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Notorious 80 s Neo Nazi terror manifesto that has exploded in popularity today Almost every lone wolf Nazi terrorist in resent years has read this book Siege is based in American Neo Nazi philosofy mixed with the serial killer Charles Manson s Nao Nazi ramblings, creating a accelerationist theses where the only way to gain power in US is by using terrorism and mass killings to destabilize the American society and its governement Accelerationism is used also by ISIS The goal is to first destroy the country by a violent brake dowsn of society and then siege power by being the most brutal paramiliary group in a completly obliterated country This is exacly what happened to Syria and the concequences are horroble The books arguments are crazy and ultra violent, it felt like i was reading a manifesto written by Batman s Joker vilan Even killing children and using nuclear weapons is pondered here as serious praxis The whole Neo Nazi philosphy presented here is basically based on conspiracy theories and occultism that just shows how racism can led people to consume lies and falsehoods, just to feel good about its own prejudices and fears. Download E-pub ⚓ Siege : The Collected Writings of James Mason ☧ Siege Is A Book Collecting The Articles Of American Neo Nazi James Mason, Former Leader Of The National Socialist Liberation Front And Universal Order It Collects The Text Of Mason S SIEGE Newsletter And Other Propaganda, Arranging It According To Topic It Places An Emphasis On Gaining Power Through Armed Struggle Rather Than Political MeansIt Was First Published By Storm Books In , Edited And Introduced By Michael Moynihan It Was Republished, With A New Preface By Mason And An Introduction By Ryan Schuster, In A benefit of studying extremism is understanding the limits of thought within a given society At some point, it becomes impossible to go further from the mainstream without devolving into absurdity and self parody All cultures have an outer limit, beyond which it is simply not possible to go and still be able to communicate to others within that culture In the context of a thoroughly theocratic culture, the concept of agnosticism is unthinkable gibberish while the idea of an enemy of God in the form of a Satanist may be the only way to make sense of the idea In the context of cosmopolitan neo liberalism, neo Nazism quite possibly represents that furthest outer limit to most people The neo Nazi is the Satanist of the above example No matter how they put forth their arguments, they are clearly the enemy of all the values of the society they live in, and their positions come across as gibberish when they travel beyond certain bounds James Mason abandoned those bounds decades ago, and now he has traveled into a realm most people will read as self parody James Mason, you see, is the primary advocate of welding neo Nazism with the philosophy of Charles Manson This book is the collected issues of his newsletter of the same title, both of which represented the organizations he started the National Socialist Liberation Front and the Universal Order.I put organizations in quotes not only because I suspect that neither ever had than a single actual member, but also because Mason is not truly an advocate of organization in the traditional sense A revolutionary against the world as he finds it, he is convinced that having clear leadership hierarchies, membership lists, lines of communication, etc would only weaken the fight against The System one does wonder whether this approach also allows him to delude himself about the number of people who agree with him NSLF was actually a hand me down revolutionary cell structure, founded by another neo Nazi Joseph Tommasi who finally became frustrated with the legitimate American Nazi Party s inability to influence anyone As the Nazi ideology becomes increasingly unacceptable, of its adherants gravitate towards violent solutions out of desperation Few, however, are as consistent about it as James Mason, who celebrates serial killings and outbreaks of violence from any source, because it hastens the final collapse of the System as he sees it When an unnamed stalker was randomly killing black children in Atlanta, the pages of Siege celebrated it Mason exulted at acts of racial violence in Oroville, California, Greensboro, NC, and elsewhere during its run as well He spoke with revolutionary Communists and Black Power advocates, trying to learn strategy, but also finding their hatred of the System congenial to his perspective than the complacency of Right Wing conservatives He also genuinely tried to make sense of the acts and thoughts of Manson, who eventually cut him loose and asked him not to contact him any Even Charles Manson may have found Mason a bit too extreme, it seems This book is clearly not for everyone, and it probably won t even make sense to most Mason s writing, particularly in the early years, is untrained and hard to follow His thoughts are certainly unruly and often unpleasant But, in order to understand the land in which you live, there is something to be said for traveling beyond its borders and looking back at it James Mason is about as alien a viewpoint as you re likely to find I only tried to read this book because of all of the read siege memes I encounter on the daily from white nationalist idiots.I made it about half way through before I put the book down Repeatedly, it reads as an ultra paranoid and negative perspective on the world Mason also encourages forms of terrorism against the system as the only way of moving against the ZOG There isn t much to learn from the book, other than what an edgy could be school shooter teenager would write from some anonymous account on 4Chan.I wasn t really impressed with the book It s basically just a long winded promotion of terrorism Mason basically tells the youth to gun down some immigrants, or blow some stuff up I m probably on a FED list for writing this review now, oh well. This book was mentioned in the chat during a live broadcast on Twitch by the channel noteggman. Bullshit nazi propaganda inspiring acts of terrorism by psychotic idiots I read this after seeing all those READ SIEGE memes on 4chan, fully expecting it to be some mind blowing treatise on contemporary national socialist thought instead of just being a compilation of random and repetitive articles from the author s old mail order magazine but that s what you get for believing the hype, eh What limited praise I could give Siege would be that it provides a good if not bias chronology on the history of the American Nazi Party from the author s point of entry in the 60s and the movement s constant problems with leadership amusingly referred to as Furher Syndrome and lonewolf style violent radicals throughout the 70s and 80s And there is also a funny story about the author and one of his colleagues, both open Neo Nazis in their respective communities, being invited to a labour meeting by a leftist organiser with a Jewish girlfriend because he the organiser felt that they had common ground because they were all socialists.Overall, however, Siege was very boring to read and provided next to nothing except a glimpse into the extent of the author s bitterness at life instead of any real conception of revolutionary stratagem or thought. Siege was a newsletter zine published during the 1980 s by National Socialist James Mason The book is or less a 460 page compilation of those writings in a beautifully put together hardback book, or at least the Black Sun published version that I have is This book contains truly revolutionary writings, not the typical anal retentive stuck in a time warp right wing racist b.s Mason completely rejects the old racist right wing and instead embraces no longer living figures from the so called movement such as George Lincoln Rockwell and Joseph Tomassi and hails people like Joseph Paul Franklin and Charles Manson as white nationalist revolutionaries He even founded something called The Universal Order long since defunct which claimed Charles Manson as the most important figure in the white nationalist movement and received a full endorsement and input from Manson himself for U.O This did not exactly endear Mason to the David Dukes of the world to say the least Ideologicly this book is great mainly because it completely rejects the right wing He or less advocates the idea of completely dropping out of the system and being out of the flow of mainstream society as much as possible or becoming a full blown underground revolutionary and doing whatever that may entail Besides that this book is full of Masons reflections on his time in the movement , dealing with being monitored by law enforcement, news clips, operating as a lone wolf , profiles of various notorious lone wolves , much about Charles Manson and even a reprint of Rockwells Fable of the Ducks and Hens , among other things From what I have been told Mason has since done time for having sex with underage girls and become a Jesus freak so he isn t exactly the most stable or virtuous person but that doesn t change the fact that Siege is a great book I think even if you disagreed with everything Mason says from his viewpoints on race to his political tactics you would probably find Siege to be an engrossing read even if its just for the level of extremism that Mason expressed in his work, plus he is just a good writer. I love the rhetoric, however voting left is NOT a political strategy I endorse We ve already seen that things can get REALLY bad before the breaking point is achieved We have communists teaching small children about transgenderism for s sake.