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~FREE PDF ♎ The Legend of Banzai Maguire (2176 Series, #1) ♁ This Book Belongs To The Old, Out Of PrintBook Series There Is A Much Newer Version, Now ABook Series CalledFreedomThe YearWhile Flying A Peacekeeping Mission Over North Korea, Air Force Pilot Bree Banzai Maguire Is Shot Down Instead Of The North Korean Troops She Expected, She Finds Herself Captured By A Mad Scientist And Put In Bio Stasis When She Wakes, Everything Has Changed It S , The World Is In Crisis, And She Is A Hotly Contested Prize Once, Banzai S Job Was To Protect Democracy Now A Mysterious Voice Claims She Must Bring It BackThe YearUCE Commander Ty Armstrong Is A Decorated SEAL, Combat Veteran, And Part Time Treasure Hunter Seeking One Elusive Prize Has Become A Personal Obsession For Him Banzai Maguire, Who Was Never Found After Her Mysterious DisappearanceYears Earlier His Quest To Find Her Remains Takes Him Into Enemy Territory Where He Discovers That Not Only Is She Very Much Alive, He Might Have Already Fallen In Love With Her But Before He Can Bring Her To Safety, They Are Captured By The Charming, Yet Ruthless, Emperor Of Asia Ty Vows To Escape With Banzai At His Side But His Captor Has Other Plans For Him And For Banzai Maguire The Legend of Banzai Maguire TLoBM is a re release of what I consider a terrific Susan Grant novel This was originally a part of a series of novels by different authors, with Susan Grant writing two this one and The Scarlet Empress, which is a continuation of the story started in TLoBM After reading this re release, I went back and skimmed over the original story It was amazing to see how little updating the story needed Still incredibly relevant and fitting And the jet piloting descriptions in the first couple of chapters are awesome and make you feel you are there in the cockpit with Banzai TLoBM is, in brief, about a female USAF jet pilot that gets shot down and captured in North Korea Her captor is not the expected North Korean government however, but a mad scientist who puts her into a suspended animation, only something goes wrong and instead of being revived within a couple of weeks, Banzai is awakened 160 years later She is quickly embroiled in a struggle between the United Colonies of Earth including the former USA and the Asian Empire, embodied in the two men responsible for her rescue handsome Tyler Armstrong, UCE commander and treasure hunter who located and revived her, and the very charismatic Crown Prince Kyber, ruler of Asia, who is responsible for getting her the medical care necessary to bring her back to full health and reintroduce her to the world of tomorrow in which Banzai finds herself The shape of global borders may have changed, but the game of politics seems familiar I won t say anything of the story because I don t want to give away spoilers I will say that I think Banzai has the potential to be one of the strongest female characters Susan Grant has written I say potential because I really don t think she was given enough opportunities in this story to show what she can do it needed to be a longer story While she does eventually show her metal, I think her healing process and adjusting to the world of 2176 takes a little too long in terms of how much of the book involves this because storywise it happens fairly quickly really A little less figuring out what s going on and following along with what others tell her and a littlekicking butt and taking names would go a long way to showing her potential Bottomline While the 2176 Freedom Series isn t my favourite of the many series Susan Grant has written, The Legend of Banzai Maguire is a classic in every good sense of the word Susan Grant story that you can t go wrong with Highly recommend it I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Luli, for your amazing insight Because of our buddy read, my awareness was elevated when I read The Legend of Banzai Maguire for a second time I just wish we could have figured out what the differences were between the original paperback and the new, longer and re edited Kindle version.We both agreed that new readers should avoid the prologue As it was somewhat revealing start at Chapter 1 In 2006, Bree Banzai Maguire along with her wingman, Cam Scarlet Tucker, were pilots flying in the Korean demilitarized zone when they were shot down and captured In itself, this was unsettling because of what is currently happening between the US and North Korea Except that a mad scientist was the perpetrator.Very quickly, Bree finds herself in the year 2176 She wants to find Cam alive and two men they are enemies want Captain Maguire Each for a different reason I agree with all those readers who thought Bree accepted her situation willingly I expected greater trust issues She might have put upof a fight It was interesting to note Bree s comment on genetically altered food a hint of GMOs today and the countries that made up the UCE, United Colonies of Earth, versus the ruling power of Asia