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Dinah gets her story in Bluegrass Blessings as she meets Cameron Rollings.Once again Allie does not sugar coat bakery owner, Dinah Hopkins, story. This was my favourite book of the series I like how it showed Dinah and Cameron meeting cute , but then not even realising they were even attracted to each other until later on after friendship had a chance to grow between them.I also liked how the character of Mayor Howard Epson a figure who d been lovingly mocked in previous books of the series was portrayed I actually came to like him as I understood his motives better @KINDLE ⚷ Bluegrass Blessings ⚸ Everyone In Middleburg, Kentucky, Lines Up For Baker Dinah Hopkins S Cinnamon Rolls Everyone Except Her Handsome New Landlord, Cameron Rollings The Jaded City Man Doesn T Like Anything About Small Town Life From The Fresh Air To Her Fresh Baked Snickerdoodles And He Clearly Considers Dinah As Quirky As Her Eccentric Oven The Way To Cameron S Heart Is Not Through His Toned Stomach But The Lord Led Him To Kentucky Corners For A Reason And Dinah Plans To Help Him Count His Bluegrass Blessings As much as I wanted to like this book b c its about my home state and an inspirational bookIjustcounldn tgetthroughit Get my point According to my Kindle,I made it through 35% before I just gave up and returned it to the library, knowing I would not finish it Blah Bad writing, in my opinion It just wasn t written in a way that made me WANT to turn the page I wasn t interested in the storyline or the characters I tried. it was excellent Dinah Hopkins and her Taste and See bakery take a hit when her landlord sells the place on the spur of the moment Will the new landlord, Cameron Rollings, Ty Coot muck things up for her or make her see God s plan for their lives. Pretty standard faith based romance I liked the characters and the small town setting. I really enjoyed it Good story. What I like most about Pleiter s stories romance is that they seem true to life Which means, no eye rolling on my part. This third book in the Kentucky Corners series is a very sweet romance that proves opposites attract.