@Read Ø Der Lange Verborgene Freund, oder, Getreuer und Christlicher Unterricht fur Jedermann, Enthaltend: Wunderbare und Probmassige Mittel und Kunste, Sowohl fur die Menschen als Das Vieh Ä eBook or E-pub free

Seriously one of the biggest pieces of crap I ve had the misfortune to read The eschatologist in me enjoys reading some religious texts, but this Pow wows junk makes even less sense than normal religion Referencing Christian Gypsy Kings of Egypt and providing spells and charms for stopping bleeding none of which include things like applying pressure or anything remotely logical and preventing mortification gangrene and calumnification slander well, I realize this was written in a different, harsher era, but who would believe this Supposedly these morons still roam the wilds of Pennsylvania, preying on the believing and the short of common sense crowd I m thinking anyone who gets taken by them probably deserves it, since if you want to believe such a assinine mishmash of Catholic, Protestant, and Roma beliefs , it s on your head what happens to you. @Read ô Der Lange Verborgene Freund, oder, Getreuer und Christlicher Unterricht fur Jedermann, Enthaltend: Wunderbare und Probmassige Mittel und Kunste, Sowohl fur die Menschen als Das Vieh ⚣ A Collection Of Mysterious Arts And Remedies For Man As Well As Animals, With Many Proofs Of Their Virtue And Efficacy In Healing Diseases An Interesting Compilation Of Charms, Prayers, Preventative Measures And Remedies Centuries Old, Many That Had Never Been Published, Are Reproduced Here They Have Been Left In The Original Form They Were First Published, With Old Language And Symbols Left Unaltered After reading Vance Randolph s seminal Ozark Magic and Folklore, I wanted to learn about American Folk medicine My studies in Hoodoo led me to the Pow Wows of the Pennsylvania Dutch The Long Lost Friend was written in 1820 and is a collection of Pow Wow remedies from curing a tooth ache and consumption, but also how to make good beer, find lost objects, and protect yourself from bewitchment A mix of Ancient Egyptian, Native American, and Christian mysticism, just carrying the book itself is supposed to be a talisman against evil and injury I enjoy being introduced to old unusual words like calumniation and unbeshrewedly and how could you not love a book with the following advice Another Remedy for Hysterics and for Colds This must be attended to every evening, that is, whenever you pull off your shoes and stockings, run your finger in between all the toes and smell it This will certainly effect a cure. The book is a doorway to the 19th century s appraoch at magick The combination of pagan intuitive witchcraft with elements of Christianity is always interesting Also due to the book s Pocket Edition format and original intention the Long Hidden Friend is not only a book, but a nice talisman. LOVE THESE OLD POW WOWS Great book ,full of great old time pow wows and prayers and with faith are guaranteed to work,These pow wows are also for animals as well as humans ,must believe the Christian faith for them to work since all prayers are about the christ The author has also placed sworn testimonial s that his pow wows have worked on many people and who ever carries this book with them are protected from any type of evil and misfortune How many people were brought here from Keene s Dark Hollow books It s interesting, but I m not sure I could consider myself a powwow enthusiast, much less a practitioner. This is an extremely interesting read and I have looked forward to it for a long time but I think I set my expectations too high I blame Brian Keene with his Levi Stoltzfus books for this one J K, love his works The items within are not all attributed to Holman and were other items thrown into the book to either pad out its a very short span of pages or to just add in data from another set of folks that were along the same bent It s not that I expect to ever have to use these remedies or such, but finding some of these ingredients like the brain of a thief to protect against lost or stolen property or creating these charms with the items requested to save a woman from fits are just a little off This is such a wonderful little book of spells and recipes from the past It s a great little glimpse into what people in the past were thinking and their lives, as well as a good reference for today to play with.