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The Cracked Mirror picks up where The Hollow People left off, with teenager Dante Cazabon, recently escaped from the asylum island where he and his friend Bea grew up, realizing his potential to tap into the Odyllic Force, a power to act outside of time and dreams The country is controlled by the possessed Dr Sigmundus, who rules citizens through drug induced mind control The story opens with Dante searching for Bea and trying to reunite with the Puca, a group of freedom fighters The narrative switches between Dante, Bea who has been brainwashed and is now working at a museum dedicated to Sigmundus , and new character Nyro Along the way, Dante discovers new powers and learns that he has a guardian angel and a long lost twin brother, the evil Gallowglass.The first book in the series, which seemed to borrow from The Matrix and Lois Lowry s The Giver, showed some promise However, this sequel is sloppy and has little appeal This book is a classic case of being told, not shown, through below average dialog and convenient plot devices Characters are quickly introduced and go out of their way to assist Dante and Bea without any cause It s almost impossible to become emotionally invested in Dante because he is such a flat character The chapters focused on Bea, Nyro, and Gallowglass have a bit drive, but not enough to justify continuing this series There s another cliff hanger ending, which might throw readers, but will most likely not encourage them to read the next book. , Brian Keaney , Keaney ,. , Braian Keaney , Keaney Keaney 186 15 10 200 186 , Keaney , Keaney 500 20 Crazy ending [ FREE PDF ] ♿ The Gallow Glass ☪ Governada Pelo Tirano Dr Sigmundus, Gehenna Um Pa S Onde As Leis Devem Ser Obedecidas Sem Questionar E Onde Ningu M Pensa Por Si At Sonhar ProibidoA Partir Do Momento Em Que Dante Cazabon, Um Rf O Sem Amigos, Descobre O Od Lio, Uma For A Com O Poder De Parar O Tempo E De Modificar O Tecido Do Universo, Ele Passa A Liderar Uma Rebeli O Que O Ir Conduzir S Fronteiras Da Vida E Da Morte, Assim Como Ao Cora O Do MalNas Profundezas Do Od Lio, Uma Nova Esp Cie De Mal Est Prestes A Nascer O Espelho Quebrado E Apenas Dante O Poder Deter Mas, Para O Conseguir, Ele Ir Confrontar Se Com Uma Escolha Terr VelDante Est A Monte, Bea Prisioneira E Ezekiel Encontra Se Ferido As Coisas N O Parecem Correr Nada Bem Para Os P CaE O Cen Rio Ir Piorar Okay, de volta saga de As Promessas do Dr Sigmundus e a mais um livro, o segundo da trilogia, que s d para descrever como mau.And yet, continuo a achar imposs vel parar de ler ou, pelo menos, n o querer saber como que a hist ria acaba Mas que terr vel, sem sentido, mal escrito e all and all pura perda de tempo e desperd cio de papel L isso.Tome se como exemplo os meus sentimentos em rela o a outro livro Catcher in The Rye Esse livro, tal como disse na altura, n o me encheu as medidas Uma hist ria esquizofr nica com um personagem principal que faz da esquizofrenia eufemismo Cada palavra irritava me e dei gra as quando finalmente cheguei ao fim.Com O Espelho Quebrado n o foi a mesma coisa N o gostei e provavelmente a pior saga que j li na vida Explica es e plot lines inseridas a martelo penum tico, personagens a aparecer do nada s para que o personagem principal se safe mais uma vez para depois voltar a acontecer outra coisa qualquer, com o seu qu de suspense, que volta a levar a hist ria pelo caminho que estava antes, mas com uma adi o qualquer Dante ganha novos poderes, ou Bea afinal super importante para a hist ria, ou afinal h um irm o g meo Essa do g meo matou me A s rio, como se j n o houvesse sillyness suficiente no raio do livro, bora l incluir um g meo mal fico que se chama Gallowglass da o t tulo O Espelho Quebrado tradu es, enfim.Diz na badana lateral do livro que o Times considerou este livro Um extraordin rio exemplo de escrita, com uma atmosfera envolvente Como n o especificaram que Times era se o de Nova Iorque, Washington ou de Davenport, no Iwoa, eu vou arriscar e dizer Davenport Ou Kenosha, Wisconsin Alguma cidade do g nero.Porque a verdade que o Times mentiu Brian Keaney escreve, n o de modo exemplar e nem sequer em c rculos, mas sim em elipses Ou tri ngulos Talvez quadrados Ainda n o percebi bem.Agora, vendo bem, este livro como aqueles filmes de s bado ou domingo, que vemos quando temos pregui a de nos vestirmos para sair e ficamos de pijama o dia todo, a comer que nem pequenos alarves N o tem qualidade, a hist ria mal contada e os personagens perdem estrutura a cada minuto Mas queremos saber o final Apesar de j desconfiarmos n o temos a certeza.E essa incerteza que vai, com toda a certeza, levar me a ler o 3 volume, a desiludir me mais uma vez com Brian Keaney e a n o me importar assim tanto. I really enjoyed the first book and was disappointed with the direction the second book took the story.Part of the appeal for me with the first book was the archaic dystopian society The asylum setting of the first book was eerie and fascinating, but once the characters escaped from the controlling society on the island the story struggled.The Odylic force that became a prominent focus in the books seemed like a weird mix of science fiction and magic that was poorly