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Okay, so if you like Jung, you will like this I m not going into great detail about the book itself because if you want detail, Carl s your man What is funny to me is that I d started into this book a couple times and just knew I didn t have the attention span for it at the time Then I picked it up again about a month or two ago and started devouring it It got a little slow towards the end and I finally gave up on the last 100 pages or so about mandalas, but other than that it is great A co worker saw me reading it and told me I feel that is twisting your mind I responded that my mind has been progressively twisted by many different forces since birth and this book has actually helped me see in what ways it has I m someone who tends to think in images and symbols maybe a little than most and our culture especially manipulates images and symbols to achieve desired results namely selling you crap you don t really want or need Jung uses folk tales from different cultures that could not have really had the level of communication one would need to have such similar archetypes implanted consciously into these stories to make his case for a collective unconscious, and I think he does an excellent job. I first learned about Carl Jung in a psychology class in high school and I was amazed After spending 4 years studying philosophy and religion, I finally sat down and began reading his work and I m glad I waited Jung makes a ton of references to many philosophical, religious mythological, alchemical and literary figures that if you were not familiar with them before hand, you won t get much from his work.Having said that, I do think he is a impressive psychologist whose ideas on anima animus, synchronicity and the collective unconscious are illuminating for many subjects and had an impact on my personal philosophy However, he is limited as a psychologist and not a philosopher as he frequently says he gives way too many technical explanations and too many side tracks Some times the side tracks are rewarding, but other times they can be distracting I expected a much grandiose type of writing style with something along the lines of Plato or Hegel since his ideas are extremely deep But since he is an scientific empiricist, he barely gives any abstract explanations amidst a couple.The main thing I notice from his writing is that he seems to struggle between two Persona s the scientist and the mystic Because he makes almost bipolar drastic switches between spiritual and scientific moods, it affects the writing as well as the organization of his work Jung started out very conservative in his early work and even though he started breaking out of it when he published Symbols of Transformation, he still had this tension between the two.I suppose that his struggle is the Zeitgeist of our times The media as well as many intellectuals keep on spreading the delusion that one can t live in both places simultaneously And as long as we remain ignorant of both fields as well of history, the longer this struggle will continue If Carl Jung was living during the Renaissance, his work would have suffered less but today, we live in the dark ages of religious fundamentalism and scientism For those who see a glimpse of how much life will change if religious artistic and scientific thought were brought back into Original marriage to use Aldous Huxley s words his work will be a map to that dream. @Book í Die Archetypen und das kollektive Unbewußte ô Best E Book, Die Archetypen Und Das Kollektive Unbewu Te Author C.G Jung This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Die Archetypen Und Das Kollektive Unbewu Te, Essay By C.G Jung Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Beveik m nes , su pertraukom ir vengimu skaityti, kol ilta ir prie e ero norisi Ne atostog knyga, ir pats Jungas ra o ilgais, kartais painiais sakiniais Ir dar tas XX a prad ios vidurio i silavinimas, su visom mitologijos, gamtos moksl ir medicinos iniom Ir avu, ir sud tinga tuo pa iu, ta iau skaitydama visada d iaugiuosi. For those sufficiently intrigued by Jung s ideas to go deeper, this is an excellent place to start It is the most thorough extant exposition on the collective unconscious and the archetypes that arise therefrom Whereas Freud and some of his predecessors believed in a personal unconscious that consisted primarily of the repressed thoughts and feelings of the