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[Free Kindle] ☱ One Year to an Organized Financial Life ⚖

I checked this book out from the library as part of my quest to organize my finances to save for a house, and it was wonderful The advice is just incredible for organizing everything that has to do with your finances I am so buying this as an e book to have on my nook to start right at the beginning in the new year. A good playbook for getting your financial house in order. [Free Kindle] ♈ One Year to an Organized Financial Life ☩ Do You Constantly Feel Anxious About Money Have Unopened Credit Card Statements Piled Up On Your Countertop Are You Forever Losing Receipts For Items You Meant To Return In An Economic Downturn Taking Charge Of Your Financial Well Being Is Crucial Than Ever One Year To An Organized Financial Life Is A Unique Week By Week Plan To Make Saving Money Simple, Automatic, And Stress FreeFor Decades, Professional Organizer Regina Leeds And Financial Advisor Russell Wild Have Helped Thousands Of Clients Get Their Lives In Order Using Leeds S Zen Organizing Approach, Which Addresses The Underlying Causes Of Chaos And Replaces Them With Routines, They Now Show Readers The Steps To Improving Finances Within A Manageable Timeframe From Sticking To A Budget To Getting Out Of Debt, Curbing Spending To Maximizing Retirement Savings, One Year To An Organized Financial Life Makes It Possible For Anyone To Live Richly On Less I like the zen organizing approach of this book and that it is a year long project, not an overnight fix I got some great practical information on what kind of paperwork I need to save vs toss, how to create a good organization system for important documents, and how to correct errors on credit reports, etc There is also information on investing, mortgages, insurance, saving for college, so something for everyone. Very helpful. It is a good monthly book to get you on the right track to getting your finances organized It covers all twelve months and gives you weekly things to concentrate on. A great deal of good information about organization, budgeting, retirement, etc Anyone could find some part of the information in this book helpful in improving skills The two author s different strengths make this book very useful.Find One Year to an Organized Financial Life at the Westminster Public Library. An interesting collaboration between a professional organiser and a financial planner One of the best things about the book was the website references I had to keep it out a little overdue to go back through the book and get all the sites bookmarked Helpful organization tips especially for dealing with taxes and record retention Worthwhile read, not earthshattering but with some helpful nuggests and ideas. Confession I started skimming halfway through Once again, a book aimed towards people who are firmly mid upper class Where are the financial books for people at or below the poverty line I ask Most of the advice here is laughably useless sure, I ll sell that RV that is collecting dust in my yard or is common sense pay off your credit card every month, duh The keep shred list and a few of the organizational tips were useful, which is why this gets 2 stars instead of 1. I m conflicted on this book in one sense it really is exactly as it claims a one year plan to get your financial health in order A collaboration bw a professional organizer and CFA, this book delivers Halfway though it gets incredibly dry and not as well written and I have a feeling Russell Wild the MBA is to blame I actually like Regina Leeds writing she asks really interesting and probing questions to make one reflect on what is truly valuable The book is set up as a calendar year for tax purposes and prob t take advantage of NYE resolutions I def so recommend this book as an overview to finances and general financial health but skim the sections you don t really need A good solid resources and a nice addition to figuring out a tailored financial plan.