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I gave this 3 stars, but it slike 3.5 really You really have suspend disbelief for this one that a survivor picked up wouldn t be airlifted ASAP, that a captain would have quite so much free time etc However, this is just such a sweet, lovely romance, that neither that nor the rampant caveman tendencies of the hero didn t actually mean I enjoyed it less Lovely, romantic quick read. Danielle s review says it all 1.5 stars Boring story using vague communication to create conflict The kidnapper story had potential but it wasn t told.REVIEWER S OPINION Eric describes himself page 266 I call the shots, it has to be that way I m not a negotiator It has to be on my terms I won t change can t Can you honestly say you ll be able to live like that Follow my rules and obey me No career and be a mother to my children, stay home and raise them I have cave man ideals and I ll not change The first thing that crossed my mind was that he ordered others not to talk to Abby about an investigation It was poor judgment on Eric s part for spoiler reasons I won t go into Yet he expects a wife to always obey him without question He will make mistakes in the future This didn t sit right for me I can accept a caveman story at times, but this one didn t work for me.Major problem author used vague communication to cause conflict between Eric and Abbythan once The major separation between them made me angry Both he and she assumed things that were inaccurate about each other This was not interesting writing.The secondary story was Gail filing a false sexual harassment claim against Eric I would have preferred that the author gointo the Seyed story That could have been interesting Seyed kidnapped Abby and wanted her and the baby back I wanteddetails and depth about the kidnapping, her year with Seyed, and what might happen after her rescue by Eric But that story never gets told.DATA Story length 294 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 3 Setting 2004 ship in the Northern Arabian Gulf Copyright 2008 Genre contemporary romance. Eckhart has achieved something special here her gripping, modern day fairy tale has made a romance fan out of me The novel will send you to bed dreaming of your own knight in shining armorif you can put it down to go to bed Suggesting that your husband read this book with you would probably be futile But any of your friends who has a romantic bone in her body will fall in love with it If you re looking for a sweet escape, The Captain s Lady is a must read readhere A Captain s Lady A Military RomnaceFrom the first few pages, the author captivated me with Abby and Eric s love story I liked the navy ship s setting and the diverse characters that Ms Ekehart presented to us It was romantic, but at the same time the suspense was drawn out and she mixed the sweet with the salty Her heroine found her perfect hero and for me, it s why I read romance Mimi Barbour Vancouver Island, Canada The first chapter of The Captain s Lady drops us in the Northern Arabian Gulf in 2004 with Abby Carlton She s obviously hot, thirsty, and in pain But why And what is it she s so afraid of Who s coming And just to make thingsinteresting she s pregnant But how in the world did this pregnant girl end up stranded on a dinghy in the middle of the ocean You d be hard pressed not to give into your curiosity and read on to answer these questions andthat are sure to be ignited by the vague first chapter of this love story Lorhainne Eckhart does such an excellent job of baiting the hook, you d be surprised to learn that The Captain s Lady is her debut novel Eckhart does an impressive job of character development and plot execution with one particularly surprising twist of the sub plot And she has a knack for using a razor sharp descriptive voice that pulls the reader into the story I felt like I was on the ship watching the story between the knight in shining armor character Eric and our damsel in distress Abby unfold I have never been a huge fan of romance novels, but Eckhart s book has made a fan out of me The tale is gripping, romantic, and vivid The story reads like a modern day fairy tale, and it will make you want to believe in fairy tales again, and send you to bed dreaming of your own knight in shining armor if you can put it down to go to bed Wives suggesting that your husband read this book with you, would probably be futile But all your girlfriends with even a romantic bone in their body will fall in love with it If you re looking for a book to escape to The Captain s Lady is a must read, you ll find yourself somewhere else completely distracted from your own problems every time you pick it up.Dominique RambertFounder of Mommy *DOWNLOAD PDF ⇬ The Captain's Lady ☞ Captain Eric Hamilton Is A Powerful Force In The US Navy, Having Earned Himself A Reputation Of Being A Hard Nosed Chauvinist He S Commander Of The USS Larsen, A Destroyer, Currently Deployed In The Persian Gulf During Operation Iraqi Freedom Abby Carlton Has Just Escaped From The Man Who Held Her Captive For A Year Abducted While Traveling In Paris, She Was Given To An Arab Man As A Gift, Until One Night She Makes Her Desperate Escape While On Patrol One Morning Captain Eric Hamilton Discovers A Dinghy Floating Aimlessly Abby Is Found, Battered And In An Advanced State Of Pregnancy, Lying In The Bottom Of The Dinghy From The Moment She Lay On The Deck Of His Ship Her Honest Innocence Finds A Way To Penetrate His Hardened Heart But Time Is Running Out Eric Is Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault And The CIA Wants Abby And The Baby For Bait To Flush Out Her Captor, Who Is Suspected Of Recent Terrorist Activity In The Gulf