And, lastly, what eerily happened to Australia, Pakistan and India and their surrounding countries My description it was a futuristic time travel that included apocalyptic militaristic overtones with a light romance What a mouthful I know it is a must read if you attempt the entire 5 book series or just Ms Grant s two stories There were some interesting parts but unfortunately and too often, it slowed down considerably The romance was a long time coming I am lowering my original 4 stars to three. CAPTIVATING, RIVETING AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING SCI FI ROMP Title The Legend of Banzai MaguireSeries 2176 Freedom SeriesAuthor Susan GrantDesignation Book One of Series, Full Length Novel, Not Recommended As A Standalone, Originally released as part of a multi author anthologyGenre sciencefiction action adventure futuristic dashofromanceReading Platform Kindle Edition Publishing Disclosure This book was originally released in 2004 but has since been re edited, revamped, lengthened, enhanced and re released.Oh my I m so excited I m bouncing in my seat And why am I so enthused, you ask I adore science fiction, addicted to action and adventure, completely smitten with anything involving time travel but give me a combination of all three along with a dash of romance and I m in heaven And that s exactly what Susan Grant has done with The Legend of Banzai Maguire Grant has once again wowed her fans with the revamped, lengthened, and enhanced edition of The Legend of Banzai Maguire And folks, it just doesn t get any better than this for sci fi action adventure fans The Legend of Banzai Maguire is a well crafted, well edited and beautifully written full length standalone sci fi romp filled to the brim with heart pounding danger, spellbinding drama, edge of your seat action, pulse pounding adventure, spine tingling suspense, agonizing angst, and a generous dash of spicy romance The narrative is exceptionally well written with a riveting third person perspective but includes an introductory first person pov prologue from Bree Banzai Maguire The dialogue is smart, snappy, easy to follow, well executed and flows effortlessly But without a doubt, my favorite element of this mesmerizing tale is the cast of engaging, fascinating and well developed characters I fell in love with the brave courageous Air Force pilot Banzai Maguire There is absolutely nothing sexier orentertaining than a smart, courageous, strong willed, kick butt, take no prisoners heroine who is determined to live life to the fullest and never back down from a challenge, and Banzai exemplifies these qualities in spades And what can I even say about the hero, former Seal and part time treasure hunter Commander Ty Armstrong swoon He s just the cat s meow so MEOW Hubba Hubba And when you put these two characters together.well, let s just say the sparks don t fly, they explode Bree and Ty complement each other perfectly and their interaction is nothing short of mesmerizing Whatcould you ask from a great read Not a darn thing Did I like this book No, I loved it Would I recommend it You bet and I am Will I read this author again Absolutely Just as soon as she releases her next book It s no secret I m a diehard Susan Grant fan and have been for years but there s a very good reason for my loyalty Grant is an incredibly gifted writer with a boundless imagination who excels at creating detailed and beautifully depicted worlds, then populates them with captivating well developed life like characters who will not only engage your imagination but will also completely capture your heart Was I entertained Completely I was glued to my seat, white knuckling my reader with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest while the time flew as quickly as the pages Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read I can hardly wait to continue the heart pounding adventure in Book Two, The Scarlet Empress, which is already available Bree Banzai Maguire is a pilot working in South Korea When she does a flyover, she s shot down and put into hibernation, supposedly for a couple of days It ends up being around 170 years The world is different, the nations are different but it seems the fight for freedom is the same as it was when the US fought for freedom and now they re rallying around Banzai as this symbol and catalyst of freedom Very good book I m going to order the 2nd one from the library. I d read nearly all of Susie s books by the time I picked up this one, and I m a big fan so I had a fair idea of what to expect ie Awesomeness This book, unlike all of Susie s other books excluding The Scarlet Empress which is in the same series is written as a series alongside three other authors Susie writes the bookends to the series, first and last The idea is that in 2176, Banzai Maguire wakes up after having spent 170 years in stasis, a position she comes to not by choice Not only are all her family dead, but the world is a very, very different place A clever enough idea, even if Susie