^EBOOK ☠ Debbie Bliss Tips for Knitters: Stitches and Seams to Finishing Touches ⇳ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

This is one of the best knitting books that I ve read There are all kinds of tips and tricks an the illustrations are done well It s perfect for a beginner or advanced knitter Kind of disappointing and a bit of a waste Everything in here can be found comprehensively in a good beginner s knitting book or on the internet Could also have been better organized Best to check out Stitch n Bitch again than go through this. What a great reference Lots of great info and easy to read diagrams for specific stitches including how to repair dropped stitches Any level of knitter could use this, but of course beginners would find it invaluable Another useful little knitting reference. Small enough to carry in your knitting bag, Debbie covers all the basics, how to fix problems and avoid them Includes instructions for most basic knit patterns as well as some knitted edgings A good reference book for knitters. ^EBOOK ⇫ Debbie Bliss Tips for Knitters: Stitches and Seams to Finishing Touches ☜ From Debbie Bliss Comes This Handy Little Book Of Tips And Hints, Which Is Aimed At Both New Knitters Who Want A Quick Reference Guide To The Basics Of The Craft, And Experienced Knitters Who Want To Improve Their Techniques And Begin To Create Their Own Ideas Debbie Takes You Through The Basics, From Choosing Your Yarns, Casting On And Off And Simple Shaping, Through To Complex Procedures Such As How To Incorporate Buttons And Beads Into Your Creations She Also Offers Her Top Tips For Helping To Correct Common Errors With Beautiful Photography And Simple Illustrations Guiding You Through The Processes Step By Step, This Is The Perfect Book To Have In Your Knitting Bag At All Times