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A Gorgeous, lovely romance and another favourite from Tamara Allen who has a talent for building wonderful atmospheric stories I could almost smell and feel that I was there with Ezra and Morgan Jack the Ripper is a big feature and a gripping addition to the story, loved the way Ezra and Morgan teamed up to investigate the murders The institution where Ezra ends up briefly, is terrifying and spine chilling in its desperate hopelessness, a horrible place for anyone who has the misfortune of ending up there I really liked all the secondary characters especially Hannah, who blossomed from Morgans attention, he eventually gets Kathleen to see Hannah in an new light and treat her as the little girl she deserves to be There is no doubt about it though Ezra is the one for me, shy, cute, clever, understanding and an admirable friend to adore and love Highly recommended, only don t go into it thinking hot sex, there isn t any, its a slow burn romance and its dreamy. 4.5 Stars Now that s what I call a one eighty Or should I say an eighteen eighty eight I love time travel stories, especially the unintentional kind Outlander Jamie Frasier will always be one of my favorite book boyfriends , so I was a bit disappointed when this book and I were off to a somewhat rocky start I can be stubborn as a mule, though, and I simply refused to give up on my second book in a row Sometimes stubbornness pays off big time and this book turned from a nearly miss into a gem that ended up on my favorites shelf.FBI Agent Morgan Nash, on an assignment in England that almost turned out to be his last one, is saved at the very last minute by a spell that throws him back into the nineteenth century Into London, 1888, to be precise Stuck in time and in an alien surrounding, but with three contrite culprits at his side determined to reverse the spell Morgan suddenly gets sidetracked Not only by one of the most fascinating mysteries in the history of mysteries or unsolved murders in that case I can t really blame him since this is something that fascinates me as well and no, I won t tell you , but psst Google knows But also by Ezra, the person mainly responsible, for his backfall in time and someone who is fighting his own ghosts quite literally Both men form a bond that could easily pass the confines of time but it s almost too late until Morgan discovers that home can be a person, not a place or a time in which he suddenly does not seem to belong any longer.What a sweet sometimes bittersweet love story Slowly but surely I should create a made me cry my a off shelf Especially during the last 15% tears were streaming down my face and even if it was late at night, I just had to know if these guys will find their HEA As soon as Morgan landed in the past, I was hooked and could not put this book down And it s a looooong book The dark and gloomy atmosphere of Victorian London casted its own spell over me, the mystery plot like I already said kept me on the edge of my seat, although it happened due to underlying suspension than action itself and how Morgan and Ezra solved the case without changing history was absolutely brilliant, so kudos to the author First and foremost, though, it was the love story that enthralled me It s pretty low on the steam, but it didn t bother me At all I loved both men, especially Ezra, so I will definitely revisit them again someday. Well surprise, surprise Downtime is one of my favorite books of the year and for none of the reasons that I love other books No steamy sex scenes.No action.No angst.No fast pace.Instead, it was a slowly rolled out, beautifully written love story about time travel, 1888 London, friendships, transformations, and Jack the Ripper Not an obvious recipe for a winning read, but Tamara Allen produced just that.I love Morgan, Derry, Kathleen, and Hannah I also love creepy George, mystery Sid, and broken Jem But most of all I love Ezra sweet, patient, witty, smart, capable, gifted And though the ending view spoiler wrapped itself up almost too conveniently into a love conquers all happy ending hide spoiler I just spent the whole day reading this 500 page beauty, and I loved every second of it This book really had everything for me It mixes time travel, historical fiction, a sweet m m romance, and fully developed plot Thank you Tamara Allen for giving this romance a SLOW BURN There was no rushing, everything was built up at a wonderfully delicious pace The chemistry felt real and the 19th century world was described beautifully I have nothing but praise for this book My one wish is that it was a bit higher on the heat factor it is a pretty clean romance but that is just the dirty side of me coming out This book was a gem and I m sure it will be on my list of books I re read from time to time. I like Susan s review of this book And though we disagree in our rating I would like to echo her main points about the book No steamy sex scenes No action No angst No fast pace And add some from me Annoying sub plot Boring and uninteresting investigations The book is very long It could have at least 100 pages less without a negative influence on the plot A very sterile romance Morgan Nash The most uninteresting figure in the book His figure iscolourless and flat But it was sweet and terribly cute and well written And I feel sad that I couldn t enjoy it as much as the most of my GR freinds But I m not a big fan of a very sweet fairy tale like fantasy Even if Tamara Allen did a good job trying to create a credible atmosphere of the 19th century in London.It was like a nice original Disney movie that was turned into a TV show with 5 Seasons each of them consisted of 20 Episodes And, of course, with a typical Disney s HEA view spoiler Though I would prefer if Ezra could come with Morgan in the future I m sure they could live much much better in the 21th century as a gay couple than in the 19th century And I just can t buy this sweet friendly surroundings of London in 1888 Yes, I HAVE to think about the hygiene possibilities in the past and some nice pleasant small things that make our life in the 21th century much better than in the past And I don t even talk about homophobia hide spoiler Lot of things going on in Downtime, that made it a very enjoyable read for me Time travel Morgan Nash, an abrasive FBI agent, is sent to London on a