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A few favorite parts It s not always sunny here But I have to admit that it feels like it s always sunny here Missing Persons, Chapter 16What about food Raoul asked Help yourself to whatever s there, the guy had said.The only food in the Airstream cupboards, it turned out, was a yellow box of cornstarch, a rusty can without a label, and an old margarine tub that was half full of something that resembled ground chiles.The water from the faucet smelled like a rat had peed in it.Raoul had decided it was a good day to start a cleansing fast. Missing Persons, Chapter 56 Make My Day Missing Persons, Chapter 73This isn t the best in the series, but it opens a window into my beloved town of Boulder, and in particular, in this instance, the famous case of Jon Benet Ramsey Missing Persons also includes a life changing event in the life of Alan Gregory s co worker, Diane which will play a role in future installments. I had read one other book by Stephen White and was not impressed I really enjoyed this book, much better than the first Probably will go back and catch up on the rest of the series. When Alan and his work partner Diane discover a fellow therapist dead in her office, they get pulled into the mystery, as one of the dead woman s patients is missing That Alan has a patient that ties in with this missing teen comes as no surprise The issue of therapist patient confidentiality is hammered into the reader, and Alan goes against his own code of ethics to help solve the case Alan s wife makes her usual condescending and wenchy remarks, and is an altogether horrible woman. Great book about a missing person But as others go missing we are left wondering how these are linked A real attention getter My 1st book by this author, but I was thoroughly entertained. I really liked the first half to 75% of this book But I don t know something happened at the end As other reviewers have noted, characters were introduced without too much development and showing where they were going.A lot of this is built on the Jon Benet Ramsey case a Boulder case but her name is never mentioned. If I could give a half star, this is one of the books where I would choose to do so I d give this 3.5 stars I found this book to be enjoyable It was a good story with enough twists and turns that I didn t figure out whodunit or how it would all end, which made it fun I also really enjoyed all of the insight into Dr Alan Gregory s character, given that the author is a psychologist Being a counsellor myself, it added to the enjoyment The main criticism I have is that the author clearly thinks the reader will forget on each page that there is a confidentiality expectation between therapist and patient I could have stood slightly less of that being drilled into me every time there was a thought that Dr Gregory had about the ethics of the situation On the whole, this was a good enough book that I think I will try to go back to the beginning of the series and follow it from there I am curious about whether or not this is a series that got better with age, or is starting down the backside. Dr Alan Gregory gets mixed up in some crime and mayhem for the thirteen time in author Stephen White s, Missing Persons Published in 2006, this suspense thriller delves into the world of schizophrenia Two seeming separate story lines feature characters who show signs of schizophrenic behavior Taking place as Christmas day is ending, teenager Mallory Miller turns up missing from her home Mallory s father Bill works along side with the Boulder P.D to get the word out on his missing daughter The curious thing is if someone kidnapped her why is the snow around the Miller house untouched by foot prints Meanwhile Alan and his practice partner Diane Estevez go to visit Psychologist Hannah Grant Arriving at Hannah s office Alan and Diane find her dead Hannah was also the shrink treating Mallory Miller before she disappeared Alan and Diane have problems and a confrontation with detectives Janis Sclocum and Darrell Olson who want to initially pin the death on Diane One of Alan s regular patients Bob Brandt who has a schizoid personality seemingly wants to insert himself in the Mallory Miller case Meanwhile Diane heads off to Las Vegas in search of Mallory s schizophrenic mother Rachel who has a wedding obsession Mom Rachel goes to dozens of wedding weekly in Las Vegas Alan must but heads with Bill Miller who was briefly a patient years ago It appears that the Miller s next door neighbors seem to be involved in Mallory s disappearance Alan turns up at the next door neighbor s house several times enraging Bill Miller Before long, Bill, Bob, Diane, and some wannabe gangster from Vegas have this story topsy turvy With a lively plot that moves quickly through some emotionally tough situations this is an engaging read Just missing 500 pages paperback, Missing Persons , may be one of the top five books in author Stephen White s Alan Gregory series Along with a reluctant sidekick Detective Sam Purdy, and wife ADA Lauren Crowder the gangs all here in this psychological yarn Three stars out of a possible five stars for, Missing Persons 3.50 Stars This one did need some serious editing 500 pages was easily 100 125 pages toooooo long Overall a good read in a pretty good series check it out. &Free Epub ↟ Missing Persons (Dr. Alan Gregory Novels) ↟ The Stakes Have Just Been Raised For Psychologist Alan Gregory His Friend And Fellow Therapist Hannah Grant Has Died At The Office, Mysteriously And Suddenly The Police Are Baffled, Leaving Another Apparent Homicide Unsolved In Boulder, Colorado Only Alan Has The Means To Decipher Hannah S Clues, A Quest That Will Take Him To Las Vegas And Lead Him To Question The Integrity Of Those Closest To HimThe Clock Is Ticking As Alan Tracks One Of Hannah S Most Elusive Patients Has She Been Kidnapped, Or Is She A Runaway The Answers To Both Cases May Be Locked In The Mind Of A Patient He Has Been Treating For A Schizoid Personality Disorder In A Maze Of Dilemmas That Could Cost Him His Career, Or His Life, Alan Takes A Bold Risk That Will Have Listeners Racing To The Stunning Conclusion Of Missing Persons Story line good, book a bit slow.Alan Gregory is at it again in a familiar story of a missing girl in Boulder Colorado A girl goes missing from her house, a mother left years earlier, a father trying to hold things together Add a dead colleague, a missing friend and a police detective and you have Missing Persons Stephen White puts together an interesting story but this one jumps around a lot and keeps important facts from you throughout the book I love the series and I will finish it but this one was not my favorite of the series. We picked this book up second hand plus in paperback while traveling I remember reading reading White s first book years ago before the trend of professionals writing fiction starring people in said profession In White s case the profession is psychologist His protagonist, Dr Alan Gregory assists the police solve one crime after another but his psychologist code of conduct ethics always complicates matters A pretty good series for fans of the genre.