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Levi ensinou me que as hist rias do Holocausto terminam sempre com perguntas E, sim, b rbaro escrever Poesia depois de Auschwitz mas vejam poss vel Costumo pegar neste excerto e dizer ao mundo o quanto gostava de ter sido eu a escrev lo E veio a noite, e foi uma noite tal, que se sabe que olhos humanos n o deveriam assistir e sobreviver Todos sentiram isso nenhum dos guardas, quer italianos, quer alem es, teve a coragem de vir ver que coisas fazem os homens quando sabem que v o morrer Cada um se despediu da vida da maneira que melhor sabia Alguns rezaram, outros beberam al m da conta, outros inebriaram se numa nefasta e ltima paix o Mas as m es mantiveram se acordadas e prepararam, com cuidado amoroso, o alimento para a viagem, lavaram os seus meninos e prepararam as bagagens ao raiar do dia, o arame farpado estava cheio de roupas de crian a estendidas ao vento, a secar e n o esqueceram as fraldas, e os brinquedos, e os travesseiros, e centenas de outras pequenas coisas das quais as crian as sempre necessitam N o fariam tamb m voc s a mesma coisa Se fossem morrer amanh com os vossos filhos, n o lhes dariam hoje de comer [[ Free Book ]] ⇪ Se questo è un uomo ☞ Na Noite De De Dezembro De , Primo Levi, Um Jovem Qu Mico Membro Da Resist Ncia, Detido Pelas For As Alem S Tendo Confessado A Sua Ascend Ncia Judaica, Deportado Para Auschwitz Em Fevereiro Do Ano Seguinte A Permanecer At Finais De Janeiro De , Quando O Campo Finalmente LibertadoDa Experi Ncia No Campo Nasce O Escritor Que Neste Livro Relata, Sem Nunca Ceder Tenta O Do Melodrama E Mantendo Se Sempre Dentro Dos Limites Da Mais Rigorosa Objectividade, A Vida No Lager E A Luta Pela Sobreviv Ncia Num Meio Em Que O Homem J Nada Conta Se Isto Um Homem Tornou Se Rapidamente Um Cl Ssico Da Literatura Italiana E , Sem Qualquer D Vida, Um Dos Livros Mais Importantes Da Vast Ssima Produ O Liter Ria Sobre As Persegui Es Nazis Aos Judeus It s hard to say anything about this magnificent book that hasn t been said many times before, so I won t even try but just write a note on why I have an abiding sadness when I think of the author.Primo Levi lived all his life in the house of his birth in Turin, Italy apart from when he was in the concentration camp Luckily he lived, just, through that awful, murderous year, and to all intents and purposes resumed the life of a chemist and author that the Nazis interrupted He wrote The Periodic Table , lauded as the best science book ever written Later he died from a fall down a narrow stairwell It has been argued this wasn t suicide, but who climbs over banisters and falls down narrow stairwells except on purpose As Elie Wiesel said, Primo Levi died at Auschwitz forty years later Alav HaShalom Rest in Peace dear soul Finished July 21, 2014 Reviewed Dec 21, 2014. This book is said to be one of the most important books ever written about Holocaust What I am referring here are not the history books but the first hand experiences written and narrated by the people who were there when the Holocaust happened Since I read a handful of these, I can t disagree I even think that, in some aspects, this could be the MOST important of them all.You see, Anne Frank wrote her diary at 13 while hiding in her house with her family so she was not able to include her harrowing experience in the concentration camp where she died The writing was innocent, poignant and endearing but did not contain much Victor Klemperer wrote his 3 volume diary but a good bulk of it was his experience trying to elude the authorities as he had an Aryan wife so, although he was asked to live in a ghetto, he did not experience being in a concentration camp Imre Kertesz wrote his quasi autobiographical novel telling the concentration camp experience of a 15 y o boy, Gyorgy George in Auschwitz but he disavowed the strong biographical connection of the book to his life even if he was 14 when he was sent with his family to the camp Last year, I was teary eyed when I finished reading Elie Wiesel s since it was too emotional and the writing was haunting However, Elie Wiesel was 16 during the Holocaust so he wrote from the perspective of a teenager What I mean is that given that the tragedy was all sad and harrowing, we already knew the perspective of a child or a teenager from Anne Frank, Kertesz and Wiesel, so I thought I also would like to have the perspective of a grown up survivor This now is what Victor Frankl in his clinical book and Primo Levi in this book, provide.In their books, Victor Frankl and Primo Levi recounted WHAT THEY DID TO SURVIVE I thought that this could have only been possible to come from thinking adults who are expected to be less emotional and rational