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Missf rst ndet In light of disgusting marital lives of politicians Gary Hart, Clinton, Kennedy, Schwarzenegger, Weiner, and John Edwards , I nearly passed up the chance to read this book I m glad I didn t.I liked how the premise of the story that is, the heroine and a divorced man and his son are forced to share abode in a small island allowed the romance to evolve in a halcyon pace I disliked however how the appearance of the aunt at the eleventh hour managed to save the day it s too contrived As always, I enjoyed the banter between the heroine Abby and hero Selby They injected humor even when they were fighting But I didn t like how she accosted him in Congress Her fury was excessive and she came off as a termagant.I liked that her relationship with the son grew from casual exploits like feeding the dog or fishing and not the typical saccharine production like saving a life Her bedtime story was one of the clever moments in the story But threatening to punch the boy s mother was over the top However, I remained ambivalent about the hero At best, he was pragmatic At worse, he was opportunistic Not only did he take advantage of her hospitality in the beginning, he used her identity to protect his public image at the end To paraphrase what Carl Sandburg said about politicians, Selby seemed to possess two hats one to talk through and another to pull rabbits or haddock out from. hmm..3.5 stars It was a fun read but the heroine tended to speak to herself A LOT it got annoying at times to listen to her inner dialog It was fun in Silence Speaks for Love by EG where the heroine was mute but here..not quite so attractive.Liked the dog in the book and a particular children s bedtime story that the h makes up about a rabbit in Egypt very cute.felt quite natural and some bits brought a smile to my face I just wish the book had been coherent. `READ KINDLE ✐ The Unmarried Bride ⇪ Tender Loving Care Abby Started To Walk Past Selby That S All You Need, She Continued DecisivelySuddenly His Long Arm Came Around Her, Pulling Her Back Until She Was Facing Him What Is It That You Want She Asked ImpatientlyThere Was A Guileless Look On Selby S Face A Bit Of Instruction, He Told Her, Tilting Her Chin Upwards He Bent Further And Touched Her Lips With His Tender Loving Care, He Whispered