probably doesn t really support the idea of Banzai ending up in stasis in the first place That aside, the story heads off at breakneck speed from that point forward Banzai is initially discovered by Ty Amstrong, a sort of philanthropic adventurer think Bear Gryllis without the cameras with SEAL training in what is now the United States, the United Colonies of Earth She is revived but then captured by the Emperor Prince of what is now the Kingdom of Asia with its capital in modern day North Korea for those of you playing at home The Emperor, Kyber, tries to win on to Banzai, but though he s a nice enough fellow, she s not interested Ty has already wormed his way into her imagination Thankfully, Ty is also ard by her, and given that the Kingdom of Asia and the United Colonies of Earth don t much like each other, Ty sets out to rescue Banzai a second time The idea behind this series is quite clever, and being a Susie book it s pulled off pretty well Susie manages to do a fairly good job of pulling off the sheer shock Banzai experiences upon realizing her situation something many fantasy books with equally bizarre situations consistently fail at Perhaps the only disappointing thing is the plot itself is brief because of the requirement to set up the background of the story that goes onto to be used in the rest of the series Nonetheless, a nice little fluffy sci fi romance is there anything better. USAF pilot Bree Banzai Maguire is on what should be a routine surveillance mission over N Korea when her wing man Cam Scarlet Tucker and Banzai are shot down in 2006 Banzai is eventually taken prisoner by a scientist who is experimenting with suspended animation or biostasis What was supposed to be week s biostasis at most, finally ends in 2176, when she is found by U.C.E Seal commander, Ty Armstrong They are both captured by Prince Kyber, the ruler of the Asian Kingdom He imprisons Ty but treats Banzai like the legend she has become Gradually she discovers the world has drastically changed in 150 years She eventually escapes with Ty for an unknown future while some other group in anonymously, but publicly trying to get her to lead a revolution.Interesting theory You re left dangling for the next episode written by a different author Some language, sex and violence. Against the odds Bree Banzai Maguire is shot down over North Korea in 2016 She is captured by a scientist who needs someone like her to test his theory of suspended animation on In addition to Bree they had captured her wingman Cam But something goes wrong and when she wakes it is 2176 From then on the story is a kaleidoscope of action and desperation This is not the world as we know it today There are off earth colonies that seem to be in the same position as pre revolutionary war America while the earth is split into three blocs There I no overt war but there are rumblings of revolution everywhere and the particularly loud rumblings in the UCE call for Banzai Maguire to lead them This is not stand alone but only the beginning of the story You have to but the second book to find outWorth it though It has a sensible amount of romance mixed in with the action.Banzai and Ty are fighting against the odds with no surcease. I like Susan Grant sci fi writing, but I had problems with the plot and the heroine herself in The Legend of Banzai Maguire, even though by the end I had started to finally enjoy it.Banzai Maguire is a pilot in the year 2006 She is shot down over Korea along with her wingman and best friend Scarlet, both are cryogenically frozen and awaken in the year 2176 She has become a legend, thus it develops.Banzai s easy willingness to accept her new circumstances without suspicion troubled me It almost seemed unbelievable All she worried about was with the whereabouts of her friend Scarlet, which would be expected She did not question what was happening around her and what the world had turned into until near the end There was plenty of potential in the plot, it is a pity Susan Grant did not explore it fully I loved other books by her, especially Star King and its 2 sequels, among others I will read the last installment of the 2176 series The Scarlet Empress and have high hopes PS When I first rated this book I think I was too hard, but it deservesdespite its problems and it was a good overall read Many books that I gave only 2 stars I found much worse than this So now I m raising it to 3 stars I recommend it, and if you are to read the final book of the series, The Scarlet Empress, it s necessary. Good idea, bad outcome.The idea of it is good, the frame is well thougt out but the content really lacks everthing I look for in a romance novel I couldn t relate to any of the characters, they just fell flat I didn t feel for this characters because I didn t really got to know any of them And the story was to fast going and didn t made any sense to me The sexscene was the worst I have ever read, you just can t say I have wanted you since I was 10 while having sex It was so weird No no no.really awful.