individual, Jung carried the concept further, arguing that the personal unconscious is merely a thin film overlaying a much deeper reservoir of unconscious images that being the collective unconscious Unlike the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious consists of the stored psychic impulses that the human race as a whole has developed over the course of its long evolutionary history The archetypes of the collective unconscious are inlaid in the psyche of every human being, and the psychological development of every human individual is consequently shaped by their influence.Needless to say, the implications of this idea, when adequately borne out, are enormous It firstly dispenses with the enlightenment era notion of the human mind as a tabula rasa with a form and content that is completely malleable It suggests that our minds and consequently our lives are not entirely ours to shape, but have been to a large extent shaped for us by many generations of human experience, to which our own experience must be reconciled in order for it to be understood All of our individual thoughts, feelings, insights, and enterprises are to be measured against the unconscious voice of all humanity We must measure ourselves against our ancestors, rather than the other way around, as enlightened men like Voltaire would have had it It even serves as a basis for the legitimacy of revealed truth, as opposed to empirically discovered truth although this is a seedy issue, since Jung insists that the existence of a collective unconscious is empirically proveable and that his work is every bit as scientific as that of anyone working in the natural sciences The archetypal images that bubble up from the collective unconscious to present themselves to us must be said to come from outside of ourselves, to a certain extent The images of the unconscious are like gods or spirits to us they tell us things we did not consciously think of ourselves and offer to guide our way on life s path It is psychologically dangerous to either shun these spiritual voices or conversely to identify excessively with them over one s own ego consciousness Rather, we have to let the voice of humanity present itself to us and dialogue with it, in order to develop as holistic human beings. simbolurile il fac pe om sa simta adierea divinitatii, si in acelasi timp il apara impotriva trairii nemijlocite a acesteia Jahve este un Dumnezeu ale carui opozitii nu au fost inca separate Intotdeauna formele inconstientului au fost exprimate prin imagini protectoare si tamaduitoare si astfel alungate in spatiul cosmic, extrasufletesc Crestinismul s a mentinut pentru ca a corespuns modelului arhetipal existent apa ca simbol al inconstientului coborarea in adancuri precede urcarea Toate eforturile umanitatii s au indreptat in directia consolidarii constiintei rituri, reprezentari colective, dogme, alungarea spiritelor, purificare aparare de inconstient Conditiile istorice exterioare constituie intr un fel doar prilejul pentru pericolele cu adevarat grave, adica pentru conceptiile social politice eronate ce nu pot fi explicate ca urmari necesare ale conditiilor exterioare, ci ca decizii ale inconstientului De aceea avem astazi o psihologie si de aceea vorbim despre inconstient Toate acestea ar fi cu totul de prisos intr o epoca si intr o cultura care au simboluri Pentru oamenii unei asemenea culturi trairea sau cercetarea inconstientului ar fi o stradanie inutila, caci inconstientul lor nu este altceva decat domnia linistita, netulburata a naturii Daca n ar fi existat mobilitatea si sclipirile sufletului, omul ar fi stagnat din cauza pasiunii sale celei mai mare inertia La Rochefoucauld anima ca arhetipul vietii Opozitia desert paradis semnifica opozitia insingurare individuatie sau evolutia spre sine In toate cazurile de disociere este necesara integrarea inconstientului in constiinta procesul de individuatie Daca nu psihoze continuturile inconstiente se elibereaza de controlul constient sau nevroze continuturile raman ascunse in plan secund, dar influenteaza constientul in nevroze este retrait acel arhetip care corespunde situatiei, deci intra in actiune fortele instinctuale ascunse in arhetip simbol vs arhetip interpretarea depinde de circumstantele personale vezi fantasma unui paranoic asociatia soare vant , regasita intr un text vechi grecesc p 63 Cineva poate fi sincer convins ca este liber de ideile religioase, dar nimeni nu se