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I have been a voracious reader since childhood and I read this after viewing the miniseries of this book on TV I don t really remember the miniseries all that well but I did end up reading the book after viewing the TV program while I Was a youngster in the 70s This particular miniseries was never made into a DVD as far as I know However, over the years I must have reread this book 100s of times This is my 1 favorite book for all time The story of the complex protagonist Jonathan Ferrier was compelling I also enjoyed the medical history as well Caldwell really brings the setting of the story to life with her phenomenal descriptions of everything from the people , to outdoor scenery, to clothing and furniture I feel that I am right there in the middle of the story seeing what the characters in the book are seeing and experiencing with their senses Caldwell is truly the outstanding painter of word pictures and that is just what I like and demand from my period reading material She does an outstanding job of transporting the reader to the U.S at the turn of the 20th century. Very nice to see this book so highly regarded here It was the first novel by Taylor Caldwell that I read, back in 1972, I believe I ve re read it twice since then It s a powerful story with the author s traditional emotional and scenic detail, a fascinating story peopled with fascinating characters and relationships Regrettably it s out of print at this time, along with almost all of Caldwell s other works With the current interest in historical novels, I d like to see some of her books made available again, especially this one.01 19 10 Nice to see that Chicago Review Press will be reissuing TESTIMONY OF TWO MEN on April 1st though paperback and hardcover copies of this book can often be found in used bookstores, it s been unavailable to the general public for far too long And as Caldwell s books weren t considered particularly literary when originally published, it s fitting that Chicago Review Press is the publisher.3 12 10 I ve been in one of those moods where I seem to flit from book to book without being engaged by anything, but a few evenings ago I picked up TESTIMONY OF TWO MEN on impulse, and that situation seems to be resolved for now Despite remembering many of the particulars of the story, and how it all turns out, this remains a compelling read.3 23 10 I finished my re read of TESTIMONY OF TWO MEN this afternoon I ll stand by my previous comments about the book s quality and emotional depth, though I honestly don t think some judicious editing would have hurt some information was repeated several times, and occasionally Caldwell s eye for detailed descriptions caused the pace to flag I ve never encountered another author who used the word and as much as Caldwell , and some of the characters speeches occasionally became long winded and didactic they no doubt reflected the author s views has anyone noticed that many of Caldwell s characters seem to be able to quote at length from political speeches, and scholarly and religious works These quibbles aside, TESTIMONY OF TWO MEN, along with CAPTAINS AND THE KINGS, remains one of Caldwell s most readable and re readable novels. This is one of my all time favorites Read this so many years ago and re read it every so often Set in the early 1900 s, it tells the story of Jonathan Ferrier, the once respected doctor of a small Pennsylvania town His reputation is now in shreds due to the death of his young and very beautiful wife Mavis as the result of a botched abortion, for which Jonathan was arrested and tried Acquitted of the crime, he is haunted by the past and in the process of selling his practice to a new doctor as the story opens Politics, family drama and doomed romance are woven together with some history of the early days of modern medicine, when washing your hands between surgeries or patients was a new fangled and possible foolish practice. Loved this book I have my old copy which is yellowed, pages are dog eared, notes in the margin How it changed my life as a young girl It s the book where I thought, I might write a novel. I m giving it a 3 I think that I read it for the first time about 40 years ago, and it was one of my favourite books for many years Re reading it as an adult was a different story it s still a good if long story, but I can seefaults than I used to It certainly has a point of view, with very long preaching sections to emphasize it It s difficult to find characters that aren t remarkably self righteous about everything I still do love the medical storyline it was not an easy switch for the medical community in the U.S to move to science based rather than traditional methods But it s problematic, and I don t think that it s aged well No African Americans in Pennsylvania, the poor are depicted as morally deficient with a few exceptions , the women are generally trivialized with a very few exceptions if it was written in 1900 those attitudes might be explainable, but it was written in 1969 By the time I was done reading and went to look up Caldwell s wikipedia it was no surprise at all to learn that she wrote for the John Birch society, and was anti semetic, and anti equality I wish that I hadn t re read it as an adult. Prod Desc Someday the town of Hambledon might forget the lies they told about their brilliant young doctor But they could never forgive the truths he told about them From this compelling story of a doctor at war with the world he has been taught to heal, Taylor Caldwell has fashioned a novel of an unforgettable, angry idealist a novel in which the drama of new medical frontiers becomes part of a sweeping chronicle of love, death, desire, and redemption.I was introduced to the wonderful writing of Taylor Caldwell while still in high school From this book, I went on to read manyof her books The sign of a really well written story is when you can recall it from memory many years later I can so do with many of Calwell s book, and nonethan this one The book is filled with wonderful characters Jonathan Ferrier fighting to modernize medical practices in his town and fought, and even vilified, by the old guard The story contains the conflict of brothers, betrayal, and love This is a story in which one becomes completely immersed and is superbly told, start to end If you ve not experienced this fine author, I highly recommend giving her a try.TESTIMONY OF TWO MEN ExCaldwell, Taylor StandaloneDoubleday Company, Inc., 1968, US Hardcover LOC 68 13137 .Free Pdf ♻ Testimony of Two Men ⚔ Someday The Town Of Hambledon Might Forget The Lies They Told About Their Brilliant Young Doctor But They Could Never Forgive The Truths He Told About ThemFrom This Compelling Story Of A Doctor At War With The World He Has Been Taught To Heal, Taylor Caldwell Has Fashioned A Novel Of An Unforgettable, Angry Idealist A Novel In Which The Drama Of New Medical Frontiers Becomes Part Of A Sweeping Chronicle Of Love, Death, Desire, And Redemption 3.5 starsThis is my first book by Caldwell and I was a bit disappointed There are some interesting aspects of character here, but I found most of the characters to be unlikeable Jonathan could have been a very interesting character and he is complex but his constant misanthropic comments about human nature got on my nerves very quickly I wasn t impressed with the other characters either, especially Jenny, as it seemed like she was trying to be passed off as just shy and isolated but she came off as a very unpleasant and mean spirited person So the sympathy we are supposed to feel for her just isn t there.I also found a lot of information dumps related to history that were pure tangents to the main plot I m all for historical context and ambiance but when historical discussions go on for pages and pages and pages, that becomes too much for my taste I love history but I want it in the form of being part of the story and not tangental discussions that dominate the book s plot Overall, some interesting things in this book but I m not sure I ll try another Caldwell book. Testimony of Two Men is another remarkable novel by Taylor Caldwell Her protagonist, a relatively young physician, is filled with rage that he was accused of the murder of his wife, even though he was officially found not guilty in court How much can he take, or should a man be able to take Due to his unresolved rage at having been betrayed and confused about his feelings toward his elusive beloved, he tends to treat almost everyone badly He doesn t develop a sense of the tolerance rather than disdain for his fellow humans until the end, and that somewhat rapidly Fearing his reputation has been destroyed, he ambivalently decides to move from the city he loves to begin some kind of new life Because he is a truth teller, which people generally do not like but distantly admire, he instills resentment in the powerful who know him They intend to expel him The primary antagonist, a man of political power and fiscal means, leads the passive others in the pursuit of the protagonist s downfall Some would consider the protagonist valorous, but I am not so sure he is valorous as opposed to recalcitrant He has flaws, some of which he sees in others This is a morality tale detailing truth v dissimulation It is very true to life Recommended I didn t love it, but didn t hate it.