if I don t like the movie I ll seek out the book.I expected to like the movie the Town in a wow, this is a really bad movie but I like it sort of way However, it turned out to be quite gripping and I really did like it The book turned out to be even better As the main character in the movie, Ben Affleck seems to have it all together robbing the banks, romancing the kidnapped teller, keeping his bank robber friends in line, attending the AA meetings However, the book s main character is much doubtful and flawed It s much of an examination of character flaws through the recovering alcoholic lens than I expected There were also some great descriptive passages, one of which I meant to excerpt here but forgot and returned the book Like the movie, my expectations for the book were low and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Crooks, thieves, heists, jobs, getaways, cuts, cops, drugs, temptations, and loves.Chuck Hogan s The Town has it all and A dark, suspenseful, action packed tale about friendship and loyalty in a world filled with crime, betrayal, and if only dreams.So far this year, no audio book has been able to hold my attention until this story read by.wait for it Mr Donnie Wahlberg The man has been in my life, heart, and ears for years, but this was just a brand new bag of love It was kismet Effing perfect Let s face it the man was made to read, perform, and bring this Boston based book to life I ll cop to it right now though, I might be a tiny bit hehe biased here I m a life long New Kids on the Block fan, who was born and raised in Massachusetts Yeah, alright, perhaps than just a tiny bit biased haha.Mr Wahlberg brought all of these characters Doug, Jem, Gloansy, Dez, Claire, Krista, and to life with such force and energy Each character came alive with different accents and voices Jem s voice coiled in my gut with tension while Krista s creeped down my spine like nails on a chalkboard Wahlberg dazzles here bringing Boston and Hogan s world alive Some scenes left me breathless, not moving just waiting for every word Hanging on his every word.I could not stop listening The transition between discs was taut, suspenseful and addictive Never stopped until I hit the end To have Boston s own New Kid read this story, was hands down the best audio book experience in my life. I saw the movie, The Town, a few years ago and got the book after I learned the movie was based on a book The movie was great, the book is even better You get so much depth with the characters and the plot With the book, you can dwell on the inner life and struggle in Doug the obsession of the FBI agent pursuing him and the thoughts and reactions of Claire the woman caught up in the middle of it all.It always amazes when an author can make a sympathetic hero out of a character that should be a bad guy Hogan does just that, I kept hoping and looking for a way for Doug to get out you want him to get away with it all even though you know he shouldn t and he can t Hogan gives a haunting portrayal of Charlestown adapting to the changes in the 90s which also mirror the changes in Doug it wants to move forward but can t or doesn t know how and so does it what it knows best even if that is wrong The book was also wonderfully nostalgic for me as someone who lived in Boston in the 90s I loved reading the names of the old banks and places no longer there. Before he was a terrible actor and a mediocre comedian, Dane Cook was an above average comedian Back then, he had a funny bit about what all men wanted a pet monkey, and to participate in a heist I ve never wanted a monkey I m too realistic for that They smell, they fling their feces, and there s always the possibility they will tear the flesh from your still living face A heist, though That s a little interesting There is something undeniably seductive about the planning, intricacy, and payoff of a well executed heist That said, I won t be quitting my day job Usually, when I think of the heist genre, I think of movies Heists lend themselves to films, from great movies Heat , chatty movies Heist , confusing movies Mission Impossible , and disappointing movies The Score When I picked up Chuck Hogan s Prince of Thieves, I wondered if the heist genre could translate to the page The answer sort of I m calling Prince of Thieves a heist story because despite Hogan s aspirations for a psychological thriller it relies on every heist clich in the book It has a crook with a heart of gold named Doug MacRay Doug was a former hockey star who threw away his career because of alcohol and a bad temper Now he s in AA and there are numerous scenes in the book with portentous discussions about addiction rather than adding complexity, these scenes were awfully preachy Oh, did I forget to mention this about Doug He s looking for one last score His band of merry men include the psychopath Jem , the tech guy Dez , and the fourth leg, who s there to balance the table Gloansy These guys are childhood friends from the Charlestown area of Boston, which forces you to compare this book, unfairly to Dennis Lehane s Mystic River According to Hogan, the Charlestown area, or The Town as it s called by its untraveled citizens, is the ard car and bank robbery capitol of America Or at least it was in the 90s, when this book is set in case you forget it s set in the 90s, there are dozens of 90s pop culture references strewn throughout Facing off against this crew is you got it a dogged law enforcement officer In this case, it s FBI Agent Adam Frawley Also thrown into the mix is a local gang leader who runs a floral shop, and Jem s sister, Krista, who is in love with Doug Also, there s Clare Keesey She s the branch manager at a bank that the crew hits early in the