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The authors goal is to bring healing to a hurting wife However, they focus too much on the reasons her husband has fallen almost to the point of justifying his behavior I believe a book of this nature is best written by one who has actually gone through this healing process There are some good points, but one has to wade through a lot of painful chapters before they reach them. Despite the fact that I share the evangelical Christian faith of the authors, this book is unrealistic and distorts scripture It s a evangelical politically correct modern view of husbands being subservient to women, and male sexual sin being held as worse than anything any woman could ever do The constant male bashing in the book especially by the shrewish wife Brenda gets really old She seems extremely naive and a person with unrealistic expectations of her spouse He seems too good to be true the way a reformed alcoholic or drug addict goes overboard with his new sobriety and uses Bible verses out of context to support his modern views of husband wife roles If they would truly go back through the history of scripture and what God is saying in the New Testament they wouldn t publish such a lop sided book A guy looking at an ad with a woman in bra and panties is not as bad as a critical, unloving, anxious, envious and backbiting wife This makes all guys look like dogs, all women the innocent victims of terrible men, and the only solution is for men to become accountable to others while wives are allowed to harass their husbands to keep them on their toes The funny thing is the true message of all the stories in the book is that if the husband and wife truly communicate openly and honestly about all aspects of their sexual feelings, then the marriage can be strong no matter what the choices are that they make What the book is missing is a serious discussion of the wife s own failures in the relationship, the negative contributions made by wives when they fail to accept their husbands feelings and demean them verbally while refusing sex which is worse than what the guys are doing After reading this I somewhat admire Fred for being able to hold to his standards though I doubt that it s as cut and dry as he makes it sound but question how this couple have become multi million selling authors with such unrealistic views of sexuality in marriage This does nothing but make guys withdraw deeper into themselves and give women fuel for mistreating their men. Read Pdf ♡ Every Heart Restored: A Wife's Guide to Healing in the Wake of a Husband's Sexual Sin (The Every Man Series) ⚇ Filled With Firsthand Stories, Every Heart Restored Addresses The Questions And Real Life Issues That Matter Most To Wives Who Have Been Betrayed Sexually, Meeting Them Where They Are In The Recovery Process And Guiding Them To Healing Greater Than They Imagine Possible This book can definitely save marriages There is clear advice but importantly it s about a woman healing and knowing she doesn t battle this alone Bringing much comfort and truth to light I couldn t put this one down I have bought two copies and lent them out to people who have in return bought their own and lent those out This is a much needed resource for counselors and women facing infidelity in marriage In this book you will understand some under the current issues a man faces from childhood as well his wiring Then step by step the authors help you identify your hurts, grieve with you, show you what a repentant husband will look like, inspire hope and challenge both you and your husband to hold tight to God and battle for your marriage Excellent I would highly, highly recommend this book to anyone struggling in their marriage because of their husbands sexual issues It really uses the Bible and explains a practical guide for women trying to make sense of all that has gone on around them It points out that many pastors and Christian counselors make something like an addiction to pornography seem inconsequential This book rips that idea to shreds It gives wives feel like they are going through their struggle with others, not just alone. While very good, this was a tough book to digest during the time I chose to read it If you are looking for real sexual integrity in your marriage this book is critical reading I would add that Every Man s Battle needs to be or should be read by all men interested in a real relationship of sexual integrity Without dealing with these difficult areas, it is impossible to have real intimacy After reading this book several others by Arterburn, I realized just how many marriages Christians non Christians alike operate on shallow levels with no or little true intimacy Last, I would add, many will find this book offensive as they do not want to be questioned or criticized on subjects such as masturbation. I read this book awhile back and have even gotten the workbook to go along with it I really liked this book because it helped me with what I was going through at the time, my boyfriend who i have been dating for almost 2 years now has had a problem with sexual sin that started way back in 2003 before I met him in May, 2008 I recommend this to wife s and even girlfriend s who are dealing with this Pornography is horrible, it doesn t help relationships, it RUINS them. Dont worryeveryone who knows me, if you see this book come up It was BC.before Corey that I read thisthank Goodness.I read it because a friend of mine who had to deal with this recommended I read it before I met the man of my dreamsjust in case, to be ready THank goodness I havent needed it This book is aimed to comfort and help women who are dealing with their husband s sexual sins from lust, porn addictions, to affairs Many women suffer from their husband s sexual addictions and this book is out to help women try to get inside a man s head to understand what they have gone through so that they can try to encourage them towards purity We are able to learn of male and female perspectives and how differently we are made so that we can try to see what each person would