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ALL I can say is put me on the next plane to Tahran and or MowaitiI m off to find me a Sheikh of my ownLOLMrs Jackson has done it AGAINI was TOTALLY wrapped up in the PLEASURE of Monty Jo s INTENSELY passionate mutual attractionand if you have NEVER read Delaney s Desert Sheikh then you are in for two HOT SPICY delightful treatsWARNING Have man or ICE WATER at hand Two for One in this story Delaney s Desert Sheikh 2 5 Delaney and Jamal, a Sheikh from an obscure Middle Eastern country, end up sharing the same cabin up in the mountains Delaney is a feisty, educated and modern independent woman who just finished med school Jamal is every bit the chauvinist who believes women should be seen and not heard and that women should only be wives or mistresses and no man should only have one at a time So Jamal comes across as a pretty disgusting piece of humanity given his views on things and for me, that kind of personality seriously decreases the attractiveness of the character He s pro infidelity, anti women s rights, and thinks Delaney, just because she s there, should be willing and able to pleasure him as soon as he demands it I don t care how hot a guy is, if his personality is reprehensible, he becomes ugly That is something I couldn t get past So even though I think he s the least attractive hero ever written at this point, Delaney doesn t think so.even though she hates his views, she melts into goo everytime he touches her Initially, Delaney is pretty admirable, sticking up for herself and making it clear that she has principles She states that she will not be third in a man s life after his wife and his mistress And yet, out of nowhere she begins to see him as honorable presumably since he won t deviate from his country s plan of marrying thus necessitating mistresses and all of a sudden she s in love with him and throwing away all her principles so she can be his mistress for the month while knowing he already has one at home and will be returning to her after he d done with her What happened to her fucking self respect anyway So Jamal does turn himself around and eventually falls in love with her, I couldn t forgive him his original personality nor her for abandoning self respect Oh and some of the tongue stuff is weird IMHO tongue is not sexy when the heroine is practically choking on itSeduced by a Stranger 2 5 Continuing with Jamal s family, we come to his little sister Johari, who is just finished with school and has to return to Tahran to go through with her arranged marriage to Sheikh Valdemon But she doesn t want to go through with it yet She wants two weeks to just have some fun, so she runs off Her fiancee is not amused and goes after her, but when he finds her he decides to have a little fun, seduce her and show her that he s in control before sending her back home to marry him Monty does just that He strings her along, seduces her and in all aspects becomes a reprehensible jackass I couldn t warm up to him at all He s a lot like Jamal actually When Johari indicates that she d like to learn how to please a man so that her future husband won t need to go to his many mistresses that he already has and she knows about , he has to do some quick thinking to get what he wants sex but not promise that she can be successful, since he has no intention of being faithful during their marriage He lies to her, laughs at her behind her back and dreams of how he ll have control and put her in her place once they re married Isn t he dreamy Johari in the meantime, is TSTL What idiot girl goes off alone with a complete stranger the day after meeting him And I don t just mean she went to a separate room or another club she hops a plan and travels to his private villa in Brazil the day after meeting him because she trusts him This is how women get murdered by serial killers Not smart at all Now as naive as she is, she falls for him hook, line and sinker It isn t until the end of their time together that Monty starts to realize he shouldn t have lied to her and that maybe she woudln t forgive him so easily Well, he had nothing to worry about Sure she gets a bit pissy, but she forgives him within 10 minutes of finding out what he d done RME The man needed to feel a lot pain than that. What a hot story There was no lack of romance in this book It was so hot, I felt my own temperature rising The characters were fun, and I enjoyed the bringing together of two cultures There were so many good points to this book, and am happy that I am continuing with the next in the series, Seduced by a Stranger.A very entertaining read, for any romance lover out there Definitely on my recommendation list Tantalizing [ Free Book ] ☢ Wrapped in Pleasure: Delaney's Desert Sheikh / Seduced by a Stranger ♭ Two Westland Novels One Classic And One New From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Jackson Delaney S Desert SheikhA Mix Up In Delaney Westland S Vacation Plans Forces Her To Share A Cabin With A Tall, Dark And Oh So Handsome Sheikh Who Is Bent On Her Seduction Jamal Ari Yasir Intends To School Delaney In Sensuality For His Own Pleasure But Instead Of Loving And Leaving Her, He Becomes Enraptured By An Irresistible And Unforgettable