poate indeparta atat de mult de umanitate incat sa nu aiba o dominanta Arhetipul reprezentarii religioase are, ca orice instinct, energia sa specifica pe care n o pierde, chiar daca o ignora constiinta Ipoteza ca in inconstient exista un continut cu o puternica incarcatura emotionala, care intr un anumit moment este proiectat, devine inevitabila Continutul consta in motivul diadei, care ne spune ca intotdeauna masculinul si femininul apar impreuna in spatele diadei, perechea parintilor proiectia se realizeaza atunci cand un continut este inconstient aici, probabil imaginea supravalorizata mitica a parintilor, formata in copilaria timpurie teama de a nu pierde legatura cu premisele arhetipale ale constiintei dublarea parintilor biologici cu nasii, dubla nastere motivul mitic conform caruia eroul are atat parinti divini, cat si umani pierderea animei p 84 in a doua parte a vietii, dogmatism, pierderea flexibilitatii si vivacitatii arhetip Ideea lui Platon mostenirea nu a continuturilor arhetipale care nu sunt prea definite , ci a formelorARHETIPUL MAMEI nevrozele, nu neaparat provenind din influente traumatice, ci din dezvoltarea proprie a fanteziei infantile proiectia unor imagini arhetipale exagerate asupra mamei complex matern la fiica atrofierea hipertrofia instinctului matern sau amplificarea erosului relatie inconstienta incestuoasa cu tatal x.x sau identitatea cu mama complex de inferioritate si dependenta, sau apararea impotriva mamei la barbati interpretarea imaginii mamei prin prisma animei, deci complexul matern nu e chiar pur reforma crestina a conceptului de Dumnezeu de la Iahve dubios moral, la un Dumnezeu exclusiv bun separarea contrariilor, raul reprezentat de diavol, apoi gasit exclusiv in om Idealizarea este un apotropeism secret Se idealizeaza acolo unde trebuie exilata o teama copacul, simbolul unirii contrariilor sus josRENASTEREA pierderea sufletului slabire a tensiunii constiintei, diminuarea energiei ingusteaza orizontul spiritual printr un egocentrism in expansiune dezvoltarea unei personalitati negative, falsificare fata de cea originala fenomenul de posesiune de catre un anumit continut al personalitatii ex persona modul in care relationam cu lumea , animus, anima identificarea cu stramosii identificarea cu un grup proceduri magice de reinnoire, in caz de boala ex esti trecut printr o gaura in perete la capul patului, ti se da alt nume, baie baptismala, moarte figurata arhetipurile apar in mituri si basme, vise, fantasme psihotice starea psihica primitiva constiinta mai putin dezvoltata Primitivul nu poate afirma ca el gandeste, ci ca se gandeste in el teama de influente magice, datorita puterii inconstientului Starea spirituala primitiva nu inventeaza mituri, ci le traieste Daca arhetipurile nu pot fi cumva negate sau facute inofensive, fiecare treapta culturala a diferentierii constiintei este confruntata cu sarcina de a gasi o noua interpretare, corespunzatoare treptei, pentru a lega viata trecuta, inca existenta in noi, cu viata prezenta motivul infans aspectul preconstient al copilariei sufletului colectiv Constiinta diferentiata este mereu amenintata de dezradacinare, de aceea are nevoie de starea de copilarie inca prezenta tendinta progresista indeplinirea multor dorinte, cu pretul vinovatiei Inapoierea este apropiata de naturalete, dar si amenintata constant de o trezire dureroasa amenintarea reprezentata de balauri, serpi pericolul ca dobandirea constiintei va fi inghitita din nou de inconstient Din ciocnirea contrariilor intr un conflict interior , psihicul inconstient realizeaza mereu un tert de natura irationala, care este neasteptat si de neconceput pentru constiinta unirea contrariilor Identitatea nu face posibila constiinta, numai separarea, desprinderea si pasionata stare de a fi in opozitie pot realiza constiinta si cunoasterea Introspectia indiana a cunoscut de timpuriu aceasta stare de lucruri si a identificat subiectul cunoasterii cu subiectul existentei Conform atitudinii predominant introvertite a gandirii indiene, obiectul a pierdut atributul realitatii absolute si a devenit adeseori simpla aparenta Atitudinea spirituala greco occidentala nu s a putut elibera de convingerea existentei absolute a lumii Aceasta s a intamplat cu pretul semnificatiei cosmice a lumii majoritatea zeilor cosmogonici au natura bisexuala unirea contrariilor deci la barbat inconstientul e feminin anima de obicei proiectat asupra unei femei, iar la femeie, e