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The heroine was too selfish, emotionally manipulative and abusive for my tastes STRIKE 1Ashley Why are you helping us Why are you being kind to my daughter She s not your child Jeff I just want to make things easier for you Help you out And I like Maggie.Ashley Have your own kids I m not your charity case stomps foot storms off Ashley 2 seconds later I m sorryI overreacted STRIKE 2Jeff I don t have protection but I m clean Are you sure Ashley I don t care Make love to me Ashley How could you get me pregnant You liiiied to me about your low sperm count You betrayed meeeeeeeeee Jeff Marry me I want to be a family with you and Maggie.Ashley Oh Oh You DO care You love me just like I love you I know you didn t trick me I was just angry before STRIKE 3Jeff How do you know you love me What do you feel Ashley What are you talking about gasp So you don t love me Omg You just want to marry me for the baby Omg you can t love me forever and ever 2 seconds later Ashley It s okay We re going to be all right, you just need time to process everything Jeff I have to go on a semi dangerous assignment for a week If I don t come back here is my will, you Maggie and the baby will be taken care of and provided for.Ashley WHAT You can t leeeeave You can t die You have a responsibility to us HOW DARE YOU You don t think I m worth living for You have NO feelings, NO soul You are cold and cruel I thought you were different I thought you would change and realize you love us, but you won t You don t love us You don t fit my perfect dream man and DAMN you for not loving me in the timetable I imagined I mean.seriously There was a recurring pattern here that I really didn t much care for Ashley loved to dish it out yet couldn t take it herself Her out of proportion tantrums and hot cold temper just gave me whiplash and it made her come off a little bit crazy Her head games and hurling venom made me slightly uncomfortable because she didn t sound stable or sane I was willing to give her a chance considering her history but after that last bit regarding his job I was very close to hurling this out my window I gave this an extra star just for Ashley s adorable little girl She was the star of this book everything else was mind numbingly irritating And FYI That very last line came straight from the book word for word. Honestly I wasn t expecting much from this novel I thought it would be a fun, quick read that I could enjoy by the pool For the most part it was but my main issue is, they got together too quickly then once it looked like smooth sailing, the heroine turned into a whining nag It was so completely out of character from the way she had been established throughout book It completely turned me off This book was just okay and at times a disappointment. This one was really good, with a sweet four year old girl Maggie and her single financially struggling mom Ashley and a hardened ex soldier Jeff.Jeff thinks someone has broken into his security firm and finds Maggie and his mom, who is sick He drops her off and then picks her up the next day to bring her home her building has a burst pipe , takes cares of them and when the time comes to leave offers Ashley a house keeping job.I loved every moment of the book it was sweet and delightful Jeff doesn t think he is warm, fuzzy and loving but Maggie and Ashley get to him A very good read. 4 Stars Nice love story I wanted to slap the main female character a few times, but she got better This one was a little predictable at some parts too Still enjoyed it I am a Susan Mallery s fan but was disappointed in this book The characters were stereotypical except for Maggie , the plot predictable, and the book was boring at times It is not her best work. Shelter in a Soldiers ArmsGreat story with lots of surprises and action galore Love was apparent in their lives and just got buried but came evident. The only thing Ashley has ever wanted from life was safety and security in her life, and a man who loves her about all else Jeff finds Ashley sick and she and her daughter in need He opens his home to them but it is his heart Ashley wants most This is a very beautiful story. {DOWNLOAD PDF} ⚸ Shelter in a Soldier's Arms ß When Jeff Ritter Offered Ashley Churchill Shelter, The Struggling Single Mom Longed To Lean On His Broad Shoulders And Though She Accepted A Job As His Housekeeper, Ashley Was Determined To Make Her Own Happiness, Without The Heartbreak Of Loving A Man No Matter How Tempting That Man WasIt Was Jeff S Nature To Protect, But His Heart Was Off Limits Even To The Woman And Child He Came Home To Each Night For Life Had Made Jeff A Hardened Soldier, Not A Man To Love And Despite The Hope He Saw Shining In Ashley S Eyes, Jeff Didn T Dare Dream She Could Truly Be His Okaymaybe Ashley s a bit of a bitch when it comes to dealing with her fears She reacts defensively, but given the things she s been through, plus the fact that she clearly knows what she wants and she s adamant in getting what she truly deserves, it s quite okay Besides, she admits her faults in the end She realizes that she needs action than the words I am in love with Maggie Wouldn t it be fun if all our kids are just as perfect Never in the book she throw a tantrum no matter how many times she tried to convince Jeff with a kitten subtly She s very considerate.