Passion For His Sexy As Sin Roommate Can The Arrogant Sheikh Convince His Secret Lover That They Are Fated For Than Just A Summer Fling Seduced By A StrangerJohari Yasir Has No Interest In Returning To Her Homeland To Marry A Man She S Never Met At Least, Not Without Sowing Some Wild Oats First And When A Handsome Charmer Offers To Whisk Her Away In His Private Plane, She Impulsively Accepts Rasheed Valdemon Is Shocked That His Bride To Be Would Fly Off With Someone She Barely Knows Even Though He S The One Doing The Asking More Surprising Is His Hunger For This Lovely, Rebellious Woman Yet What Will Happen When She Realizes She S Been Seduced By The Man Who S Destined To Be Her Husband Wrapped in Pleasure is the second book that I ve read by Brenda Jackson This book contains two novels stories Delaney s Desert Sheikh and Seduced by a Stranger I enjoyed reading both stories due to the fact that the main characters were African American and Middle Eastern There aren t many romance novels that feature African American women And I ve never read a romance novel where the main male characters are of Middle Eastern descent Both stories were quick easy reads The leading women were independent and headstrong The men were domineering, sexy and sultry The sex was okay, a little on the cheesy side The men in both stories loved French kissing to the point where each kissing scene had the men shoving their tongues down the women s throats Because of this, I skimmed through the majority of the love making scenes I had the same issue with a previous Brenda Jackson novel that I had read and reviewed, Irresistible Forces I guess that s her thing it s not mine In both novels, the women were virgins and I was taken aback by how quickly they gave their virginity to the men they were with And another issue I had with the novels was the disregard of using protection I know this is a romance novel and it s all about the sexual tension and interaction between the characters but the lack of condom use to prevent diseases and pregnancy turned me off You can be sexy and still be safe. There are 2 stories in this book written by Brenda Jackson Delaney s Desert Sheikh Delaney Westland is looking forward to going on her vacation She arrives at her vacation cottage and finds out there is someone else there Sheikh Jamal Ari Yasir is handsome and sensual He makes plans to seduce her and they end up sharing their vacation destination When the vacation ends, will he decide to keep her in his life and in his arms for good Seduced by a Stranger Johari Yasir is due to marry a man in her home country whom she has never met She thinks she has dodged her family who are watchful of her for two weeks of freedom She goes out dancing and meets a man who she has instant chemistry with She takes a chance on having fun with him Sheikh Rasheed Valdemon has found his fianc He is surprised when she accepts his offer, especially when he is a stranger to her He decides to teach her a lesson on the proper etiquette of being his wife In the end he is the one who learns a lesson.Love Ms Jackson s books This one is no exception. Story GOODIntimacy Level GOODEnjoyment GOOD5 STARDeleany s story, that book never gets old to me and I always love reading the coming together of both characters This is a very engaging story and the way the characters are developed throughout the book I also have to say the introduction of Thorn, Delaney s brother, in the book soooooooooooooo sexy as well as all her brothers make for a good book and start a wonderful series.4 STARSSeduced by a stranger, now I love this book but not the paste of it certain parts were ok to me but still a wonderful read I have read Deleany s story so long ago I forgot who Johari was but after re reading Deleany s story it refreshed my memory But I still enjoyed everything as it all was a good read.Would recommend both book, especially Deleany s story.http So My first introduction to the Westland clan was Delaney s story and there is much note taking taking place Delaney knows what she wants and she has worked hard to make those choices for herself Now, she takes it all in and runs with it not matter the consequences.Johari Yasir is young, head strong and not ready to return to her homeland to marry a man she s never me Now steps in her idea of sowing some wild oats first and maybe getting a little experience to take to her new husband Rasheed Valdemon makes her idea possible but there is something that Johari does not understand I found both stories of Sheikh love to be both beautiful and inspiring in a sense, not the religious type. Seduced by a stranger was good but unrealistic she went away with a mere stranger and had sex with him not knowing she was suppose to be married to another I don t know if that was a smart thing to do but it was a good fantasy Thats what I love about it sometimes you wanna read something thats just perfect in every way Foe entertainment purposes I would say that for sure The desert Sheikh was a good read as well very entertaining I m glad to still hear tidbits about the characters in each book they kind of tie in together giving subtle up dates on Jamal and Delaney s marriage and there kids I will be reading the next books about Delaney s brothers.