masculin animus , proiectat asupra unui barbat Cand cei doi vor fi unul, si ceea ce e afara ca ceea ce e inauntru, si masculinul cu femininul, nici masculin, nici feminin intr o evanghelie gnostica arhetipuri ca elemente de neclintit ale inconstientului, dar mereu in forme diferite, pt ca sunt potentiale, nu continuturi Delirului de grandoare constient ii corespunde o inferioritate inconstienta, compensatoare, iar inferioritatii constiente un delir de grandoare inconstient personalitatea supraordonata sinele complet trairea legaturii dintre generatii contribuie la sentimentul eliberarii din timp animus apare deseori ca pictor, are un aparat de proiectie sau posesor al unei galerii de tablouri functie mediatoare intre constient si inconstient inconstientul contine imagini care sunt manifestate de animus ca imagini in alchimie sufletul Mercurius tantrismul sustine ca materia nu e decat determinatia gandului divin suflet vs spirit pentru omul primitiv, spiritul se afla in exteriorul sau apoi, coborarea sa in sfera constiintei umane arhetipul spiritului batranul arhetipurile, o parte pozitiva, dar si una negativa relativizarea contrariilor, ambiguitate morala animalul este intr un fel superior omului, pentru ca nu s a ratacit inca in constienta sa Legenda despre pacatul originar emanciparea eului constient este un fapt luciferic triada vs cuaternitate cuaternitatea este un simbol al totalitatii Triada e un simbol al opozitiei deci un potential de descarcare trei functii psihice, constiente a patra, inconstienta Basmul ca un produs spontan, naiv si nereflectat al sufletului nu poate exprima decat ceea ce este sufletul umbra , alcatuita din triada inferioara a functiilor psihice must read tipuri psihologice rolul incestului in alchimie si mitologie semnifica unirea contrariilor p 256 257, Jung fiind revoltat impotriva inconstientei modernitatii si a rationalismului Chiar si in patologie, punctul de vedere strict cauzal nu s a dovedit suficient, caci exista nu putine fenomene patologice care isi dezvaluie sensul abia la intrebarea in ce scop figura trickster ului lipsa de ratiune, caracter pueril umbra Cand se realizeaza o eliberare a constiintei de fascinatia raului si aceasta nu mai este constransa sa convietuiasca cu el, de fapt raul si intunericul nu s au evaporate ca un fum, ci s au retras in inconstient Daca constiinta este zguduita de situatii critice si indoielnice, atunci se vede ca umbra nu s a dizolvat in neant, ci a asteptat ocazia potrivita pentru a aparea cel putin ca proiectie asupra vecinului Din punct de vedere psihologic se poate afirma ca istoria culturii umane reprezinta incercarile omului de a uita transformarea sa din animal in om Paul Radin Bolnavul este inghitit de un flux de idei care atat lui, cat si omului normal, ii sunt straine De aceea il numim nebun nu ii putem intelege ideile Noi intelegem ceva numai atunci cand avem premisele necesare pentru aceasta Dar in acest caz premisele sunt la fel de straine constiintei noastre cum ii erau si spiritului pacientului Daca nu ar fi asa, el nu s ar fi imbolnavit niciodata psihic Autonomia inconstientului incepe acolo unde iau nastere emotiile Emotiile sunt reactii instinctive, involuntare, care tulbura ordinea rationala a constiintei prin izbucniri elementare Cu cat o emotie este mai puternica, cu atat de apropie mai mult de patologic, adica de acea stare in care constiinta eului este data la o parte de continuturi autonome si adeseori inconstiente inconstientul lume preconstienta ancestrala, dar si anticipeaza un viitor potential destin intuitia ca perceptie via inconstient Umbra coincide cu inconstientul personal AHA La fel cum corpul reprezinta un fel de muzeu al istoriei sale filogenetice, asa face si psihicul oul atat simbol cosmogonic, oul orfic al inceputului lumii, cat si oul filosofic, vasul din care la sfarsitul lui opus alchymicum iese Anthropos ul, omul spiritual si complet sufletul nu numai ca este asemanator sferei lunii, ci este prevazut cu ochi pe toate partile von Heisterbach, calugar fulgerul ca nasterea luminii , putere transformatoare in alchimie, procesul de indivduatie reprezentat ca opus analogie a creatiei lumii dragonul ca simbol al anului Mercurius crudus vulgi argint viu obisnuit si Mercurius philosophorum spiritul Mercurius rosul semnifica afectivitatea, albastrul procesul spiritual Pericolul caracteristic pentru femeie din partea inconstientului vine de sus, din sfera spirituala , care