be going through It doesn t try to yell at women or men, but tries to help each person understand the other and the authors are a married couple who have been through it.The book opens up about how Fred Brenda Stoeker met and their issues emotionally, physically, and spiritually that each of them was dealing with because of Fred s lust pornography addictions It continues with stories from women who have been pained because of the way their husbands treated them or didn t treat them at all because of their husband s sexual sins Both Fred and Brenda state their Biblical based opinions and trying to understand what these women might be going through while also trying to understand what the husband is going through Overall, this section deals with the betrayal felt in a woman when she finds out about her husband s sexual addictions.In the second part of the book we learn about what a man goes through and how he connects a lot of his love through what goes on in the bedroom Women have to learn how easy it is for a man to become stimulated and how visual they are One thing that was mentioned was about Fred and Brenda s son Michael who was 11 years old and approached his mother explaining that he couldn t get images of women in underwear out of his head because he saw ads walking past the Victoria s Secret store in the mall He wasn t going out looking for that image and at the same time it was dwelling in his head for the first time as he started hitting puberty The section tries to vocalize what a man does with those images and how visual men are with simple things It also tries to help women know that they are not to give their bodies every single time that their husband wants them through intimacy, but that they should realize that men s brains are made differently from theirs While women have much of a communicative brain where they can connect things with both sides of their brains , men have it only on one side of their brain and instead have much sexual demand going on in their brain in comparison to a woman s Therefore women need to realize that men can t be women and women can t be men, so they both need to be there for each other sexually and emotionally for one another to meet each other s needs without being controlling, demanding, or insensitive.In the third part of the book we learn how different situations can really impact the way a guy feels about sex in general A lot of boys tend to masturbate and get involved in sexual sin due to having a lack of their father in their lives and wanting to be appreciated by them Also the church tends to not want to state that masturbation is wrong, so they encourage it and sometimes will try to make their messages relevant by using ungodly movies as a way to present their message without stating the content within the movie, causing teens and children to want to see it, and often they will fall into lust because the church isn t doing enough to try to protect them from harm Here s what was said, In our quest to remain hip and relevant, our churches have become irrelevant to the greatest issue of our day, playing right into the hands of the Enemy whose clever temptations reveal a deadly understanding of male sexual hardwiring About a page later, You already know that our male hardwiring is prone to addictive lusts of the eyes Now you can see how our own churches wound us with their desire to be relevant, promoting and approving the very things that rev a guy s sexual engine into the red zone Once there, however, masturbation eats our spirituality alive The remainder of this section talks about how the root of a lot of porn addictions started long before a man gets married at all, and tries to help a woman understand the hard wiring of lust addiction and how their husband needs to have encouragement so that they can re wire what they have put into habit for so long and that it has nothing to do with the wife even though she will feel rejected and that it was because she wasn t good enough I think this was probably my favorite section of the whole book.The last section of the book is to share how there can be healing in a marriage even after feeling betrayed because of sexual sin There are examples of many women and how long they may have had to wait and go through the pain of rejection A big subject mentioned here is divorce and what the Bible says about it There was a lot of love in this portion through the statements because women who read this might be suffering from deep wounds I really like how we were able to see examples of stories of women who had a hard time with how their husbands expected them to do whatever they want sexually on demand without sharing the intimacy needed to nurture the relationship for marriage While a lot of women may want to have control over their husband s change, the man needs to be willing to make efforts to change There is a lot of talk in this portion about the prayers of a wife and how important they are As a whole the book was pretty good If you have a husband who has a sexual addiction, this is wonderful My husband has been through a lot of what was mentioned and one story in particular was so similar to my own that I started to remember a bit of what I felt when I suffered through my own husband s porn and lust addictions of the past I can say that there is hope and a way to get through it even though it may seem like it is not possible.I give it a 3.75 out of 5 star rating review also on This book is not for someone with fresh wounds, which is who needs healing the most Although a reader will be introduced to empathy for what her husband has faced, the book was painful to read because of an unbalanced amount of empathy handed to the wife Comparing to another healing book I just read, the author immediately makes the wife feel accepted and understood for her devastation and excruciating pain Which seems imperative initially for her healing and so that she can eventually be able to reciprocate that empathy to her betraying spouse.I will probably read this again at a later date to see if it has any positive impact on my journey.