thought out and used The authors explanation of the force was very wishy washy and confusing It is treated like this amazing holy grail of science magic and only the lost son of the famous scientist that discovered it can save everyone Think Luke Skywalker and the Force, but badly done I found myself skipping over parts when characters talk about meditating to enter the Odylic field.Characters that could have been fascinating just were not developed Everyone was a chlique character you d find in any work of fiction the lost hero, rebellious love interest, all wise mentor, etc I found most of the characters a bit annoying, especially when we were shown their inner dialog The traumatic events that could have shaped a unique person were instead just used to tie the books together Remember when you were tortured in the asylum back on that island we escaped from in book one Yeah, that sucked I found finishing the book difficult, because I wasn t enjoying the story any but wanted to know what happened I was sadly disappointed. So, you know that feeling when you ve been on a merry go round too long, and you stubble around the play ground, head spinning, and bump into other equipment You can focus for a moment on the swing set, before the spinning overwhelms you, and you thud into the teeter totter That s what this book is like The opening chapters are so diverse, so abstract, and so strange, it s all terrible confusion Finally, when part 2 arrives, one is pulling some sense of the story together, but the book is only 144 pages, and part two shows up on p.93, so you need some serious fortitude to get to that point Reading 2 3 of a book and still feeling clueless is extremely irritating Ironically, part two is entitled The Answer I didn t read the first book in this series, but I m a firm believer in the concept that a book should stand on its own, within the series Still not sure whether this series could possibly stand on its own The book is told in 3rd person narration with a stilted, formal diction.The cover is nice though In fact, it s probably the best thing about this book.I m giving the cover two stars The book doesn t really have any It wanted to be an epic fantasy novel, full of interesting characters It s got enough characters, but none of them are developed, including the protagonist The book feels a kilometre wide and a centimetre deep No satisfaction with this one Skip it and save yourself the wasted hours I read every page, so you don t have to Trust me. Once again this was a re read for me I had to go back and read book one and two of this series after reading book three Out of the three I have to say this was my least favorite I thought the plot was slow at times, yet at others it moved too fast One of these times was when Ezekiel fought Luther or Gallowglass, I thought that scene could have been longer Again I liked most of the characters in this book, Dante was still my favorite, next to Ezekiel for how they acted bravely And Bea s character improved greatly in this book, instead of being a whiny girl who wouldn t accept facts she now is able to comprehend things that are going on around her and she bravely fights back However I really disliked Luther s character, he just bothered me from the start, and I also felt that his friendship with Nyro just wasn t shown enough for me to care about what happened to him Nyro makes it clear that he was best friends with Luther but when we first see the two of them we really don t witness this and afterwords Luther has already started to become Gallowglass I also don t understand how he died or why he jumped.Though this series is great I feel not enough is explained within each book Luther wasn t explained very well at all, and then Set most definitely wasn t explained well at all And since I read the third book already I know he never really does get explained well Besides the lack of explanations and some annoying characters I still enjoyed this book and series very much Opini o no blog a leitura deste segundo volume tinha grandes expectativas N o esperava, por m, que a desilus o fosse t o grande Esta uma est ria desconexa, confusa e apressada, que me retirou toda a motiva o para ler.Os protagonistas mant m se unidimensionais e perderam todo o encanto Safam se demasiado r pido de qualquer alhada, sem grande sacrif cio Novas personagens s o adicionadas, que pouco ou nada acrescentam est ria e apenas servem como adere os.A est ria n o acrescenta nada de novo, os acontecimentos sucedem se rapidamente e por vezes sem grande coer ncia l gica O autor n o parece capaz de escrever com emo o e, consequentemente, eu, como leitora, n o senti qualquer emo o a l lo Onde est o medo perante os planos mal volos do vil o, a tristeza perante a morte de personagens, a felicidade quando o bem triunfa A quest o essa, n o est l nada disso.A escrita b sica, sem descri es e di logos que soam a falso apenas serviram para potenciar o sabor amargo com que esta leitura me deixou Sem querer ser maldosa mas o nico aspeto positivo deste livro o facto de ser pequeno, pois poupou me algumas horas de tortura liter ria Provavelmente apenas vou ler o terceiro volume desta saga porque j o comprei, quando me sentir particularmente masoquista.