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~Free E-pub ⚖ Echoes (Fingerprints, #1-3) ⚖ Can T Believe She Did That At Four Thirty I Have To I Hate This PlaceRae Voight Is Losing Her Mind When She Walks Down The Halls Of Sanderson Prep, She Hears Voices Even When No One Is Talking Other People S Thoughts Crowd Her Head, A Confusing Tangle Of Insecurities And Dark Secrets Just When Rae Reaches Her Breaking Point, One Voice Comes Screaming Through The Din, Loud And Clear Rae Must DieIf Rae Doesn T Figure Out Who The Thought Belongs To Soon, She Could Lose Than Just Her Sanity ECHOES ECHOES, 1 Before reading Echoes, I didn t know what to expect I hadn t read any reviews, or really heard anything about it I did know that it had an absolutely stunning cover, a great premise, and was being compared to a book that I have heard is fantastic Also, the book originally came out over ten years ago, but that really didn t affect the story at all.I was hooked from the start of this book, and really enjoyed reading it for the most part I spaced out my reading of it, and maybe that was the reason I never really felt the need to keep reading One thing I feel could have been done better is the thoughts that Rae hears If it was supposed to be ambiguous as to whose thoughts they were, they shouldn t have changed the font and made them stand out so much I never thought that the thoughts were actually Rae s, but maybe that was the point.The writing was simple and engaging, but I was lost sometimes During the book, a big scene will end and then without any indication of any change in scene, it will be at another time and place But Melinda Metz has intrigued me, and I will be finishing this series, and checking out the other books she has written.I don t know how well I can explain this, but here goes I cared about the characters, and cared about what happened to them, but I never really felt connected I don t think there was enough time or backstory to become too attached to the characters, as endearing as they are Hopefully I will becomeconnected in future installments of this series.Echoes is a short, fun read that blends mystery and the paranormal to create a book many will never want to put down This book was okay, good even, but not as good as it could have been I will be reading the next book, Haunted, soon and hopefully I will like that one .HAUNTED ECHOES, 2 Since I took a break in between reading Echoes and Haunted I was worried I would have a hard time getting back into the flow of things with this world But thankfully I didn t find that to be the case at all I was immediately drawn back into Rae and Anthony s world and was trying just as hard as they were to discover the mysteries of this series.Haunted starts to deal with the person who is trying to kill Rae, but soon takes a turn when Jessie is kidnapped Anthony and Rae soon decide to take matters into their own hands and use their gifts to save Jessie from whatever sinister fate lies ahead I was very involved in the mystery, and found myself trying to figure it out constantly The problem I have, however, is that there is still not even a hint at who could be the person behind all of the madness going on.Melinda Metz has a very modern writing style that I think appeals broadly to readers But I see how this series is directed at teens, since a lot of the themes and stylistic choices will appeal to the average teen reader, not an English professor I do enjoy Metz s writing style, and hope to readfrom her soon.As I was reading Haunted I found myself liking Rae eventhan in Echoes She is stronger, and willing to help others instead of constantly trying to decide if she s going insane A character I found myself liking less and less as Haunted went on was Anthony Right now, I think he feels too sorry for himself and won t even accept help He s kind of a slob, too I know what he sees in Rae, but I have no idea what she sees in him.If you re looking for an exciting series with mystery and suspense and just a touch of paranormal, look no further than Echoes It seems as though this series is just going to get better as indicated by Haunted and I cannot wait to see where the story goes next in Trust TRUST ECHOES, 3 Well, this book was interesting BTW, this was a three in one book.It s about his girl named, Rachel preffers Rae who touches people or objects and can feel emotions, opinons or whatever of the person who has touched it before One day she colaspes in school and lands into a mental institute She goes to group therapy and meets a boy named Anthony have no idea how to spell his last name, all I know that it starts with a f She finds out thatsomeon is trying to kill her and the adventure begins.I liked this book And I really want to read the next books But I really want to get something off my mind but it won t provide any spoilers.WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY DIDN T YOU DO IT WHO CARES IF IT WOULD BE STUPID TO DO IT YOU RE EVEN MORE STUPID FOR NOT DOING IT LIKE, GOSH Huh, that felt much better See, and you have no idea what I m talking about The whole plot of the book was great And I believe that Rae s ability is a weird messed up amazingly good version of psychometry YAY I really liked the character and I have a hunch about who is trying to kill her Yeah, awesome detective skills YE AH So go read the book That way, we can discuss it, together Who do you think is trying to kill her Should they What s gonna happen next I don t know That is why I wanna read the next books and discuss it Because you see, I like to talk a lot SO GO Echoes is a fun, easy read book that you can just sit back and relax with It s sort of like those late 90s early 00s paranormal teen shows it s cheesy at times and a bit ridiculous in how it solves major issues, but it never pretends to be anything but cheesy and ridiculous I was surprised by how much I enjoyed these books It doesn t follow the formula most paranormal YA does these days, where a girl has a mysterious power, then she meets a guy who knowsabout her than she does herself, something forbidden is keeping them apart, she finds out she s the key to a major world changing event, etc Really, the only part out of that that Echoes fits into is girl has a mysterious power The rest is a nice change of pace from the rest of paranormal romance YA that s out there today, and something that should be seenoften The characters were pretty well written, and had lives outside of each other, and interests outside of who they were dating falling in love with I especially loved that Rae focused on things other than Anthony, the guy who helps her figure out what her power is In fact, no attention is made to any kind of romantic relationship for them until the third book They have other things to focus on, namely trying to figure out who tried to kill Rae, and if they re going to strike again It was really nice to read about people who weren t overly concerned with falling in love, or being in a relationship It s not something I see in paranormal YA these days, which is a shame Rae also isn t right about everything ever, and occasionally does some very stupid stuff and has to face the consequences She tends to do big stuff for others without asking if they want it done at all, like a HUGE part of the third book It was nice to see a lead