book They take her as a hostage, and then let her go And then Doug starts dating her This isn t really a clich , I suppose, it s just ridiculous Prince of Thieves goes to great lengths trying to make us believe this relationship, but it fails You know how they say you can t start a relationship based on a lie Well, that s true, especially when the lie is No, I totally didn t take you hostage in that bank heist I pulled off Unfortunately, this relationship is the bedrock of the book, because it s where Doug gets his motivations Accordingly, Doug s actions towards the end of the book veer towards huh As if this wasn t bad enough, Hogan half heartedly adds a further complication to the Doug Clare relationship That comes from Agent Frawley, who decides he wants to date Clare as well Insert eye roll Overall, I really disliked the way that Hogan treated Frawley in the book He s supposed to be the hero, or at least, a likeable foil Instead, the things he does makes him an ass Part of his catalogue of misdeeds includes breaking and entering, illegal search and seizure, and dating a material witness The only thing he doesn t do is use the US Constitution as a napkin to wipe his mouth after breakfast at a local Dunkin Donuts The defense of a book like this is that it s supposed to be fun Most of the time, when I hear that, I assume that fun is a euphemism for intellectual laziness, or dearth of creativity, or crap story punctuated by explosions But Prince of Thieves isn t supposed to be fun, I don t think It actually reaches for seriousness, darkness, and resonance it just fails That s not to say Prince of Thieves is without merits Though its title is without merit The best character is The Town itself Hogan invests a great deal of time explaining its history, geography, and effect on its residents Some of the most fascinating scenes explores the gentrification of such an old, immigrant based working class neighborhood In those scenes, I would compare this favorably to Richard Price s Lush Life Further, Hogan is a talented writer There are some groaner lines, to be sure, but he does a pretty good job with the dialogue, and I enjoyed the witty banter between the four old friends I also appreciated the fact that Hogan didn t dwell on the last big score There isn t a scene in which the main character lays everything out, and explains how they re going to have to simultaneously reroute the computers, switch out the tapes on the security cameras, and tango across a room full of laser beams Instead, you don t find out how they re carrying out the heist until they re doing it The heist story is a closed universe It is a house already built Once inside, you can change the furniture, paint the walls, add a deck, but you have to stay within the structure That means one of two things your protagonist is riding off to the sunset, or he s going to the grave In Prince of Thieves, you can sense Chuck Hogan straining at these limitations, without ever managing to exceed them. Prince of Thieves, the 2004 heist novel by Chuck Hogan that served as source material for The Town starring Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner, is the best book I ve given up on and had to rate with one star since joining Goodreads It does not make me a happy man to do this and would recommend the book to anyone hooked by the synopsis who hasn t seen the movie I have seen the movie and trying my damnedest, could find no compelling reason to stay in this taxicab Let me off here, driver.Hogan s writing crackles, his research is impeccable and his attention to detail knocked my socks off The author earned his lunch money here Of course, I love reading a good caper and the novel takes off like a shot with a bank heist in the shadow of Fenway Park in Boston In the middle of this, Doug looked at the manager lying behind the second teller s cage He knew things about her Her name was Claire Keesey She drove a plum colored Saturn coupe with a useless rear spoiler and a happy face bumper sticker that said Breathe She lived alone, and when it was warm enough, she spent her lunch hours in the community gardens along the nearby Back Bay Fens He knew these things because he had been following her, off and on, for weeks.Hogan does his homework with everything in, off and around the high powered hold ups But when the masks come off, the story sets off on a slow train to Nowhere, getting mired in boilerplate melodrama about a criminal with a moral conscience who can be redeemed by the power of love, in this case, a bank teller his crew actually took hostage.The main character, in addition to being stuck with one of the blandest names in the English language Doug is a Gary Stu through and through, the sort of character Chuck Hogan might imagine himself being if he had to earn a living outside the law Doug is passive, a nice guy, observing all the animal life in the jungle, thinking ahead to his next step, but thinking about things is not a substitute for doing things In between the heists, there s a lot, and I mean a lot , of jocular male bonding in the Old Neighborhood, with fighting Irish slamming back beers and talking about the good times If you ve seen one bar in the Old Neighborhood tale, you ve seen them all I had to stop reading because I felt I d seen this all before Same old self destructive childhood pals, same old girlfriend who wants to get back together, same old aspirations to break free to someplace better Same old, same old Hogan s a good writer, I just wish I didn t have to read his book.Over three days, I kept trying to plow through Prince of Thieves, which has the unpleasant characteristic of being about so little and at 400 pages, taking so incredibly long to finish Abandoned.