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!READ DOWNLOAD ♨ Content Critical: Gaining Competitive Advantage through High-Quality Web Content ♪ The Term Bible Is Now Highly Over Used In Reference To Tech Books But If It Weren T, That S How I Would Categorize Content Critical Rowan Wilson, Knowledge Management Review This Book Is Highly Recommended It Belongs In Every Design Library It Should Be On The Reading List Of Every Course In Web Design Any Web Designer Who Plans To Be In Business Five Years From Now Should Read This Book Design Research News, J An In The Age Of Information Overload And Content Glut, How Do You Get People To Read What S On Your Website The Modern World Runs On Content And The Web Is Fast Becoming The Medium Of Choice For Content Delivery Increasingly Business Is About Getting The Right Content To The Right Person At The Right Time And Making A Profit Out Of It Content Is Critical Content Critical Will Change The Way You Think About The Web If Part Of Your Job Involves Writing Original Content To Be Placed On The Web Product Support Material, A Marketing Pitch, Or Internal Communication You Re Part Of A Publishing Process Think Of Your Website As A Publication And It All Begins To Make A Lot Of Sense Think Of The Person Who Visits Your Website As A Reader And Your Objectives Become Clearer Content Critical Explains The Theory And Practice Of Producing Reader Focussed, Compelling Content It Includes Highly Detailed, Practical Advice About What It Takes To Build A Professional, Content Oriented Website, Including Classification, Navigation, Search And Content Layout It Shows You How To Organize A Publishing Team And How To Create A Web Publishing StrategyDiscover What High Quality Content Really Is, And Learn How To Create It Content Critical Will Help You Discover The Key Skills Required To Write Compelling Content For The Webunderstand The Rules Of Publishing Content Onlineknow How To Appeal To Your Online Readersdevelop An Effective Internet Communications Strategybuild Publishing Skills Within Your Organization Written in 2002, Content Critical needs an updated edition to remain relevant For instance, the author refers to search as a non productive addition to the Web at one point Google would beg to differ Too much space is devoted to navigation information architecture when these problems were solved practically right after the book was published Not saying there isn t good info in here about content publishing, but it needs a fresh coat of paint. Obviously some of the references are dated the book was published over ten years ago, after all but the principles generally remain true This book helped me come up with several ideas for new content for my office that we re already beginning to implement Despite references to blue underlinked hyperlinks, I found this very helpful. Favorites Content is costly to creat, edit and publish.7 things readers want from your website 1 to be able to find things2 your advice3 up to date, quality content4 relevant and straightforward content5 to do things6 to interact7 privacyQuantity is often the enemy of quality publishing Less is invariably.Publishing team Publisher Managing editor Editor Copyeditor Writer author Contributor Moderator Information architect HTML coder Graphic designer System administrator junior programmer Usability expert Marketing executiveThe 5 stage publishing strategy approach1 Situation analyses2 Publication scope definition3 Information architecture design4 Building the publishing team5 Publishing technology design