este personificata prin animus, iar la barbat vine din domeniul htonic al femeii lume , adica de la anima proiectata asupra lumii in imagistica, orientarea catre stanga indica in general o miscare spre inconstient, iar cea catre dreapta, o miscare catre constiinta apa ca o substantialitate a spiritului Dumnezeu este o sfera nesfarsita a carui centru este peste tot, iar circumferinta nicaieri Alain de Lille Pascal Idk Cei fara Dumnezeu merg in cerc Biblie se afla mereu la periferie, fara sa ajunga vreodata in centru sarea, simbolul intelepciunii, dar si a personalitatii deosebite, alese formarea cojilor in mandale caracter de multitudine si de moarte, simbolizeaza materia dar si rol protector carbunculus lapis ideea de matrix la Jacob Bohme, conditie sine qua non a tuturor diferentierilor, deci realizarilor, fara de care spiritul ramane suspendat, si nu intra niciodata in realitate pasarea simbol spiritual feminin ochiul ca model al mandalei ca semn zodiacal, racul simbolizeaza renasterea Este asociat cu luna Nimic nu este in intregime adevarat, si nici aceasta nu este in intregime adevarat contrariile pot fi tinute in echilibru doar daca centrul ramane ferm INTERPRETAREA unui proces de trasformare e cea care poate duce la patologie, nu procesul in sine sarpele personifica inconstientul pestele reprezinta un continut al acestuia trandafirul, echivalentul occidental al lotusului 5 e numarul omului natural, teluric vezi steaua cu cinci colturi 4, numar spiritual in alchimie, paunul e sinonim cu phoenix ul Rationalismul nu ascunde in niciun caz o constiinta superioara, ci doar una unilaterala Plutarh zice sufletul e numai partial in corp, iar in parte e in afara, pluteste deasupra omului ca o stea si reprezinta geniul sau This book took me considerable time to get through, in spite of the fact that I d read parts of it before, elsewhere I read it off and on as I had the attention to give it, and since my reading time is usually at the end of the day, I didn t always have the brain power remaining to give it its proper due, so I read easier things instead The final sections, on mandalas, captured my attention and sped me, relatively speaking, through the last hundred pages or so I m sure I ll be processing the contents of this book internally for a long time As usual I penciled some things, and I plan to go back through what I penciled and perhaps add to this review later I want to ensure that I m not dicing and slicing ideas by quoting or paraphrasing out of context So many of the ideas presented require extensive explanation, they don t lend well to pithy little quotes or statements.If what I ve said above makes you think, Oh, I don t want to read that It s too difficult a book, let me add that I will read this book again In fact, just in glancing through portions I penciled around in the introductory pages I realize how much I ll get from a second reading.This book as a whole brings home to the reader the fact that the unconscious isn t just something that might be good to be aware of, but that we ignore it to our detriment. What can one say about Carl Jung We are only beginning to really understand the complexity of the man and his theories He is certainly making sense to me as the years progress This book delves into the Archetypes, and collective conscious science is now proving exists This book defines the Shadow, which lurks among Jungs self and work. . Jung is a mystic who sounds like a scientist This is why his books aren t so dry that they leave you wishing they would just end Rather, your hope you must cling to is that you have the power to process the bulk, and then maybe get to all those notes and references to another thousand books and manuscripts in one lifetime.A difficult book, discussing many symbols that might give clues to all of us about where we re coming from I m just wondering if the twitteresque society of today still births children who can draw complex mandalas at age 11, as one example in this book.Anyway, the practical application of The Archetypes is that it made me start journaling again you know, using visual art rather than long paragraphs to express a state of mind or something you might be going through I haven t yet felt the need to draw a mandala, or maybe I m just censoring myself, as they re so incredibly detailed and revealing But yeah, drawing feels like a massage for the brain I highly recommend it either the book, or doodling with abandon