heroine with some actual faults instead of traits that are being passed off as weaknesses but really aren t.I was also impressed by how Anthony had a learning disability, and Metz consistently writes him as always having trouble with it until he begins to learn how to handle it A lot of disabled characters I ve read in YA are only disabled when the plot calls for it, or otherwise it s a weak try to get the character to seem flawed.Rae s power was pretty cool and creative I d honestly never heard of anything like it before and I was glad that Metz explored some of the possibilities of having such a power, and what the limitations and drawbacks were And Rae does actually suffer some consequences from using her powers, instead of it always helping her and never hurting her The books are pretty short, only typically around 230 pages though I think they removed some scenes for the bind up , but a lot is packed into those pages, and the pacing is very well done I was never bored with the books, as something was always going on to actively keep my interest I did have a few little quibbles, though Like Rae s power it just randomly starts one day, with no real reason, and no warning She s never had hints of it before the novel starts Why did it take until she was 15 16 to suddenly start working If she were younger I guess it could be explained away by being jump started by puberty, but she s not Nothing seems to set it off one day she s just walking down the hall, then suddenly she can hear voices Maybe it s explored in later books, but for the first three I was wondering about it the whole time Another quibble is that I didn t realize that the book had changing POVs between Rae and Anthony, as the summary on back made it seem like completely Rae s own story However I quickly got over that, as Anthony is a major part of the book as well and Rae s closest friend There was one point in the first book where Rae is in an intense situation and then it totally cuts to Anthony s POV, where nothing is happening It felt completely out of left field and just a stupid way to up the ante, as it were, because after half a page it immediately goes back to Rae, and nothing of value was contributed by Anthony s short random appearance All in all Echoes is a fun read, and I hope they put the rest of the series into a bind up so I can finish Rae and Anthony s story. I m not certain, but I think this is an omnibus version of Metz s first three Fingerprint series books It s divided into three sections Echoes, Haunted, and Trust and each section reads like a self contained book.In the book, Rae is certain that she s going crazy just like her mother did She hears voices She s already spent one stint in a mental hospital and she s anxious to stay out But things feel like they re getting worse With the help of a friend, she learns that she s not hearing voices, but able to pick up thoughts from fingerprints As she touches these fingerprints, she can tell what people were thinking just bits and pieces when they had touched the object.The stakes get higher when someone tries to kill Rae, and she believes the killer knows about her secret ability.Metz s story is quite compelling, especially in the beginning where Rae is wondering if she s crazy or not Rae is likable and the story is mysterious enough to keep me interested But, the attempted murder mystery is not cleared up by the end of book three I m not sure how much longer Metz can keep the reader hanging on I m off to find book 4 in the series This is a fun well written story that is easy to get sucked into. which I did.The story is based on a High School Jr, Rae Voight, who finds out that she can pick up echoes , of other peoples thoughts by touching her fingers to theirs, or to the fingerprints left behind on objects they ve touched When the not her thoughts started popping into her head, Rae fears she was going insane like her mother, who had died in a mental hospital when Rae was a baby The new revelation of Fingerprinting causes Rae to question whether her mother really was crazy or if they hadin common then just their looks.Rae is a likeable and relatable character, as is hard to resist bad boy Anthony The two form a close friendship after Rae uses her special gift to clear Anthony s name in a criminal case. which reveals evidence of a muchdisturbing conspiracy that could cost them both their lives This story has it all. non stop action, romance, assassination attempts, kidnapping and murder Fans of books like the Body Finder and Whisper will enjoy this paranormal mystery which is captivating and hard to put down Unfortunately I was unaware that is was a reprint of a older series books 1 3 which is great, aside from the fact that the series is a collection of 7 total books not a trilogy and books 4 7 are nearly impossible to get your hands on Incredibly frustrating I REALLY hope that HarperCollins Publishing plans to do a reprint of the final 4 books soon, although I was unable find any encouraging evidence of that on the web I recommend this book. if you don t mind hunting down the final 4 books, other wise you ll have to be content with the story ending quite unfinished and a huge cliffhanger to chew on. Book Echoes Fingerprints, 1 3 Author Melinda Metz Source I Own This BookRomance All of the relationships in this book were realistic There was no instant love like there seems to be in most books nowadays, instead solid friendships were formed between the main characters which made us love them even .Layout The small notes from the stalker person who s out to get her at the end of the book is a nice touch The point of view also seems to switch from Anthony to Rae randomly, not sure if I liked this or not.Concept I love the idea of being able to read peoples thoughts while touching their fingertips Never come across anything like it before, so it was a refreshing take on young adult books The mystery about her mother gradually becomesrelevant as the story goes on and I m looking forward to how it pans out. I like how her power is reading fingertips The idea is very interesting and fresh I liked this book to an extent but I feel that the story was dragged along a lot Even at the last page of the book it doesn t explain who is this person that wants Rae to die IT only said that this person wants revenge for what her mother did It took forever for the author to finally explain to us what it was that her mother had done when she thought that she was mentally unstable This book was so much like a mystery novel for me Rae and Anthony are constantly putting themselves at danger to find the person who tried to kill Rae and kidnap Jesse I didn t like how the blurb says that they need to find the person that wants her to die, but even at the end they had no clues to who that person is The blurb and the story itself didn t exactly match. I read these when I was in high school and my copies are pretty battered since I greatly enjoyed the story that Metz told I really like the character of Rae and the originality of the plot, it was fantastic Throughout the the series there were always twists, and nothing was ever as it seemed I really liked these books and I recommend them to anyone looking for something new and different. This was an EXCELLENT book to read.loved the twistslooking forward to the next book