case that almost gets him killed at the British Museum when a spell sends him back to 1888 Paranormal this messy situation is due to Ezra inadvertently or maybe not reading a spell from an old manuscript As the sweet and patient gentleman he is, Ezra pledges to do whatever he can to bring Morgan back to his time Wait, why paranormal, then Because Ezra is a psychic, haunted by all these ghosts surrounding him since his childhood Historical while searching for the spell manuscript that has gone missing, Morgan discovers the Victorian age, its codes, its society and the foggy streets of London And can t resist the opportunity to investigate the most popular and unsolved crime of all centuries Romance there is no love between Morgan and Ezra at first They are so different but even if Morgan s brain is slow to compute, his heart and actions speak volume about the bound gradually forming with Ezra Granted, there is almost no heat yes, what a shame , but damned, the chemistry is there and the relationship is never overshadowed.It s well written with endearing characters and a delicious atmosphere It kept me engaged until the end and intrigued about the HEA No fear there is always sunshine once the rain stops and the fog disappears.PS Thank you, Simone, for putting this in my radar, and THANK YOU , Lisa for this surprising gift 3 |DOWNLOAD PDF ♁ Downtime ⚖ FBI Agent Morgan Nash Has A Hard Time Believing That A Magic Spell Has Swept Him Into The Past, Especially Considering That In His Own Time He Was Facing Down A Bullet Now He S Facing Down A Bunch Of Nineteenth Century Dabblers, Whose Ancient Spellbook Goes Missing Before They Can Send Morgan Back Where He BelongsChief Among Morgan S New Friends, Ezra Glacenbie Is Than A Little Intrigued With His Visitor From The Future The Attraction Between Them Is Undeniable, But Their Growing Relationship Has Than A Few Roadblocks, Including Ezra S Disownment, The Investigation Of A Serial Killer, And A Little Family BlackmailFinally, Morgan Just Decides It Would Be Best To Go Back Home, Back To His Own Life And Time, Finding It Too Hard To Believe In A Love That Came Out Of Such Extraordinary Circumstances When He Gets Home And Looks Into The Past, Though, He Finds That He S Left Ezra Just When The Man Needs Him Most Can He Get Back To The Past In Time To Save Ezra S Life 4.5 stars Tamara Allen is an auto buy author for me She has just the right touch with a historical romance, making the settings and characters feel relatively authentic and yet not alien, giving rich description but not so much it feels overworked or intrusive In this book Morgan Nash, a modern FBI agent is transported back in time to 1888, where he meets Ezra, who sees ghosts Morgan is cool, brash, determined and abrasive Ezra is quiet, sweet, honest and haunted And gay in a time when that is even less accepted than it is today.At first Morgan s one thought is to get back home to the future as fast as possible, but the book containing the necessary incantation is missing, leaving him stranded until it can be found Morgan initially feels only skepticism and disdain toward Ezra, considering him a con man Gradually Morgan comes to believe Ezra is in fact an honest psychic With his growing affection toward both Ezra and the interesting secondary characters around him, Morgan becomes and wrapped up in the events of the past Being a dedicated, or perhaps obsessed, law enforcement officer, Morgan insists on trying to solve a historical mystery that is now fresh on his doorstep In the process of attempting to use Ezra s communication with ghosts as a forensic tool, their acquaintance quickly becomes friendship and then For me, both men seemed initially a little flat It was the first encounter with the ghost of Sully that brought these characters into focus for me, showing Ezra s strength behind the sweetness, and Morgan s heart behind the brusque facade I was quickly invested in them and their relationship.The plot is complex and kept me guessing I had one moment where a cliff hanger phrase at the end of a chapter was irritation than suspense but for a long time I wasn t sure how things would work out The mystery was almost incidental, and I would have been just as happy if Morgan had failed to solve it since the solution fell into place a bit easily But as a device for pushing our MCs together, ramping up the stress and danger, and forcing cool Morgan out of his complacency, it worked well. I m really not one for historical reads but Tamara Allen has converted me as long as she is the writer This is my second book by her and it will not be my last Her writing skill is amazing She can bring to life the past OK as you can gather this will be another ramble rather than a detailed review lol.This wonderful story mixes the present with the past in a way that is totally absorbing.First we have a beautiful love story between Ezra and Morgan You wont find any detailed sex scenes or corny sex dialogue in this book, instead you will find a quiet love building between two men that live in a time of extreme danger should they be found out Next you have a mystery story full of clever twists and wonderful imagination on the authors part After all just who hasn t dreamed of going back in time to find out just who the Ripper really was lol Brilliant.The author did a fine job of showing us both the dark side of this era, the poverty and grime of Old London, and the affluent side, with the cheerful boarding house and respectable gentlemen residents view spoiler Although one of the most tense scenes for me involved the Insane Asylum I could almost feel and smell the cold dank place I was reading as fast as I could to get out of that place Lol hide spoiler 4.75What a wonderfully romantic read I do enjoy a good time travel story and this has a lot of elements that so worked for me Great MC s who were flawed but charming, a strong historical element with an interesting paranormal spin on time travel and well fleshed out secondary characters with an engaging storyline I loved the slow burn here but I admit to being worried about how things were going to turn out So much so that view spoiler I had to skip ahead to make sure that everyone lived and the MC s were together I m such a sap but I was really, really worried When I saw that Morgan had gone back to his own time alone it was sooo upsetting hide spoiler