than most teenagers.Victor Frankl says that to survive, one has to hold on to the image of yourself stepping out of the camp and going back to your life prior to the concentration camp Everyday, you think of yourself going back to your home, job, loved ones, hobby, etc These happy images are so powerful, they will give you reason to hope and live.Primo Levi is comprehensive and to the point He says three 1 organization 2 pity and 3 theft Levi survived using 1 as he was a summa cum laude chemistry graduate from Turin so he got lucky to be asked to work in the laboratory making synthetic rubber inside Auschwitz But in this book, he gave examples of the prisoners who thrived using the other two or combinations or all the three.That s the reason why I said that this could, indeed, be the MOST important book written about the Holocaust If it happens again God forbid , you have the tips on how to survive Those tips come from first hand experiences of people who experienced them I mean, well, it is nice to cry and be sad after reading a book, but it better to have something like a survival handbook too. Only an animal worries all the time about the next meal Naguib Mahfouz The desperation of the quote arising out of the idea that poor forced to live meal to meal might not be able to enjoy a human life can be found in Levi s memoir too It s title coming from the poem that beginsYou who live safe In your warm houses, You who find, returning in the evening, Hot food and friendly faces Consider if this is a man Who works in the mud Who does not know peace Who fights for a scrap of bread Who dies because of a yes or a noThough Nazi violence is mentionedhow can one hit a man without angerThe book is focused on the life of prisioners how they survived while constantly feeling hunger they would dream of food How they learned to live the life of stealth, as people in such desperation circumstances are forced to out of neccesity, nobody could survive the Auschwitz by being a nobel prisoner or by being altruistic to his fellow prisioners They would avoid work as far as possible even prefering being beaten to workingone does not normally die of blows, but one does of exhaustion, and badlyStealing things frequently from each other, trying to get up in the hierarchy that was present among prisioners N0t all prisoners were equal, there were class divisions among prisioners Jewish prisioners weren t the only one but they were the worst, there were transactions among Jewish prisioners as well as between Jewish prisioners and other prisioners using daily rations as a unit of currancy of this underground economy And there were informal classes among prisioners too based on where they come, based on numbers given to them the lower numbers and higher numbers etc And daily torments they had to go constant hungerOne can hear the sleepers breathing and snoring some groan and speak Many lick their lips and move their jaws They are dreaming of eating this is also a collective dreamthe uncleanliness as soap was a luxury only available to those who managed to steal it from somewhere , the rule of Jungle where you look up to someone who is able to have an unfair advantage even if he doesn t share it rather than questioning them on moral grounds view spoiler well, that applies to most captialist societies to some extent hide spoiler I will try not to overstate my feelings on this book I believe this is one of if not THE most important book ever written Everyone should read this book It details Levi s journey from his home in Turin to Buchenwald It is absolutely beautifully written Levi s style of writing is unlike any other I ve read It is detailed, incredibly intelligent, moving, poignant, and in some way almost detached from his experience, which makes reading about it all the moving and painful To hear him describe the horrors he saw and went through in such a third person sort of way is truly heart breaking All of his works are amazing, but this is the one that I recommend to all of my friends I ve bought several people copies of this book, because I feel it is that important We must never forget what happened And we must never allow it to happen again. Levi SS Aconteceu h t o pouco tempo mas metade do Mundo j esqueceu There have been so many reviews written on Primo Levi s Survival in Auschwitz that I have very little to add It has been said many a time that Survival in Auschwitz original title If This is a Man IS THE BEST OF ALL HOLOCAUST MEMOIRS, and it may very well be Primo Levi not only tells about his horrific experience, he also adds psychological and philosophical reflections, which make this Holocaust memoir unique I would like to endorse the following review found it to the point. ,.