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Book ♍ Doctor Daddy ♕

This is the second book I read Jacqueline Diamond To be honest I stoopped at chapter 8 because it I couldnt get into it I think the first book I read by this author was better. Book ♃ Doctor Daddy ☫ When Luke Van Dam Unexpectedly Gets Custody Of His Young Daughter, The Busy Obstetrician Has A New Mission To Be The Best Dad He Can Be Except He Can T Do It Alone So He Turns To His Good Friend And New Partner Fellow Ob Gyn Jane McKayTen Years Ago Jane And Luke Were Than Med School Buddies Until Jane Realized Luke Wasn T Ready To Settle Down Now The Ultimate Babe Magnet Is Becoming The Ultimate Baby Magnet He Just Became Guardian Of An Infant Girl Luke Knows It Takes Two Parents To Make A Familyand Now Jane S Planning To Start One Of Her Own Is The Cautious Single Dad Ready To Risk His Heart With The Woman He Loves And Who Is Changing Him Baby Step By Baby Step This upbeat story will leave you believing in second chances Another try at love for couples, siblings, friends and even pets. This book was okay I just never felt like the hero really was in love with the heroine even at the end of the book. I don t know why but I couldn t help being bored when I was a quarter of the way into the novel It seemed like everything just slowed down The story overall as a whole was indeed likable, however there were some points were I just lost all sense for the story My most negative comments would be, I felt very little emotion to the characters and the heroine was weak Just because of the hero, she decided not to get inseminated If I wanted a baby enough, I would of done it hero or not The silly part was at the time where she decided against it, the hero had no claim on her and didn t seem to want one Go figure.