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This one was better then the last ones I read I think because the plot was great and it had some really funny scenes in it No arguing about things, being upset yes but no really big arguments Which to me made this one a lot better The kirky side of the man David made this one bearable finding each other in the end the way they did and letting us know what happened at the end was great I think the surprise was her finding out who her favourite writer was I think David would know that it would surprise her It did me. @DOWNLOAD EPUB õ Loving Gift Ë I M Going To Marry Her, He D SaidJust Because David Kendrick Fell In Love With Jade At First Sight, It Didn T Mean She Had To Go Along With The Idea She Had Escaped To The Sanctuary Of A Devon Village And A Job Teaching At Her Friends School Because She Wanted Some Peace And Quiet, And The Last Thing She Needed Was This Impulsive, Handsome Man Turning Her Life Upside Down And Stirring Up Her EmotionsBut Jade Couldn T Resist David S Single Minded Pursuit Of Her, Even Though She Knew She Was Not Yet Free From The Terrible Shadows Of Her London Past 3 stelle scarseUna lettura molto carina e piacevole. Jade is working under another last name believing her mistake of falling for the wrong man is still ruining her life David comes to Devon to visit family and plays Father Christmas for his brother s school When he sees Jade he falls for her After Jade slaps him twice and gives him a black eye, he declares he s going to marry her and that it was a sign Jade can t help falling for David when he pursues her In fear that she can t escape what her ex fianc did, she runs With some wise advice from her friend, she goes back to find David They finally get together and Jade realizes that her ex can t stop her from being happy. 1.5Tipico Harmony d annata quelli a cui si deve l uso dispregiativo del termine Harmony.Questo poi veramente povero. Esta la le hace muuuuchos a os y me hab a gustado mucho Hoy la rele y no puedo m s que decir que Quiero un David Kendrick para m solita Forgettable. The hero heroine were so annoying that I dnf d on page 62 Also the storytelling was too slapstick farcical comedy forced in the telling The only character I took seriously was Wellington the cat It s story was told in a compelling manner. Couple of things 1 WHAT do I make of the instant attraction of the H for the h It s cute in the beginning but it reminded me of a little kid who wants a new toy and keeps at it until he gets itI can t help but wonder what s gonna happen when the novelty wears off cuz the H s first wife died before that happened.2 Despite that there was a cute little earnestness in the way he pursued her It was different than other HPs for sure.3 I finished the book in 40 mins That seems kinda weird for me to finish the story this fast, even though I am a fast reader Could it be that the material is kind of for a lack of better word simplistic to the extreme Possibly.4 Well at least the h is wearing a watch yes, I notice the weirdest things on the cover I like people who wear watches that s just me sodunno why I mentioned that here but okay5 There was humor in there so I m upgrading the rating from 3 stars to 4 stars cuz it s quite rare to find humor in HPs 6 In the end there were reference seemed deliberate to me of all the other people couples that the Bennett series involves Someone ought to tell these authors that a natural mention is welcome but not a forced summary that just ruins it