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[Read Book] ♿ Mad Blood ♾

I actually really enjoyed the story and the MCs and would have given stars if the story was fleashed out a bit and there was of a build to the love parts instead of the insta love Maybe I missed something by not reading the first in the series but it was an M F book so I skipped it.Looking forward to reading of the series. 3.5 starsI didn t read the first book because it s m f, but I really like this series so far I suppose I ll make myself read the next one and just try to skip the m m f parts. [Read Book] ♶ Mad Blood ♙ Ever Since Being Released From The Paranormal Prison That Served As His Home For Ten Years, All Dante Wanted To Do Was Pick Up The Pieces Of His Shattered Life Once One The Most Respected Vampires, He Now Is A Shell Of What He Used To Be, Both Emotionally And Socially Taking Shelter With A Rebel Band Of Drone Vampires, He Has Given Up Any Hope Of True Happiness Then When He Least Expects It, He Finds Himself Drawn To Another Vampire Young And Innocent To His Dark Desires, It S The Last Male Dante Ever Thought He Would Want Not Wanting To Corrupt Another, He Tries To Deny His True Feelings Then After A Few Stolen Taboo Touches, Dante Can No Longer Fight The Urge To Claim His Mate La dee dah, reading these completely out of order and I don t care Proofreading issues sighThe story isn t bad The characters are actually a bit built up.I kept waiting for a legit Dante insane scene, and it never happened Annoyed me Right cock tease, that is, telling us he s completely bat shit crazy and then having him be not actually off his rocker. Since his release from the paranormal prison he was held in for ten years, Pure Blood vampire Dante Toren has yet to find the peace he so longs for Leaving his brothers and the rebel Drone clan they now live with, Dante searches for some kind of mental and emotional equilibrium When Dante is captured by some sickeningly evil monsters, rescue and redemption come from a most unlikely source Brenden is everything Dante never knew he wanted, and the last vampire he should have The young, innocent warrior soothes the darkness in Dante, and soon the attraction between the two is too much to resist And when the repercussions of Dante s rescue take hold of Brenden, it s up to Dante to protect the male he wants as his mate.Stephani Hecht ups the stakes in this sexy Drone Vampire Chronicles tale Mad Blood is everything I have come to expect from one of Ms Hecht s books It s action packed, sensual, and fun with two irresistibly gorgeous heroes I fell madly in love with Brenden is sweetness and light wrapped in a lethal, brilliant package He s innocently sensual, which is a fascinating compliment to his military strength and razor sharp mind it s easy to see why Dante is so attracted to him As for his mate, I was eager to see Dante finally find the peace and happiness he so craved The two males made me sigh over their romance even as they raised the heat in the room with the force of their desire for one another.Fans of Ms Hecht s Drone Vampire Chronicles will delight in seeing their favorite characters once in Mad Blood, while new readers will be able to follow along with ease and will surely want to read the previous tales after enjoying this one Gripping from beginning to end, Mad Blood is a winning combination of eroticism and heart that left me fully satisfied and eager for the next Drone Vampire Chronicles book Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed. Great readI really enjoyed the book , the storyline was wonderful and the way you got to learn about the character s I can t wait to read the next book I would LOVE to give this four stars but the glaring errors made me want to punch someone in the face I would have been less angry if this had been a self pub Unfortunately, it wasn t I m kind of surprised that an editor or a proofreader didn t catch the missing words or even the typos And it is extra frustrating because I actually like this book It feels a little insta love ish but there s the whole mates trope so I was fine with that I liked Brenden, though And I liked Dante as well The story was on the short side but that was fine I also liked the world that the author created I was wondering how on earth the humans remain in the dark about all the supernatural beings that seem to be around but thenHarry Potter.soyeah By the end of it, I didn t end up enjoying this as much as I could have because I was too busy growling that tried was spelled as tired for the fourth time And I shouldn t be doing that I should be buying the next book of Instead, I m glaring at goodreads and typing this review Debating on picking up the next book but I might have to calm down first Just started re reading this series While I love the characters, plot, and environment, the plethora of editing errors in the edition I have was a shock I ve revised my review from 4 stars to 2.75 because it was so painful I just re read several of the Lost Shifters series and the editing was average but much better than these If it has been edited and re published, I would have to re purchase them which I won t do So good story, seriously disappointing editing.When I gave it 3.75 4 stars originally, I was really eager to be reading stories in tbe M M and gay romance genres Years later I still love then but would like them to be stronger, better edited, so that people get into it without being distracted by the autocorrected misplaced words, grammar inconsistencies, etc This is the 2nd book of the series and the second book I read I first read book 5 Like my review for book 5, the series is a continuation where each new book seems to pick up where the previous left off However, since the 1st book features an m f couple, I jump immediately into this one resulting in missing the first time Dante and Brenden met Nevertheless, there are still bits of information about what happened between them in book 1 so I am okay with it.I think both Dante and Brenden are great characters I always love the idea of reformed bad boy when he meets the one and realizes he falls in love Dante is described as bad boy Brenden, on the other hand, is of a geek But Brenden loves Dante from the very beginning, so even if Dante never notices him before, Brenden always thinks that people misunderstand Dante and he does whatever he needs to do to correct that assumption I think their relationship is really enjoyable to read.I might miss the immediate continuation of their story in book 3 since it contains m m f, ewww but book 4 will still have them as well as introduction to Zeke and Ethan, which will take front seat in book 5 So now, I m jumping to book 4 Mad Blood, the second book in Ms Hecht s Drone Vampire Chronicles, continues the escapades of the Toren brothers as they fight and fuck their way through the paranormal world Dante, the middle brother, finds his mate, Brenden, thus ending his role as clan whore Unlike the first book, Blood Lust, Mad Blood doesn t expose us to any M F sex scenes, and I am grateful for that However, I ve been warned that the third book isn t so kind, and in fact evolves around a M F M relationship Maybe this series should have a Bisexual label on it I give Mad Blood three stars.